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Edit: Changed Link's reaction to the blood based on Shiek927's comment (obvious in hindsight) that he wouldn't know what it meant due to his inexperience.

"Sister!" little Romani whined, and Cremia wished she would stop complaining since she wasn't so little anymore.

"Do your chores," she answered simply, not taking her eyes off the cow she was milking. Her work dress was tighter today, and the heat that reached them even in the shade of the barn did not make it any better. Her shirt hugged her form snugly due to sweat, and her underwear was riding up.

"But Link is coming today!" The work dress Romani wore suddenly made sense. Her belt showed off her slim waist, and the coarse fabric did a better job accentuating her new curves than her other outfits did. Romani fiddled with her long purple skirt, unable to say anything else. Cremia thought it was cute that her normally bold and outgoing sister was so shy when they spoke of Link, but she had more important things to think about now.

"There's another cow over there that needs your attention."

"You're not listening! He's coming today, I know it!"

Cremia turned away from her work to see her sibling smiling triumphantly, as though simply saying it would make it happen. She looked confident and beautiful, and her hair—a more fiery shade than Cremia's—seemed to glow even in the dim light. "No you don't. Last time we saw him, he just said he'd visit again around this time of year."

Ignoring her, Romani bent over and started beating the dust out of an old pillow. "I have to get his room ready for him."

"The guest room is already clean," she countered, feeling silly for referring to the little space in the barn as a proper room.

"It's not the 'guest room'. It's Link's room. Don't act like you're not excited to see him too!"

"I didn't say that. I'm just saying that he doesn't come by often enough for us to call this his room."

"All the more reason to make it extra clean for him!"

With a sigh the older sibling continued milking the cows, then fed the animals, and then fixed the wagon while Romani stayed inside cleaning. With a grunt of irritation Cremia swung an axe into next week's firewood. She was angry at Romani for refusing to help even though she was sixteen, angry at how lately she didn't even have the strength to swing an axe around, and most of all angry at herself for knowing Link wasn't coming today, for Romani was right: she did look forward to his visits, as he was the only man who was a regular part of her life for reasons other than business. Time held little meaning to her since she was always busy, but when he came she enjoyed seeing how much he'd grown. Though she wasn't as obvious as Romani, she longed for his company.

"Hi, Cremia."

She almost dropped the axe on her foot when she turned. "Link!" she gasped in surprise and disbelief. It had only been a few months since his last visit, but Cremia swore that he had grown even more handsome and muscular. His gentle smile and deep blue eyes communicated kindness and fatigue—a frequent expression for him—and he stood tall and strong, as though he had come to save her from her distressed thoughts.

"How are you?"

"Oh, um, good. We're selling a lot of milk."

"That's…nice," he said awkwardly, and she cursed herself for not being able to talk about anything but business. Before she could try again, Romani flew out the barn door toward them, letting her hair whip around and mess itself up even though she had brushed it with more care than usual that morning.

"Grasshopper, you're here! And you grew again!"

He frowned playfully at the nickname. True to her word, he was the same height as Cremia now, and a full two inches taller than the other sister. Cremia marveled at how neither had to shift their gaze anymore to stare into each other's eyes before Romani snatched him away by the wrist, laughing about how happy she was to see him again. Cremia almost shouted after her that she had been talking to him, but that would have been childish, and above all else, Cremia was not a child.

They played in front of the house for hours after that and she watched, Romani pretending that he never left and Link pretending he wasn't already exhausted from his trip here. They pretended for each other, and for the moment they ignored all else. Beneath his tired and serious expression, Cremia saw a smile breaking through.

She was happy for her sister, but she also couldn't help feeling jealous. Romani was always so full of energy. The teenager surely had the passion to get whatever she wanted out of life, but Cremia lacked that spirit. When their father died, the burden had been greatest on her as the older sibling. It had prematurely ended her childhood so that now, even though she was barely 23, she felt like she was getting old. Despite her constant work at the ranch, she couldn't even maintain her weight. She'd put on a few pounds that collected mostly between her hips and her breasts, so when Link came running by, Romani chasing after him, she quickly crossed her arms under her chest to hide her slightly larger stomach.

He did not look at her as he passed, being too focused on avoiding his pursuer, but her heart still sped up, though she didn't know why she should care what he thought of her appearance. At once she felt uncomfortable. Her heavy bosoms pushed against her undersized bra as they stuck out from her chest and rested on her forearms. She would have to wear bigger clothes until he left.

It didn't surprise her at all when Romani caught him. Link's admirable effort to hide his weariness ultimately had to fail, and the girl had pursued him relentlessly. "Caught you!" she cried in glee after they tumbled onto the grass together. She straddled him with her slender body that Link surely found desirable and supported her weight with her arms so she could lean her face over his. Her long hair teased his cheek. "Where's my present? You promised Romani a present!"

Cremia's clothes suddenly felt tighter.

She allowed him to sit up when it was apparent he was retrieving her gift, and without ceremony he reached into his magic pouch that could hold anything—one of many incredible things about him—and pulled out a bow. "I found it in a dungeon," he said bashfully, "and I know you're almost as crazy about archery as I am, so..."

"Oh wow!" With a cry of delight, she wrapped her arms around him and pressed her lips to his cheek. The sudden move surprised their spectator, but the number of years it took for this to happen surprised her even more. Yes, Romani would definitely get Link. And where did that leave Cremia? She'd long since gotten over Kafei, but she still failed in every relationship she tried to start.

Link blushed, Romani beamed at him, and Cremia drew their attention to the setting sun. "Let's get up early tomorrow so we can all get our chores done quickly and spend the day together, okay?" Romani agreed, eager to spend the day with her friend, while Link just seemed eager to finally get some rest. "You stay out here with me, though. Since I couldn't get you to do anything this afternoon, you can help with the firewood for a few minutes."

Her face fell until Link spoke. "I'll do it. I know I'm always welcome here, but I prefer to earn my stay."

Romani hugged him. "Thank you, Link. I'll see you tomorrow. I promise to make it up to you!" Then she ran into the house. Cremia bit her lip. She had wanted to punish Romani, not Link, but she smiled warmly at the reminder that Link was still the same helpful and selfless person he was when they first met.

Cremia handed him an axe and lifted hers again but still didn't know what to say to him, so she went with what she always did. "What have you been up to lately? I hope you're not still looking for your friend…I really wish you'd find a place to stay for good so we wouldn't always have to worry about you."

He shook his head defiantly. The tree shuddered as he thrust the blade against it. "No, I've been traveling for so long that staying in one place is actually kind of stressful. I'm not looking for Navi anymore—she left of her own will, and I have faith that she'll come back someday—but I'm still traveling to help lands that are overrun by monsters." With one more swing, the tree fell, and he wiped some sweat from his face with a grin. "I'm glad I can come here to take a break from that once in a while."

Cremia took to cutting the trunk into smaller sections. "I'm glad, because whenever you come here, it's like a break for me and Romani as well. But I think you need more of a break than you're giving yourself; you look like you're going to collapse."

"It can wait until we're done."

Soon the cylinders of wood were split in half down their lengths, and the pair carried them to their designated spot in the barn, conveniently close to the makeshift bed that was always there for him. They dropped their loads carelessly, lacking the energy to bend down, and then stood in place to catch their breaths.

"I swear that even though you've gotten bigger, you're still the same nice person who protected me from bandits five years ago."

He laughed. "I've changed more than you think I have. I'm not quite as naïve or stupid. Did you know that after I did that, I had a crush on you for a long time?" She couldn't keep her expression from falling. He thought having a crush on her was stupid? She must have been even more pathetic than she thought. "I-I mean…" he stuttered upon seeing her reaction.

"It's okay," she assured him insincerely. "I understand. I know I'm not much to look at."

"No, it wasn't stupid that I had a crush on you. You're beautiful: I don't know why you don't seem to think so. It was the reason why that was stupid. You gave me a hug that night. You were the first person who ever did that."

"Really? The very first?" A nod. "I find that hard to believe, but if it's true, you haven't received enough hugs in your life." She ignored the fact that Romani had hugged him not long ago; hearing him call her beautiful cheered her up immensely. She had needed someone to do that for a long time.

He stiffened briefly against her embrace before returning it, pushing against the small of her back to bring her closer. She put her hand on his chest and her head on his shoulders as his powerful arms held her, but unfortunately he took this as a sign that she wanted to stop. "I'm really glad to be here. I think I needed that," he admitted with a hesitation that told her he hadn't been lying about rarely receiving affection.

No more than four feet from his straw mattress, he easily slipped onto it, waiting until he was in bed before taking off his boots and green cap and putting them into his pouch. She knew she had to go back to the house and sleep if she wanted to have any energy in the morning, but it was so rare that she had a peaceful moment, and even rarer that she had one with him. Cremia sat beside him, blew aside a strand of red hair, and relaxed, looking down at him fondly as he closed his eyes.

"I suppose I should scold you for working when you were clearly dead on your feet, but you've always been reliable. You're a big help whenever you're here, and even when you're away I can count on you to take care of yourself. Romani and I love it when you visit. And besides," she joked, "I have some really big milk jugs I need help loading onto the wagon."

Link smiled broadly at her from his pillow and quietly thanked her. She reached to touch his hand but pulled back before the tired boy noticed. His yawn infected her, and soon her arms were above her head and her back arched as she sleepily mumbled, "I'll see you in the morn—"

She stopped when she saw that his captivating eyes did not stare back at her, but at something lower. She blushed. So he had noticed. For some reason, she was more flattered than offended; he obviously found the extra weight that had gone to her chest attractive, and it seemed to be an accidental stare brought on by her position above him and by her stretching. Arching her back must have made quite a show.

"Link," she began softly. He still stared, and she suppressed the urge to giggle, instead whispering as innocently as she could, "Link, my eyes are up here."

Immediately he started, eyes widening as his fatigue was suddenly forgotten, and he stuttered an apology. "Cremia, I—!"

She allowed herself to giggle this time. "It's okay. I don't mind the occasional peek as long as you don't ogle me like the men in Clock Town do." Link was nothing like them. He was probably the only person she'd allow to stare at her.

"I'm so sorry...I'll go to bed now."

Her amused and somewhat excited grin fell. Link had already spent more time with Romani than with her; she didn't want to drive him even further away. "It's all right." He turned away in embarrassment and didn't respond. "It really is. You're a healthy young man. It's perfectly natural." And to be fair, she was staring at the muscles that showed clearly through his shirt. "Link, look at me," Cremia commanded in a tone that always made him and Romani listen, and he guiltily obeyed. As he turned, his undershirt slid up, giving her a perfect view of his abs. Even when he relaxed, his body was flawless. Focusing more on that than she intended to, she made an abrupt decision. "You can feel them if you want." The body she ogled froze and she stuttered, no longer so sure of herself under his gaze. "I-I told you I had some big milk jugs for you. I won't mind…"

Link just stared at her in shock, and she was too embarrassed to even turn away. She had clearly looked too deeply into it when he told her not to doubt her looks, but before she could apologize and run away in shame he slowly lifted his arm. Staring into her eyes the whole time for any hint of doubt or that she wasn't being serious, he grazed her right breast with his fingertips. Cremia's whole being tensed in anticipation. She was too frightened to move, and when he saw that she wasn't reacting to his experimental touch, he sat up. "Cremia," he whispered gently with emotion and meaning she couldn't place, but he said nothing more. Still staring into her eyes like he was afraid of hurting or upsetting her, he tentatively pressed his palm to her breast this time, and when she still didn't react he squeezed slightly.

She gasped quickly and grabbed his arm when he retracted it. "No, you can keep going. I mean, I…" She told herself to be more outgoing, like Romani. It was time to get what she wanted for a change. "I want you to keep going."

Still looking worried, he tore his eyes from her face and focused on what she wanted him to focus on. He was rougher, groping while pushing her breast upward, and soon, with a less cautious and more awed countenance, he applied the same ministrations to the left one with his other hand. Cremia cried out more loudly at the attention from his large hands. Like him, she hadn't received much physical affection, and the simple touches made her feel warm and strange. Again she was drawn to the flesh beneath his shirt, and she reflected upon how unfair it was that he was touching her and she wasn't touching him.

"Link," she uttered breathlessly, though he had done all the moving thus far. "You had a crush on me after I was the first woman to hug you. Would you have a crush on me again if I was the first to…" Again she told herself to just go for it, and his eyes widened as her lips crashed clumsily into his. He maintained the contact for a while before running his tongue across her lip, asking for entrance which she immediately granted.

As their tongues danced she slumped and wrapped her arms around his neck for support, suddenly feeling a loss of control. His hands continued to roam her body, exploring her sides, and for the first time that day wetness that wasn't caused by high temperatures spread to her underwear.

"Wait!" She broke away from him, righting herself and brushing her hair away from her eyes again as she regained composure. He flinched, expecting she had second thoughts, but when she could think clearly enough to replay the recent events in her head, she found her courage again and admitted to herself that she wanted to keep going, with one difference. "My shirt's a little tight," she explained huskily before raising it above her head and tossing it away decisively. His eyes bulged at the sight before him, but she still felt restricted. "And…so is my bra." The large garment which looked skimpy on her hugged her bust too tightly, squeezing it, so when she undid the clasp on her back it popped as though it had been straining to hold the mounds of flesh in. But they were firm and perky enough that they kept her bra from falling to the floor, and she dangled it in front of him before letting it fall to the side.

Link drank her in while she blushed heavily. His face reddened adorably, informing her once more of his inexperience in these matters, and he gazed at her as one might regard a goddess, simultaneously boosting her confidence and making her nervous. But something below his face caught her attention, reminding her how much she wanted to touch him. His tunic hid little, and that included the bulge developing below his belt and pointing directly at her.

"You're beautiful," he breathed before moving in to kiss her again. His touch was far more potent on her bare upper body, setting her rarely-touched skin on fire, and in her frenzy she gripped the bottom of his shirt. He acknowledged the message by removing it, and then she finally ran her hands across his chiseled stomach and chest, glistening with a thin layer of sweat. But she lost control again when he began lavishing attention onto her neck, nibbling at it while his hands ran through her hair, against her back and her sides, and finally grabbing her ass. Cremia cried out as her body reacted by arching into him, almost climbing onto his lap. He started slapping her tits together, letting them jiggle and fall back into his hands before repeating the process, and it became slightly painful in a pleasurable way she didn't fully understand. She could barely return the touches now. She felt so helpless and vulnerable, but there was no other man she would rather feel that way around. She couldn't believe she was doing this with him, and with the last of her courage she grabbed his member through his leggings.

He moaned, growing even bigger in her grasp until her hand couldn't fit all the way around it. It felt hard, and she started undoing his belt. "Cremia, are you sure?" he asked, more surprised than anything else. "I'm…so much younger."

He clearly didn't understand how badly she needed him right now. "I've wanted this for a long time." The age difference didn't bother her in the least. She already acknowledged when she hugged him five years ago that he was an adult. She'd told him to come back to the ranch when he was older, and since then she'd watched eagerly as he matured.

To prove her conviction, she stood and made a show of slipping her skirt off, shaking her wide hips as the process revealed her long legs. Now that only her panties remained, she realized they were soaked and quickly disposed of them, revealing her womanhood to Link. His eyes were glued to it, and he made a strangled sound, doubling over as his erection appeared to push more painfully against its restraints. Then, returning to his level, she grabbed it again, rubbing up and down the shaft. "Cremia," he choked out, begging for release from his arousal. The poor boy looked like he was already going to climax, so she hurriedly undid his belt.

His erection bobbed up and down in front of her face as the waistband passed over it, and she briefly lost her nerve. Yet further proof that he was in every way an adult, it was longer and thicker than she thought it would be, and she wondered if it would fit inside her. Having just as little sexual experience as he did, she stared at it in awe for a moment, memorizing the way it throbbed and strained toward her with a drop of precum already on the tip.

Link looked humiliated, having never bared himself like this to anyone and obviously worried about what she thought, but she eased her way onto his lap, holding his manhood against her stomach while her womanhood ached torturously in expectation. Nonetheless, she did not insert it yet, for she wanted Link to take her. She wanted him to stop being nervous and—

As though sensing her thoughts, he abruptly grabbed her by the waist and flipped her over onto the mattress so he hovered above her. She let out a cry of surprise as she hit it with sudden force, and her breasts bounced several times before separating and spilling over her sides slightly. She smiled brilliantly and spread her legs as he positioned herself at her entrance. Link hesitated only slightly, memorizing the sight of her presenting herself to him, before teasing apart her moist lips with the head of his cock. "Oh…hurry! Put it in!" she cried with impatience that embarrassed her.

"It…won't fit," he grunted, just as flustered.

The attention to her vagina was unbearable, and she grew wetter, but his comment worried her. Maybe, despite his assurance that she wasn't ugly, she still didn't deserve to have what she wanted. But her increased horniness at last allowed him to slip inside, and she whimpered as her hymen broke. At the sight of blood on his member, his eyes widened in horror and he tried to pull out. "No!" she cried, wrapping her legs around him to keep him from escaping.

"I swear, I didn't mean to hurt you! I'm sorry, I'll stop—"

"No, don't stop!" she begged, hoping to get used to the presence inside her before the moistening of her eyes scared him off. "That's supposed to happen during a woman's first time."

"Cremia, you've never…" he asked as though he truly couldn't believe it. It only furthered her desire to be his.

"It's okay. Put the rest of it in. I want all of you inside me!"

He pushed against her resistance, stretching her inner walls to an extent she couldn't believe until he finally stopped. Sweat dripped down his face as he scrunched his eyes shut. "You are so…damn…tight." His dick felt enormous to her while it filled her entire hole, and still unused to the pressure, she squeezed it with her insides. "Argh…Cremia, you have to stop or I'll…"

He was trying so hard. It made her adore him even more, and she pulled him down into a kiss until the pain faded into pleasure and she was able to relax her grip on him. Then he slowly began thrusting in and out while they moaned into each other's mouths.

Link rapidly increased his speed until he was fucking her in an uncontrollably frenzy, holding her legs apart as he pounded her. She screamed in ecstasy, but only moments later she felt him pulsing inside her and he pulled out. Turning away, he groaned as he released his load into the hay away from them. When he finished, he didn't immediately turn back to her. "I'm sorry."

She wrapped her arms around him from behind, pressing her massive mounds into his back as she kissed his cheek lovingly. "That was a huge load, Link," she whispered into his ear, making him shiver. "You were really backed up. We'll have to do this more while you're here to make sure that's not a problem anymore." She didn't think any less of him; she'd heard that all men were quick their first time.

He turned around and planted kisses on her collarbone, moving down to her chest and sucking on her nipples. Pleasantly surprised that the night wasn't over yet, she trembled as his hand worked its way to the inside of her thigh while his mouth worked elsewhere. He was worshipping her body, and she loved it.

Two fingers rubbed her clit, and in response she grabbed his cock, eager to please him again. To her astonishment, it began growing in her hands, and he ceased his current actions to pin her down again. "L-Link?" He stared down at her hungrily before pushing into her again with renewed passion.

Cremia hardly believed it, but the wonderful man completing her was real. He had already proven with his work ethic that he possessed insane stamina, and now it seemed his physical and sexual exhaustion from the day's events didn't matter. "Turn around and get on your knees."

Obeying without question, she pointed her round butt at him, begging with a few shakes for him to ravage her, but it still caught her off guard when he grabbed her ass and put his huge rod inside her. It had no problem going inside this time, and he squeezed her plump ass for a better hold. As he plunged in and out of her, Cremia's eyes misted over in lust and delirium, and she easily submitted to his domination. This position allowed him to go deeper, and occasionally he hit her cervix, driving spikes of pleasure and pain into her brain until she thought he would literally fuck her brains out. Her tits swung forward and backward with their thrusts, nearly hitting her in the face, and every time he pounded her tight pussy his balls slapped her. Somewhere nearby a cow mooed, but they were too absorbed in each other to pay it mind.

"Link!" she screamed, not bothering to control her volume. "Keep going! I'm getting close!" She squeezed him more to heighten the euphoria they both felt. "Liiiiiiiink!" she yelled, her climax rocking her body as hot liquid gushed from her vagina down the length of his pole. Whimpering, she let her arms give from underneath her so that her upper body collapsed while her ass remained in the air, and he slowed his pace, drawing out her orgasm. She knew most men would turn to their own needs after their partner was finished, and her eyes, already shining with tears of joy, shined even more with love for him. When he pulled out, she turned around and smothered his member with her fun bags, pressing them together until he disappeared in her bountiful cleavage. Giggling naughtily in a way she hoped was sexy, she rubbed them up and down his length, and he came quickly. From between her breasts a shot of semen defied gravity and hit her in the face, and more kept coming, decreasing in power until just a little oozed out onto her chest where she couldn't see.

His energy finally depleted, he fell backward onto the mattress, and she moaned, delirious from happiness. She'd never felt so beautiful, like such a woman. His hot, sticky essence covered her face and her tits, and she lifted one massive mammary to her lips and licked it clean. "Mm…"

Her breathing slowed, and she realized Link was desperately fighting to stay awake. His cock fell limp and his eyes were closing. Acting before he could slip away from her, she spoke with affection clear in her voice. "I can barely feel my legs."


"Don't be sorry. It's a good thing. I love you, Link." He stiffened at the confession. "I know you came here more for Romani than for me, and I know that you may not feel as strongly for me as I feel for you. Even if you don't end up with me, even if you end up with her, I don't regret this. But I hope you'll give us a chance," she half-ordered, half-pleaded, her shyness threatening to return. "We can do this more. I'll milk your cock for all you're worth until I'm convinced you've gotten the love you deserve."

His eyes closed for good this time, and she realized she still had to return to the house or Romani would get suspicious. And before she did that, she had to clean herself and put her clothes back on. It was lucky Romani spent so much time cleaning this spot; otherwise Cremia would have dirt on her hands and knees. Wiping her face and chest with a rag, she thought about wearing tighter clothes tomorrow.