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"Normal Speak"




"Kyuubi/Demon Speak"

(In one of the forests in Konoha)

"Did you ever wonder why everybody hated you? Why nobody played with you? Why they all look at you they do?" asked Mizuki while preparing to finish off his former colleague Iruka and Kyuubi brat.

"Mizuki, no! It's forbidden to talk about that!" Iruka pleaded.

"Thirteen years ago, a law was made, a law that everybody knows except for you. Do you want to know what it is?" taunted Mizuki, grinning from ear to ear.

In front of him, Naruto stood still while Mizuki was about to reveal one of the greatest secrets kept from the younger generation. Iruka could only wonder what the consequences of such an action would be while he could do nothing but watch, injured and unable to do anything to stop it, as the scene before him played out.

"You, Naruto are the Kyuubi no Kitsune that attacked Konoha thirteen years ago! That's why everyone hates you! It's because you are the monster that killed many of the villagers and nearly destroyed our home!"

Mizuki's grin got even wider, and with a insane gleam in his eye, and eagerly waited to see the look of shock, despair and horror that the demon's face was about to take. He was cackling like a madman internally, waiting for the show to start all that came to an abrupt halt when the sound of chuckling filled the air. It was soft at first, barely audible, but eventually it got louder until all in the clearing could hear it. It came from the boy behind Iruka; the one who he made sure failed the exam to become a Genin. It came from Naruto. Both Iruka and Mizuki looked towards the blonde to see why he was laughing at what he he was just told.

Wondering if the boy had snapped from the knowledge, Iruka looked at the boy and hesitantly asked, "Naruto, are you okay?"

The boy stopped chuckling and replied; "I'm fine sensei, it's just that my act is up." With that he looked up at the two before him with a bloodthirsty grin and an evil look in his eyes. An inhuman amount of KI came from the boy and seemed to roll off of him.

"Tell me Mizuki, just how did you know it was me in the brat's body? I thought my ruse fooled everyone, not even that old man suspected a thing. So how did you figure out it was me and not a human?"

At this point "Naruto", or more accurately the Kyuubi, sported a grin the threatened to split his face from the looks of horror and the faces of the two Chunins in front of him.

(Hokage's Tower)

Back in the office of the Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen the Sandaime Hokage, watched the events play out since the beginning and paled from the revelation that the boy he thought of as a second grandson never really existed, that he was just a lie fabricated by the Kyuubi to hide behind.

"But..but how? The Yondaime developed the seal himself. There was no way he could have possibly made a mistake. The seal has been checked countless times while the boy was in the hospital by myself personally. He has been monitored by ANBU since his birth up until he was in the middle of his academy years. There has been no trace of any abnormal behaviour. Just how is it possible that that is the Kyuubi?"

The Hokage could not believe what was happening and did not know how to explain just how the Kyuubi was in control of Naruto's body and thought to himself, "There's no use dwelling on how it happened, I must prepare to battle it….even if it means I might have to kill Naruto…but for now I'll just get ready and until I call ANBU to aid in destroying….that thing."

(Back in the forest)

"Wha…what?" was all Iruka could say as he tried to comprehend just what he just heard.

Mizuki however was just as shocked with the turn of events as he took a step back while starting to sweat.

"This wasn't supposed to happen! The brat was supposed to be distracted by that while moved in to finish Iruka off then take care of him. He wasn't supposed to really be the Kyuubi! What the hell do I do now?"

Mizuki's mind was wrapping his mind around how his plan failed and the lie that he told was in reality the truth, the cold, hard, horrifying truth that the boy in front of him was really the Kyuubi turned human like many believed him to be.

"I…..I knew it! I always knew you were the Kyuubi and now you just admitted it! When I kill you, I'll be praised in the village as a hero for finishing you off!"

Trying to regain whatever courage he lost after the revelation, Mizuki laughed to himself to help reinforce his belief that the situation was still to his advantage.

"I congratulate you on knowing of my trick but tell me…..just how do you, a mere Chunin, plan on killing me, the greatest of the demons?"

The look on the Kyuubi's face was one of confidence and amusement as he waited for Mizuki to answer fully knowing that he would get no reply. Both Iruka and Mizuki could tell that the Kyuubi did not see them as threats, merely insects to play around with before crushing them. There was no way they could win against the Kyuubi, turned human or not.

"Well, I'm waiting for an answer, human."

Neither Iruka nor Mizuki gave an answer, both fearing what would happen and how they could get out of this situation.

"Since no one's going to answer, let's get this slaughter started"

With that said, the Kyuubi brought his hands forward and made a sign and called out,"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" and with it hundreds of clones materialized all around the clearing they were in. They were everywhere, in the trees, among the bushes, or just in plain sight. An uncountable number of clones stood ready for battle, ready to inflict pain and suffering, and ready to destroy any vestiges of confidence the Chunin had of winning or escaping.

"These are Kage Bunshin, solid clones, and there are so many. There's no way he can beat the Kyuubi even if I helped him." Iruka couldn't help but awe at the sheer number of them or the reserves needed to create that many with exhausting yourself.

"So what if you've made some Bunshin,it doesn't mean shit against me you monster!"

"Hehe…we'll just see how well they fare then won't we?" With that all the clones prepared themselves in various ways from taking out kunai or shuriken to getting ready to pounce bare-handed. The Kage Bunshin all launched forward near simultaneously and while Mizuki put up a struggle; it was futile in the end as the numbers overwhelmed him before he experienced a one-sided beat down that could be heard a mile away.

(Sometime later)

After being dispelled, the Kyuubi tied up Mizuki and made sure that he would not be able to escape. He suddenly heard movement behind him and saw that it was Iruka coming closer to him albeit warily and tense, ready to react in an instant if he were to be attacked. Knowing what was going through his sensei's head from what he heard; he replied," Hey sensei, how was my acting? I got you all good, right?"

THIS threw Iruka off as he just stared at the boy in front of him, the look in his eyes from before replaced by the look of playfulness and the bloodthirsty grin replaced by his trademark smile. The malevolent aura around disappeared and the KI was gone. "Naruto…is that really you?" Wondering what just happened to the tension in the air just moments ago.

"Who else would it be?"

"But you just said you were the Kyuubi. You weren't even surprised when he said that."

"Well duh, if he thought I was the Kyuubi then I might as well go with it you know? I mean a shinobi's greatest tool is deception so I might as well fool him into believing it, right Iruka-sensei?"

Iruka couldn't believe it. "We just got punked!" While he could not believe that Mizuki and himself were just tricked into believing Naruto was actually the Kyuubi, he was extremely relieved that Naruto was not in fact the Kyuubi.

"Naruto, I can't believe you fooled us so easily…Naruto, close your eyes for a bit, would you?"

"Huh? Sure Iruka-sensei but what for?" After closing his eyes he felt something being removed from his forehead and something put back afterwards.

"You can open your eyes now Naruto."

When he opened his eyes, Naruto wondered what just happened until he saw the goggles he wore in his sensei's hand and slowly reached up to his forehead and felt the metal of a hitai-ate on his forehead. A look of confusion spread across his face as he looked at Iruka.

"Naruto you've shown yourself capable of being a shinobi tonight with your trick as well as your use of the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu and because of that I congratulate you on becoming a Genin of Konoha" Iruka was truly proud of his student tonight as he showed traits worthy of a shinobi and realized that he was ready to graduate. The look on Naruto's face went from confusion to that of shock and joy as he suddenly hugged his sensei and thanked him.

(Hokage Tower sometime later)

After taking care of Mizuki and handing him over to the proper individuals and taking care of Iruka's injuries, Iruka and Naruto made their way to the Hokage's office to report what happened. Meanwhile, the Hokage breathed a sigh of relief knowing that the boy he knew wasn't the Kyuubi. "Thank God, Naruto isn't the Kyuubi. He even had me going with his act. I swear he's going to give me a heart attack one of these days." The Hokage's train of thought was cutoff by the arrival of the boy in question and Iruka.

"Hey jiji, check it out I'm a Genin now!" Naruto had the biggest smile on his face as he showed off his hitai-ate to his grandfather figure.

The old Hokage could only smile at the sight of the boy, so happy that he would be a shinobi now. "Yes, congratulations Naruto you've certainly earned it after tonight."

"Yeah, just you wait jiji soon you'll be handing over that hat!" Naruto declared.

At this the Hokage chuckled before replying, "Oh I wouldn't be so sure of that Naruto, being a Genin is just the first step. It'll be some time still before you're ready to become Hokage."

While the two were having their conversation, Iruka could only feel thankful that there were others in Konoha that cared as much about Naruto as he did. After watching the two converse for a few minutes he interrupted them and went over the events that occurred that night.

"…and that ends my report Hokage-sama."

"Thank you Iruka for the report. As for what occurred, this will be considered a B-rank mission and you will both be paid for it. Iruka, you should take it easy the next few days to make sure your injuries are fully healed before you consider doing missions. Naruto, be at the academy in two day's at 9 to find out what team you will be in. If that is all, you two may leave."

"Yes, Hokage-sama." With a bow, Iruka started to leave the office.

Naruto however stayed where he was. "Uh jiji, there's something I wanna ask you about the Kyuubi."

At this Iruka looked at the Hokage, who told him he can go while he talks to Naruto about it. After they are alone, including the ANBU leaving, and activating the privacy seals in the office, Sarutobi starts it off. "So what did you want to know about the Kyuubi, Naruto-kun?"

"How about we start with me controlling the brat's body?" His canines were prominent in his grin and his eyes were slit and crimson. This was Kyuubi.

Well that's my first attempt at a fanfic. So tell me what you think and give some feedback. I'm more than willing to hear some criticisms to my writing as I'm a noob. Next chapter:The Past and the Irony