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The Death of a Friend

Part I

Skuld was weeping in the corner of her room. Her tears dripped heartily down her young face, if you could call her young. She was young enough by goddess standards. As she cried, hunched down, holding her knees tightly, Banpei buzzed in the doorway. He looked at her with lifeless eyes and cocked his head in concern. Skuld looked up, tears still streaming down. Then she stood up and walked towards Banpei. She stopped in front of him and stalled. After about ten seconds she threw her arms around him, causing his metallic frame to clack and creak.

"Oh Banpei-sama…I can't believe it. I can't believe it."

Banpei stalled as she had done, then slowly arced his metal arms back around Skuld's soft but strong body. Her form was not based in the strength of muscles, but in its infusion and base of divine energy, which held far more contact and pull with this reality than could be conceived. In this, however, she was not the same as her older sister, Belldandy. Bell's composition was far more advanced and many times further in purity. This was because she was of a higher rank; a goddess first class. Speaking of Belldandy, she soon heard Skuld's crying and quickly appeared in front of Skuld's door, with a look of concern on her face.

"Skuld, what's wrong?"

"Oh sis.." she muttered in halting breaths

"Come on, Skuld. You can let it out."


With that, Skuld's head rose to meet her sister's kind gaze. But she did not let go of her security blanket, which was her Banpei.

"My angel..she… died this morning!"

She bawled again and buried her face against Banpei's helmet, as Belldandy stood with a look of shock on her face; her eyes wide.

"I..I thought Noble Scarlet was still inside her egg on your necklace.." Belldandy barely choked out.

"No. She came out while I was asleep. She woke me up kissing my forehead and then she turned to ash."

Belldandy scanned the room, and found a pile of greyish dust in the middle of the floor.

"Oh Skuld..I'm so sorry."

The little goddess raised her head again and looked at Belldandy.

"It's all my fault. I kept her in that egg for too long. I heard from Urd that this might happen, but I didn't believe it."

Belldandy slumped her shoulders a bit, then regained her grace and composure, closing her eyes.

"Skuld" She said, moving a confused Banpei out from between them, "Let's have some tea. It will help calm you down."

Skuld, grasping for her robot, lowered her arms a little and nodded, wiping away her tears on her sleeve.

They both walked down the hall and into the kitchen, where Belldandy put the kettle on the stove, turning up the heat. Short flames burst up from below the kettle, which would soon boil the moderate amount of water inside. As the flames burst upward, there was a pleasant "fwoosh" sound that made the older goddess smile.

Skuld kneeled down on a cushion in front of the low table. She wrung her fingers nervously and hung her head just a little as Belldandy pulled the mugs out from the cupboard and placed them on the counter. She opened another cupboard and brought out the teabags.

"Hmm..I think white tea this time, with an infusion of chamomile."

Skuld sniffled, and turned her head as if she was watching something. But it was just to hide her face, and possibly to ignore her own feelings.

"So, what happens now?" Skuld asked

"We need to report this to Yggdrasil. Peorth will need to make sure this event is logged into the system. There is also the issue of the Almighty One. He needs to be informed when a divine being such as an Angel dies. It..will not be easy to hear."

Skuld lowered her eyes and stopped wringing her hands as she turned her head back.

The water started to boil as Belldandy got the honey out and popped the cap. This was good honey, from the farmer's market downtown. She preferred honey to sugar, at least in her tea. Belldandy had a real talent for making tea, which was not as much a hard subject as one which required devotion and patience, in which she revelled.

Banpei whirred and buzzed as he walked in, as was his custom. It was not that he was poorly built, far from it. It was because Skuld loved the sound of meshing sprockets and the hum of small motors. Skuld knew he only wanted to help, and waved at him to come closer. He folded his legs down under his body and sat to her left, where she had been staring before.

"My poor Angel. She was so young; even younger than me. Noble Scarlet-Sama was my friend. "

Belldandy took the kettle off the flames and turned them down to nothing. She poured the boiling water into the mugs and proceeded to add the honey and the teabags, mixing the contents of the mugs lightly, with the grace of an Angel. This caused a fluttering of wings from out of her back for only an instant.

She took up the two mugs and placed one in front of Skuld, and one straight across where she planned on sitting. She did so, and they both watched the smoke rise from the concoctions. The tea needed to steep anyway, at least for a while. It also needed time to cool down so that it would not burn their tongues. Not that it would do much damage to goddesses, but there was discomfort to be had, and neither of them could stomach another ounce of misery at this point. But, as the aroma of the honey and tea rose to their nostrils, some of those feelings melted away. It wasn't much, but it helped enough. At least, for now.

"I remember when I first met Noble Scarlet." mused Belldandy , "She was full of life and curiosity, but you weren't ready to have you're an Angel of your very own. It broke my heart to see her return to that egg. I'm sorry it came to this after all that has happened."

"I know. It was so sudden. I wonder if Urd was right. There must have been some reason. Angels don't die from anything simple. It takes a lot. We may be immortal, and we age slowly, over thousands of years. Angels are immortal in that way too, but both our kinds can get hurt by major events in history. It takes a lot of force to kill our kind. We're not totally invincible." Said Skuld.

Belldandy closed her eyes and sighed.

"You are correct. It does take a lot. Urd must have been wrong about the egg problem. Then again, Noble Scarlet was not that strong of an Angel. Perhaps she was so weak that even something simple could have done it."

Skuld stood up, with a blazing up of fire in her eyes.

"My Angel was NOT weak!"

This outburst caused the tea to boil again, as was part of her power; the power over water.

Urd walked into the kitchen, sensing a sudden burst of divine power.

"Is everything alright?" asked Urd

Skuld shook her little fists at her sides but soon calmed down and slumped back onto her cushion.

"It's alright, Skuld. Perhaps you're right. In that case we have to find the cause."

Urd looked confused and took a seat at the table. She yawned and looked at Skuld, then at Belldandy.

"What's up? Is anything wrong?"

"Noble Scarlet…has passed away" said Belldandy before Skuld could object.

This caused Skuld to abruptly stand up again in tears. She ran from the room, leaving small streams of water behind her.

"Skuld!" yelled Belldandy, half standing

Urd took Skuld's mug and dropped a virus pill into it, immediately cooling the tea and adding a dimensional pocket filled with heavenly liquor. It was a small pocket, as she didn't want the mug to overflow. As she stirred her new prize, she looked over at Belldandy, who soon sat back down.

"This is going to be a hard time for Skuld. No, for all of us." Belldandy said weakly.

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