Since I've given in and will be answering a few one-shots from the Angel Kink Meme over on LJ, decided to put them up here as well.

First up, we have a Kink from Scyllaya: As usually Gabriel's the one initiating things in this pairing so I would like to see something where Dean makes the first move.

Like cornering the angel in a moment when he can't just disappear (for any reason) and jumping his bones and not backing off until Gabriel gets on with the program.

Warnings: Semi-public sex (public restroom), top!Dean, human!Gabe (temporarily), sneaky!Cas. It's a PWP.


"But Caaaaas…"

"I don't know," Castiel ground out, just about ready to punch Gabriel. They'd been stuck in the motel room for the last fifteen minutes, terribly confused. To his relief, Dean and Sam chose that moment to walk in.

"Hey guys," Dean looked surprised, "what are you doing here?"

"There's something wrong with this town," Castiel started trying to explain, only to close his eyes as Gabriel threw a scrunched-up candy wrapper at him.

"Cas, I'm bored! Entertain me!"

The other three all ignored the archangel. They'd gotten plenty of practice ever since he'd started tagging along with Cas.

"Yeah, we know something's up," Dean continued the conversation. "That's kinda why we stopped here. But why are you here? I thought it wasn't safe for you to stay put for long."

"That's the problem," Cas sighed, and the brothers were struck by how human he looked at the moment. "Something's blocking our… mojo. We can't access any of our angelic abilities."

"Seriously?" Sam looked shocked. "Nothing?"

"Nothing," Castiel confirmed. "No flying, no fast healing, no enhanced strength,"

"No instant candy," Gabriel looked so mournful that Dean had to hide a grin. "I'm hungry!"

"You're an angel, you don't need food," Cas snapped at him.

"But I've been eating for centuries, and I'm hungry!" Gabriel glared back. Cas reached over and grabbed his brother, before shoving him towards Dean.

"Dean! Take him to get some food before I kill him myself."

"You'd try, little brother," Gabriel glared, even as he subtly positioned himself behind Dean.

"No powers, remember?" Cas glared back. "And you've never been keen on hand-to-hand."

"Dick," Gabriel muttered, even as Dean pulled him from the room. The hunter was doing his best not to laugh at the whole situation – honestly, Team Free Will had the worst luck when it came to getting involved in things that shouldn't happen to normal people. Then again, Dean was the only one even approaching normal, and he'd had more lives than a cat.

"Why is this taking so long?" Gabriel whined as they drove to the nearest diner. "I miss my mojo."

"Calm down," Dean grinned. He hadn't had to put up with the whining as long as Cas, so he still found it cute. In fact, he found the archangel cute in general, though he'd yet to make a move. Every time he'd worked up the nerve to try something with Gabriel, the archangel had snapped his fingers and either created a distraction or just disappeared. He wasn't sure if Gabriel even knew he was doing it, but it was getting annoying, and Dean silently thanked whatever it was that was stopping their powers from working. Maybe now they'd be able to have a proper conversation.

Eventually they made it to the diner and Dean managed to get them each a large slice of pie – the greatest of all foods. The pair sat in the back of the diner, as far away from the other patrons as possible, since Gabriel still didn't seem to understand the concept of propriety.

Gabriel dug in with relish, going so far as to actually moan around the first mouthful. The noise went straight to Dean's groin, and he tried to shift subtly to ease the sudden pressure.

"Oh sweet cupcakes this is good," Gabriel said, then held out a forkful for Dean to try. "C'mon, have some!"

Dean couldn't resist the opportunity, and leaned forward, slowly taking the fork into his mouth, sliding the piece off the end and flicking out his tongue to lick the fork before it was taken away. He looked Gabriel in the eye the whole time, and noticed that he was starting to breath rather heavily.

He then turned back to his own pie, eating slowly and occasionally letting his tongue linger as it swiped over his lips. He noticed that Gabriel, while trying to act normal, was slowly getting more and more flustered. He was fairly certain that if the angel had full control of his powers, he'd have run away already. Just like Dean, Gabriel wasn't always good at facing up to what he really wanted.

Dean decided to up the ante a little when he'd finished his own pie, and leaned in towards Gabriel.

"You missed some," he whispered, before licking the side of the angel's mouth. There hadn't actually been any crumbs there, but since when did Dean let facts get in the way of anything?

"I, uh..." Gabriel then did the next best thing to disappearing - he got up and practically ran towards the bathroom. Dean snickered to himself and stood up to follow more sedately. If Gabriel thought Dean wouldn't follow him in there, he clearly hadn't been paying close enough attention.

"Oh, Gabriel..." Dean called in a sing-song voice as he entered the bathroom, to see Gabriel leaning over the sink and staring at himself in the mirror. Gabriel looked up and let out a whimper.

Dean was behind him in an instant, rubbing his back in what he hoped was a soothing way. Gabriel seemed terrified, which was definitely not how Dean had pictured this happening.

"Hey, shhh, it's okay," he whispered. "What's wrong?"

"I, this... we can't. You're human. I'm an angel. You know what happens to angels who get involved with humans? They fall and become demons!"

"That's not gonna happen to you," Dean kept up the rubbing, noticing that the tension was slowly easing out of Gabriel. "You managed to become a pagan god without falling, you really think sex is gonna manage it?"


"See, we're even more alike than I thought," Dean grinned, before leaning down to kiss the back of Gabriel's neck. The angel shuddered underneath him, and Dean slowly started rubbing his groin against Gabriel's arse. "You either over-think things too much, or don't think at all. C'mon, just admit it - you want this too, and it's why you keep disappearing whenever I get close."

Gabriel's eyes had fallen shut, and he let out a groan as he started thrusting his hips backwards, clearly showing what he wanted. Dean smirked and reached around, cupping the erection he could feel.

"Knew it. Let's get on with it then." With that he undid Gabriel's jeans and pushed them down past his hips. Looking around, he spotted the liquid soap dispenser, and shrugged. Better than nothing. He quickly squirted some into his hand and coated a finger in it, then started circling Gabriel's anus. The other hand came around and started stroking him, the soap turning out to be quite a good lubricant.

"Oh fuck," Gabriel closed his eyes, hands still on the counter. He leaned forwards though, so that Dean had a better angle when he finally slid a finger into him. "Yes, that's it, please..."

"You like this, don't you?" Dean muttered, getting painfully hard at the thought of dominating a creature as powerful as Gabriel usually was. "You like my finger up your arse, you want more of it."

"Yes, want more, want your cock," Gabriel was muttering, slowly giving in to what he wanted.

Dean sensed that he was still wary, so went as slowly as he could, being as gentle as possible. He really didn't want to hurt Gabriel, he cared for him and wanted to take care of him.

By the time he had three fingers buried inside Gabriel, the angel was begging for more. Dean kept it up for a minute, ensuring that he was properly stretched, before releasing him and undoing his own pants, quickly soaping up his own cock. As he pushed in, Gabriel fell forwards so that his arms rested on the counter top, his head on his arms. The pair let out simultaneous moans as Dean came to a stop, buried completely in the archangel.

After waiting a couple of seconds, Gabriel nodded and shifted, signalling that he was ready for more. Dean started moving slowly, still stretching the muscles open, speeding up as the slide of his cock became smoother. He altered his angle a few times, searching, before Gabriel threw back his head and shouted his name. Dean quickly reached forward and put a hand over his mouth.

"Shh, Gabe, you gotta keep it down," he tried to remonstrate, but found it difficult when Gabriel was pushing back on him, clearly enjoying himself now. Trying to keep his new lover quiet, Dean kept his hand over his mouth, and decided to finish this as quickly as possible - he'd get Gabriel into bed later and see how loud he could make the angel scream then. For now, he wrapped his free hand around Gabriel's erection once again and started stroking in time with his thrusts, making sure to keep at the right angle to hit his prostate.

It wasn't long before Gabriel was clenching around him and groaning loudly, audible even with the hand covering his mouth. Then he looked up into the mirror and locked eyes with Dean, eyes glittering with mischief, and that was enough. Dean leaned forwards and bit down on Gabriel's neck as he came, muffling his own sounds of enjoyment.

The two stayed joined for a few moments, before the sound of wings had both eyes flying open and staring into the mirror, where they saw Castiel standing a few feet away.

"Just thought you should know," he deadpanned, "our abilities are back." He then winked at Dean and disappeared again.

Dean pulled out of Gabriel and stepped back, mind going over things. Gabriel turned around to look at him properly, and they both realised the same thing, as Gabriel snapped his fingers to clean them both up.

"That sneaky bastard," Dean muttered.

"I taught him well," Gabriel smirked. "I'm so proud."