Meaningful Life

Disclaimer: All familiar characters belong to DC or Marvel. I own Seymour/Headway, Kaede/Onyx, and Miranda/Laska.

Chapter 1: The Three

Seymour, the Titans Miami leader Headway, was contemplating as he watched a training session between Grace, Cody, the Titans Miami member Risk, Kaede, the Titans Miami ninja heroine Onyx, Miranda, the Titans Miami heroine Laska, and Black Condor. The five of them were all battling who could last the longest. Currently, Risk had just been incapacitated by Onyx and her pressure point technique, and Grace was currently being tied up by the contortionist heroine Laska. Laska giggled as Grace tried to free herself from the flexible metahuman's grasp, but it was strong. The red-head roared,

She continually slammed herself on the floor, attempting to break free. She fell right on Laska's arm. Miranda cried out and let go of her hold. Grace then turned and kicked the contortionist off of her and she went flying into a wall. Black Condor swooped in and grabbed her, cushioning her fall.

Headway ordered telepathically,


Grace looked up and flipped off her leader,

"$** you!"

Onyx said calmly,

"Grace, we cannot allow ourselves to get so emotional during training. They are our allies, and we cannot brutalize them."

Grace spat on the floor,

"Big #$& whoop! If Miranda knew any better, she'd know I'd do everything to break the hold."

Risk squeaked,

"A little help here, someone?"

He was still paralyzed. Black Condor put Miranda down and folded his arms,

"You seem to like beating people up, Grace."
Grace snarled,

"I grew up on the streets. Damn right I like hitting something."

The avian hero looked at his red-headed teammate,

"Then why don't you try it with me."

Grace came over and towered over Black Condor. Black Condor looked right up, both of them unflinching. The Asian powerhouse scoffed,

"You ain't worth it."

She walked by him and out of the training room. Onyx shook her head,

"Still so immature."

Laska held her arm,

"Owie. That hurt."

Headway said,

"Go to the infirmary, Miranda. I'll be there as soon as I can."

Onyx looked at Black Condor,

"You know, she could have easily squashed you."

Condor looked at his ninja teammate,

"If she did, a knife would be in her abdomen right now."

He walked away. Onyx and Laska followed. Cody groaned,

"Uh, guys? Someone help me? I can't move and I really have to go to the bathroom."


After getting Risk unstuck from his current state, the six Titans Miami heroes were sitting in the main rec room of the hospital. Onyx attempting to teach Laska the art of meditation, Risk and Grace were playing video games, Headway was reading a magazine, and Black Condor was sharpening his knives.

Kaede sighed,

"Miranda, pay attention."

The Polish acrobat had contorted her body rather inhumanly, then sat up like her ninja teammate,

"Mediation is so boring."

The ninja were-panther shook her head,

"Laska, it is important to meditate. It gives the body, mind, and soul to reflect on each other and pursue a much higher purpose. It is a way for those three things to understand each other."

Miranda sighed, whining like a five year old,

"But, it's boring. All you do is sit and close your eyes. I'd fall asleep if I did that."

Onyx sighed in her mind. Her teammate was just as bad as Grace or Risk when it came to such matters. Discipline was seemingly a foreign concept to them.

Suddenly, Seymour felt something. He dropped his magazine. Onyx tensed,

"What is it, Headway?"

Seymour shook his head,

"I don't know. I feel something is coming this way."
Risk turned around,

"Say what?"

As the Titans all stopped what they were doing, a brilliant flash filled the room and Risk cried out,


When the flash subsided, the heroes were staring at three teens they had not seen before, wearing uniforms alien to them.

One of the teens had lavender cat-like ears and a tail. Her name is Sharon Smith, Catseye.

The second was a teen girl with red hair and piercing eyes. Her name is Marie Colbert, Tarot.

The third was a teen boy with dark skin. His name is Haroun al-Rashid, Jetstream.

Sharon looked up,

"Where are we? Catseye don't recognize this place."

Marie nodded,

"Mon dieu, what is going on?"

Grace scowled,

"Who the #&$& are these guys?"

Next Chapter:
How did three former Hellions, deceased I might add, get back? Stay tuned, fellow readers!