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Some who know Danzo would call him cold, void of emotion, and heartless. Others would call him powerful, calculating, and someone who had every qualification to be a leader. All of them are right in someway. He was a powerful, a calm and calculating, cold man. However, he wasn't completely void of emotion, and he wasn't heartless. He had to make a reputation of his members of ROOT seem void of emotion so he and his followers could be something to fear. They had still retained their emotions and only on the battlefield or on an assignment would they become emotionless. That had caused some to lose friends in battle, because to true ninja, the mission always came first, before anything. They were indeed strong and they enjoyed serving under Danzo in secret. It helped sustain livable lives as ordinary civilians and ninjas. They made friends; some even found love. But they had to obey one rule, never show emotion on the battlefield or on an assignment.

Danzo would still follow his methods of training, brutal and unforgiving training in order to make perfect ROOT operatives. He would allow them to keep their emotions, only for the purpose of acting like ordinary civilians and ninjas. Danzo was now addressing one of his female agents.

"Misuki, I have a special mission for you, one that you will not start until the time is right."

"What is it, lord Danzo?"

The woman in question was 5'4 feet. She had bright blond hair and pearl blue eyes. She had a slender face with straight eyebrows. Her nose was averages size with the bridge of her nose beign small .Some of her hair was hanging on both sides of her face, while the rest was tied in a ponytail. She had C-cup breast and was wearing the standard ROOT uniform right now. She was kneeling before Danzo on her right leg with her right head in a fist against the ground. Her other hand was on her left knee as her right knee was touching the ground. She was looking at the ground, face void of any emotion. She looked to be in her early twenties.

"You may rise, Misuki. The assignment I have in store for you will not begin until about 3-5 years from know. It depends on how well his understanding is." Misuki was know standing with a look of curiosity on her face. "Your assignment is to be the mother of one Naruto Uzumaki." He said looking at her straight in the face.

This had certainly surprised Misuki. Be a mother…of the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki no less? She knew she could handle the mother thing, but to mother that boy? She didn't have any negative feelings for him, none of ROOT did. They had extreme control of their emotions and didn't let them cloud their judgment about the boy. She knew what the village thought of the boy, he wasn't born less than a week ago and they are already calling for his blood. She couldn't stand it. She also knew that being the mother of the boy would have some negative effects on her. She could handle that but she didn't want the pressure. However she also didn't want to disappoint Danzo. So her only reply was,

"If I may ask, why must he be mothered in the first place? Couldn't we just look after him from the shadows?"

"Yes, but that wouldn't serve me any purpose. I already know that if I ask Hiruzen to take him in, he will immediately think that I want him as a weapon for Konaha. That is only half correct. I want him to serve Konoha yes, but not as a weapon. I want him to be a powerful ninja for Konoha, I can't let him go to waste by dying because of the villagers and there ignorance. I do want you to watch him from the shadows, as you stated. But only appear when he is in any danger, either from assassins or civilians. Kill any that threaten Naruto with hostility. Your ROOT mask will change to a fox styled ANBU mask, to avoid any suspicion of ROOT being still active and to sort of appeal to Naruto." Explained Danzo. "Do you accept your mission?"

Misuki thought for a while, long and hard. Could she handle that responsibility? She didn't know, but she needed one more answer.

"Danzo-sama, if I may ask, why did you choice me? I know that it has more qualified ROOT operatives than I. Not that I don't want the mission, Danzo-sama. I'm just curious."

"Since you are seen as a civilian, Misuki, you can't use any jutsus and ninja based weapons. However I did take notice to your exceptional Kenjutsu skills. You can defend Naruto with your weaponry as a civilian. You must defend and protect with Kenjutsu as his guard before you assume the role of his mother, too. We don't want to leave any charka traces, now do we? Although I know you can hide your traces, but just incase only his Kenjutsu and Taijutsu for his defense. The reason I'm assigning you this assignment is so that he has someone can love and trust for when he becomes apart of ROOT. I'll ask once more, do you accept?"

"Yes, lord Danzo."

"Your guarding assignment starts now. I will tell you when your real assignment begins. Dismissed." Misuki Shunshined out of the room and began her assignment.

Danzo was pleased with himself and in a pleasant mood. He began to walk to the consul room to ask/demand the 3rd make Naruto a weapon for Konoha. He had to keep up appearance. He could hardly contain his joy. However he knew he had to wait. That wouldn't be a problem, seeing as he had the patience of predator stalking its prey. He will make sure his plan goes well, bu any means necessary

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