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-3 Years Later-

Naruto's live had indeed taken a turn for the best. Shortly after being adopted, Naruto had begun to learn the Kenjutsu and Taijutsu. So far he had become exceptionally good in the art, even going as far as to be able to hit Misuki when she gets serious in a spar. He was coming along quite nicely in Taijutsu as well. He had begun to gain a little muscle, too. Not a lot, but impressive enough for an 7-year old going on 8. He was going to join the academy soon, and he couldn't wait. He would finally be able to learn ninja techniques like Ninjutsu and Genjutsu.

Over the years he had begun to accept Misuki as his mother and had become use to calling her that. He would even by her gifts on Mothers day and on her birthday with the allowance she gave him. He loved her more then anything in the world and he would do anything for her. She was the only person besides the Hokage, Teuchi, and Ayame who cared for him. She was the only one, however, who truly cared for him. Naruto figured that over time with how she took care of him. Naruto vowed to never take her granted, enjoying anything and everything he did with her. She even fixed some storeowners who decided to overprice his requirements.


Naruto and Misuki are going shopping together for the first time . Naruto was hoping he could trust her since she saved him from that mob. He didn't completely trust her because he didn't know anything about her, but he was willing to give her a shot. They were going shopping for clothing since Naruto only had rags of what use to be clothing. They are now entering the store she insisted on coming, knowing this was one of the stores that hated Naruto.

"Alright Naruto, let's go pick out something to wear. I'm sure you don't like wearing rags all the time"

"Uh, I don't know about this. This is one of the stores that doesn't like me." He said in a nervous tone. Misuki only laughed at that.

"Nonsense! I'm sure they're going to change their minds. Now let's go find something for you to wear. When we do, we'll have to go in the dressing room to try them on."

After a while, Naruto found a set of clothes he liked. It was a long sleeved black shirt and black pants. He also had black socks and shoes. Misuki rose an eyebrow at his choice of clothing.

"If I want to be a ninja, I have to look ninja, right? Now all I need is a ninja mask to hide my hair. Can't hide in the shadows with blonde hair, can I?" He was referring to the mask the ninja of old use-to-use before the discovery of chakra.

"Well I suppose you're right. Well lets go try them on to make sure they fit you fine. Then we could get out of here and go food shopping, ok?" Naruto nodded and walked to a dressing room. When he was finished he pushed the door open and stood with his hands in a ram seal with his eyes close and his face looking towards the ground slightly, striking a pose. Misuki could only giggle and smile at Naruto.

"Yep, you'd make a fine ninja I bet. Now change back so we could pay for them." Naruto nodded his head while grinning and changed back into his former clothing, if you could call it that. Misuki grabbed six more outfits of the same kind and headed for the counter. She placed the seven sets of clothing on the counter and pulled out her wallet.

"How much?" The man looked from behind the counter and saw Naruto. He glared at the boy, to which Naruto hid behind Misuki. She saw the man glare, but didn't react to it, not wanting to make the situation worse.

"For the demon, 60 ryo (1 US dollar= 1 Ryo)." Misuki blinked in false confusion.

"But the price tag clearly says 20 ryo."

"He's a demon, so the price is higher." He said casually.

"A demon?" she scratched her head and looked at Naruto, then looked back at the man. "I don't see a demon. All I see is a boy. Now you listen here, I'd advise you to give me the regular price or else."

"Or else wha-" He didn't even get to finish the word as he found a sword pointed towards his neck. 'What the hell? Why hadn't I noticed that before?' thought the man in fear.

"Or I'll report you to the Hokage for stealing from Naruto. And if that doesn't fix you I'll find you and fix you myself." She pressed the sword against his neck a little, not hard enough to draw blood. He was shaking now.

"O-okay. J-just take it easy! I'll even lower the price to 15 ryo." said the man trying to bargain with her.

"No I'll take the regular price, thank you. I'm not scum like you are." She then sheathed her sword and paid for the clothes. As she was walking out the store, she turned around smiled saying, "Bye, have a nice day." And with that she walked out. The clerk sighed in relive.

-Meanwhile in the Hokage tower-

Hiruzen had seen the whole thing and was quite impressed. He too wondered why he didn't notice her kitana when he had first seen her. This was an interesting development he would take advantage of.

-Flashback End-

After the incident, the 3rd had called Misuki into his office. He had secretly assigned her to be his of bodyguard, knowing the civilian side of the consul would quickly interfere if they found out. He ranked it a B ranked mission and would pay her every month for the protection. At first she declined saying that she was now Naruto's mother and it was her job to protect him naturally, but he insisted and she didn't want to disobey the Hokage, so she accepted the mission.

This was the year that Naruto would finally join the academy. This was also the year that Naruto will begin his training in ROOT. Misuki knew he was ready since he was doing well in Taijutsu and Kenjutsu. She hoped he would do well in the Ninjutsu and Genjutsu fields as well. She was confident he would do well in Ninjutsu; Genjutsu she wasn't so sure, seeing as she could since he had large chakra reserves. She would find out eventually.

Right now she was getting out of bed to go and prepare breakfast for herself and Naruto. When she was finished on two plates sat a normal breakfast: bacon and eggs with pancakes. She didn't have to call for Naruto, knowing he was going smell the food and wake up almost immediately. So she prepared the table when she heard Naruto's door open. Naruto came out rubbing his eyes in orange pajamas with red swirls on them and a white shirt.

"Mmmmmm…something smells good, like always." He said grinning. "If only it was…"

"Don't say it Naruto. You know you can't it ramen for breakfast. It's bad for your heath." She said in a stern tone.

"I know. But it's soooooooo gooooood! Please? Just one time?"

"No Naruto. Geez your sure are addicted to that stuff. Well I have some good news for you." Naruto sat down at the table and began to eat.

"Whaa?" he said with his mouth full.

"Dang it Naruto what have I told you about talking with your mouth full?" she said, clearly irritated. Naruto nodded his and began to chew quickly.

"Sorry mom. What's the news?"

"In a few weeks the ninja academy will begin and I plan on enlisting you." Naruto's eyes widened in surprise.

"Really? That'll be so cool! I'm gonna be a kickass nin-"

"Naruto! What have I told you about language?" she said with her irritation turning into anger. Naruto gulped and laughed nervously.

"Uh…old habits die hard?" he replied. Misuki placed her hand in front of Naruto's forehead and plucked it quite hard. Naruto's hands smacked his forehead and began to rub it. "Come on mom, you know it was an accident."

"I know, but you still need to stop that. You shouldn't curse while you're still a kid; at least until you're an adult. But even then you can't curse around me, or I will embarrass the heck out of you." She said in a motherly tone. Naruto suddenly grinned.

"So you're saying that when I graduate I could curse, since technically I'm considered an adult?" Naruto said in a sly and innocent way. Misuki opened her mouth to say something, but closed it, knowing he was right. She then face palmed growled out a "Yes." Naruto smirked while doing a victory sign and began to happily eat his breakfast. When he was finished Naruto was about to go and train when his mother called out to him. She had a slightly depressed look on her face. "What's wrong, mom?"

"Naruto, there's something I need to tell you. It's very important and I know you could take it." She said seriously. Naruto was sitting there waiting patiently. "What do you know of the Kyuubi?" That question took him by surprise.

"Uh…I know that it was defeated by the Yondaime Hokage. And it was also the day I was born that it attacked the village."

"That's only halfway true. No human can kill a Bijuu; you can only seal it. When it attacked, the 4th Hokage had to seal it inside of a newborn baby whose chakra coils weren't fully developed. There was only one baby who was available on such short notice at the time. So he had no choice but to seal it inside that baby." She was silent for a while, wanting Naruto to put two and two together. She knew he did when he was his facial expression turn into shock.

"So…I have the Kyuubi…sealed inside me? That's why the village hates me? That's why I was alone and I had no one? They think I'm a giant fox?" Naruto said in a depressing tone. Tears started to fall from Naruto's eyes as he looked up at Misuki. "Why mom? Why can't they tell the *hic* difference? I'm not a monster, am I?" Misuki then reached down and grabbed Naruto in a hug as he started to cry in her arms. She too had tears going down her cheeks.

"No Naruto." She said softly as he was still crying. "You're not a monster. The villagers are just stupid and blinded by hatred. I love you Naruto, no matter what. I'll never leave you, okay? You are my son and I can't ever change my opinion about you." She began to run her right hand through Naruto's hair, calming him down enough for him to stop crying. He got out of the hug and looked at Misuki dead in the eye.

"You *hic* promise?" he said wiping his eyes. Misuki gave him a loving smile.

"I promise, Naruto." Naruto then hugged her back squeezing her tight. She returned the hug and they stayed like that for a while. When they were finished Naruto was sitting back in his chair. "If you're up to it, we could go shopping and prepare you for the academy. We could go and by you some kunai and shuriken and I'll even by you your own sword. How does that sound?" Naruto could only nod his head. "Okay, when you are ready, tell me and we could go shopping." Naruto nodded his head again and went to his room to lie down. He had to take in what he just found out. Misuki sat there, glad Naruto didn't thing he was the Kyuubi itself. She was also glad that Danzo assigned her to this mission; she loved every minute of it. She really did consider Naruto as her son, not just some client to protect. She wondered how he was doing since she hadn't seen him in since the she adopted Naruto. She was sure that he had sent some ROOT members to watch her and Naruto incase anything went wrong.

Naruto was laying in his bed thinking on what he had just found out. Why didn't the old man tell him in the first place? He could tell that Misuki wasn't told to tell him, simply because she would have told him sooner or the old man would have told Naruto himself. If the old man was hiding this from him, what else could he be hiding from him? Did he know who his parents were? If so, were they alive or dead? Did they abandon him? So many questions ran through his head. He decided not to tell the old man he knew of the Kyuubi just yet. He wanted to see if the old man would ever tell and when would he tell him.

-First day of Ninja Academy-

The day after Naruto was informed of the Kyuubi they set out to acquire the weapons at a weapons shop. At first they were expecting another Naruto hater, but they were both surprised and grateful to find he had no ill feelings towards Naruto. They had gotten a regular kitana for him that had a red tilt, much like his mother's. They had also acquired to weapon pouches; they were placed on both sides of Naruto's waist. They were about to leave when Naruto decided he wanted another kitana. Misuki questioned him; he replied he wanted to be stronger. Misuki complied and brought him another kitana with both being strapped to his back. She warned him that he was going to have to train twice as hard in order to properly use those swords .Naruto had another reason as to why he wanted two swords. He also thought they would make him look more badass, but he knew he was going to have to train his ass to be able to use two swords properly. He had also brought a ninja mask and figured he'd only use it on missions, except D-ranked missions. That would be retarted, he thought.

He was now arriving at the ninja academy. He was excited at the thought of being a badass ninja. He was also kind of nervous, he didn't really know how to act around kids since he was constantly training.

"Are you nervous, Naruto" asked his mother, Misuki.

"Kinda." He admitted, "I hope I make at least some friends."

"Oh I'm sure you will, Naruto. You're a nice boy."

"Thanks." They walked in the building. Naruto was now nervous as hell. He didn't know what to expect at this place. Naruto was still wearing the clothes he picked when he was younger, all black. Misuki knocked on a door and walked in.

"Excuse me, is this Iruka's classroom?" she asked when she walked in. Naruto was right behind her.

"Yes, that would be me." The first though that appeared in both Naruto's and Misuki's heads were 'Scarface'.

"Alright Naruto. Have a good day. I'll be back to come pick you up. Bye." She then kissed him on the forehead, earning a few laughs from the students already there.

"Mooooom." He groaned. Misuki only chuckled before walking out the room. One of the boys you had a dog with him said,

"Mama's boy." Naruto glared at him and replied,

"Fuck you, dog bitch." That when the door burst open with an angry Misuki.

"Naruto! What did I tell you about cursing!"

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