Ok, so this story takes place in another world where there has been no massacre and no wars. Even Orochimaru hadn't betrayed the leaf; let's just say that the Sandaime simply retired at one point in time appointing Tsunade in his place. Minato (Naruto's dad) as well as Naruto's mom are also alive. However, they chose to stay away from the political life in Konoha.

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Chapter 1

Sakura felt a calming sense of serenity, the likes of which she hasn't experienced in quite some time. She moved idly in the water, completely immersed and shrouded in darkness. The lake was her own sanctuary and now she was letting go of all her trouble as they're all being washed away in the apparently dark waters. However, as was always the case her serenity was short lived. She could feel someone approaching; no, not approaching someone was there with her. Suddenly and without prior notice she was caught in a pair of strong arms and dragged backwards to be slammed into what she could only assume was that man's chest. She was held there firmly for a moment before her mind was able to begin to process what was happening.

Once again she was taken by surprise as the man behind her moved even closer to her and spoke directly in her ear. "Sakura" the sound was but a whisper but the voice was all too familiar. She shuddered at the thought of having him that close "Itachi" she mumbled. She meant to be angry, she meant for it to be louder firmer, but all she managed to get through was some sort of a plea. "wha, what are you doing" she stuttered.

"I couldn't find you anywhere so I came looking for you" his voice was husky a barely audible whisper meant only for her ears. "I didn't realize before how lucky I was" he paused "to find you here like this" his voice broke as he kissed her neck; his hand that was previously forgotten now roamed her stomach in a tantalizing caress. Sakura was now suddenly aware of how naked she was, and ummm, how naked he is? He was naked as well; she could feel it as he closed whatever distance was remaining between them to trace kisses along her collar bone. "Oh Kami" she thought "is this really happening?" her mind was racing to no end and her heart was pounding. But Itachi put a stop to her thoughts all together as he suddenly licked up the side of her neck unexpectedly biting on her earlobe while moving his hand down her thigh.

Sakura gasped "Itaa" she didn't finish as now he was no longer behind her he had moved so fast that she didn't even have time to realize that he has broken contact with her before he pinned her against a rock in the middle of the water and now his lips were on hers. Sakura's eyes went wide as she felt the warmth of his lips gently caressing hers. She moaned at this heavenly sensation. Her knees went weak as he continued to move his lips against hers gently in perfect rhythm. She couldn't take it anymore she threw her hands around his neck to draw him nearer. And that was it for Itachi, now he was the one who couldn't take it any longer, the way her body reacted to his touch, the way she was all ripe with wanton, and by God he was going to give her what she needed. The kiss turned carnal as Itachi forced his tongue into her mouth causing Sakura to lose all control. She arched her body into his allowing him full access to every inch of her small frame. Itachi dominated the kiss, his tongue subduing hers in a delicious way, Sakura moaned for him and arched even closer, meriting a moan from her lover. He couldn't take it anymore, so he moved his hand down her thigh once again and lifted both her feet upwards wrapping them around his waist. She shuddered at the feeling of his…..

"Sakura, wake up"


"Sakura you're being too loud again" came a reproving female voice right from above her.

Sakura hesitated to open her eyes, "Oh dear God, No!" she opened her eyes hesitantly looking around the room

"No he's not here" she mumbled grimly

"Itachi?" her blonde roommate questioned"

Sakura raised an eyebrow at her long time friend

"You were moaning his name out like there was no tomorrow" Sakura blushed "that must have been interesting" Ino continued

"I, yah, it was" Sakura shuddered a little at the thought of what she just saw

"Oh come on Sakura, I admit the elder Uchiha is hot and all, but what about Sasuke you used to have the biggest crush on him, not that I'm complaining or anything but since we came to the academy you seem to be obsessed with his Aniki"

"I thought you would be happy about this, Sasuke's all yours now"

"No complaints there, But Sasuke is much hotter, that's all I'm saying"

"No his not" Sakura countered "Sasuke is a spoiled brat, but Itachi, he's, He's just too…" her voice broke off as she stared intently at the ceiling.

Ino rolled her eyes "well then, that means less competition for me"

"It's not like any of us can get an Uchiha or something"

"Please don't generalize, you being an ugly loser doesn't reflect on me" Ino stated indignantly

"Oh come on Ino pig, you've been after Sasuke for years now, and he literally was within reach back in school but you always failed miserably"

"That was then" the blond countered "back when I was a kid, now I'm all woman" she fluttered her eyelashes "there is no way he'd be able to resist me now"

"He seems to be doing a fine job at that, we've started college a week ago and he's successfully side stepped all of your attempts at attracting his attention"

"Well I have a plan now, for both of us" Ino added mischievously "before this semester is over, we're gonna get our Uchihas then rub it in all of the other girls' faces"

"Why would you help me" the pink haired kunoichi asked suspiciously

"Well let's call it a thank you gift for leaving my Sasuke alone" Ino winked as they started getting ready for their sparring class

The girls have been in the Konoha high academy for a little over a week now. This academy has been established by lady Tsunade in an attempt to allow the top Ninja to exchange experiences with the upcoming shinobi elite. Accordingly, all of Konoha's over achievers have been brought together in a panel in order to pass their experiences along to the other Ninja who lack practical experience but have a lot to offer. The rookie nine have been brought in as students (With the exception of Shikamaru who has been asked to act as a strategy instructor) Kakashi and the other acting sensei's have also been added to the instruction panel along side of two of the legendary sannin namely, Orochimaru who's now teaching transformation jutso's and Jiraya sama who's now imparting his wisdom when it comes to diplomatic interactions and common etiquette. Many other junior instructors besides Shikamaru have been added, the most notable of whom is the one and only, Uchiha Itachi. The Anbu captain has agreed to put in his time and effort in order to shape the chosen shinobi up into the most powerful shinobi in Konoha. This was an elite academy with participants being handpicked by the Godaime Hockage herself.

Sakura and Ino sat silently watching the Anbu captain and his raven haired brother spar. Itachi Uchiha was their sparring instructor much to Sakura's excitement. And right now he was using his oh too shirtless brother to demonstrate the art of using a wooden weapon. Nearby all the girls in their class clustered together oohing and ahhing at the sight before them. The two men moved in perfect harmony, Sasuke would strike then Itachi would easily par and deliver a strike of his own only to be blocked by his Ototo. Both men were shirtless and sweat was glistening off of their perfectly toned yet slightly lithe bodies. The moment they were done the girls broke into a fit of applause while the guys were busy engaged in a collective rolling of their eyes.

"So what's your plan Ino pig" Sakura said eyeing a girl who was standing too close to Itachi with apparent venom

"well that's simple Billboardy" she inhaled quietly " today we break into their dorm room" she said innocently

"We what!" Sakura blurted

"You heard me"

"But why, why would we do that" the pink haired Kunoichi questioned suspiciously all the while convinced that her friend has gone mad

"Listen Sakura, we've both been stalking Sasuke for a while, maybe you're done stalking him now but please don't act like you don't know this" she paused "we both know that Sasuke keeps a diary, and I have seen him jot down a few words in it every day for this last week, my plan is to steal it then use the information that's in it to make him fall in love with me"

Some understanding dawned on Sakura "Oh, well that's a great plan but do you know what you're missing"

"what? " ino asked in confusion

"why on earth would I help you trap Sasuke what's in it for me?"

"You've always lacked insight Sakura which explains the way you dress"

"what are you talking about"

"you lack insight"

"well enlighten me"

"fine, Sasuke's diary is likely to contain a lot of information about Itachi and his preferences, after all Itachi is his brother and they spend an awful amount of time together, not to mention that once there we could look around Itachi's room for clues and maybe find his diary" she finished proudly

"Umm, that makes sense I guess"

"well then you're in right?"

"Of course not"

"Oh give me a break, why not?" Ino looked up exasperated

"You actually expect to be able to break into the room of an Anbu captain and his prodigy brother unnoticed and unpunished"

Ino smirked evilly "I have a plan"


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