Prompt: For the Superman Movieverse Pairings Challenge: 'Daily Planet Building,' 'Caught Red-Handed', 'Supply Closet', 'Burn', 'Kiss'

Summary: Lois finds out the truth in the best way possible.

Disclaimer: DC and WB own everything. No profit is being made from this story.

Author's Notes: I'm having way too much fun with these prompts! *giggles* I'm pretty sure this will the last one shot for this Challenge, guys. Ok, now it's Lois's turn. With a vivid imagination, not enough rest, too many news stories, conflicting emotions about a certain Daily Planet reporter and not to mention that hunk in tights. What's a girl to do? Well, fantasies come to mind. Read on! :D

Warnings: None.


Triangle for Two

Late one night, the Daily Planet bullpen:

Lois was lonely, irritable and dare she admit it, horny as hell. There was no other way to state it. She supposed she could have kept Richard around for that at least, but it was unfair to lead him on for another minute. For three years they had tried to get to that next step in their relationship but it was not to be. She couldn't do it and after finally admitting that she didn't love him, not in the way he wanted her to, they parted ways on friendly terms.

Now here she sat alone and unwanted. Her eyes gravitated to Clark who had that same lovelorn expression on his face whenever she would glance his way. It really was sweet, but now that she was alone. She let that thought trail away. No, she wouldn't use him for sex either. It wasn't fair to him or to her. What are you afraid of Lane? Maybe I do have feelings for him. Just admit it. Ever since he had returned to work after so long, I had missed him a lot. He was funny, sweet, always available to me and to Jason whenever I needed him no matter what time of day or night, he was always there for me, plus he never asked for anything in return.

Clark awkwardly turned back to his article, knocking over his coffee cup as he did so, when Lois caught him staring at her again and he was sure she caught him with the same expression on his face. He just couldn't help it anymore. I should just tell her how I feel. Was she ready to hear it? Am I ready to tell her? He didn't know the answers.

Lois sighed, put her head in her hand then her thoughts turned to Superman. She glanced out the window thinking about him, where he could be, because he had promised to come by but that was several days ago. Had he forgotten about me? She was tired of waiting for him, when the one man who cared about her, was always there for her, well, since he had come back, was sitting right over there. She sighed again. Why can't I have them both? Lois suddenly gasped to herself. I'm horny, but not that horny. She shook her head at her musings. Lois Lane, you are way too tired and I need to go home and get some rest. She was startled when Clark appeared before her. He hadn't made a sound. How does he do that?

"Where in the world did you go just then? I've been trying to get your attention for the past several minutes." Clark asked as he stared at her tired eyes.

Lois yawned and tried to think, but she was just too tired to form an answer.

"Come on, I'll take you home now." Clark helped her to stand and grabbed her coat and her bag.

Lois held him close enjoying his arms around her. "Clark, can you answer a question?"

He helped her put on her suit coat. "Sure, what is it?" He asked distracted as he buttoned her jacket and tried not to stare at her chest.

Lois noticed his wayward eyes of course. "Do you want me?"

He pushed his glasses up his nose and tried to steady his heartbeat but it was useless. He forgot how to breathe as he stared into her eyes and then her lips so soft and inviting.

"I know you want to kiss me. What's stopping you?" She smiled and licked her upper lip to entice him.

Clark was lost as he leaned down and kissed her then pulled her close in his arms like he'd wanted to do for like forever it seemed.

Lois was thinking what a wonderful kisser he was then she couldn't think of anything else because Clark had picked her up and headed to the supply closet.

"Oh Clark, I never knew," she murmured trying to think.

"Now you know ... I do want you Lois so much," he responded. The door was kicked closed and locked as he pushed her up against the door. His lips traveled down her throat to her chest. Lois closed her eyes and held his head to her chest as her bra was pulled aside and his lips latched onto a perk nipple pulling at it as his tongue and lips swirled and suckled to his heart's content. He suddenly picked her up again and headed to the desk.

Suddenly the door crashed open and a furious Superman stood at the door with his hands on his hips breathing fire his cape flapping around his legs. "What the hell is going on in here?"

Clark dropped Lois on the desk with a thump. He was terrified. He knew how much Superman wanted Lois, but he was at a loss as to what to say, shocked by his sudden appearance not to mention he looked pretty upset.

"Clark, what?" Lois was so startled by his abrupt departure from her. He had been so warm and gentle with her before.

"Lois, get over here and explain yourself," Superman demanded.

Lois's back went up. "You can't tell me what to do. Clark and I ..."

Superman interrupted her. "I told you to GET OVER HERE ... NOW!"

"Do as he says Lois," Clark was shaking he was so scared.

Lois's fantasies were coming true. She just had to calm everyone down and then they could take care of each other the way it should be. She climbed down off the desk and went over to Superman and touched his chest. "Now Superman, stay calm. Clark and I were just getting started. We were... umm ... waiting for you."

"What you mean you were waiting ... you don't mean ...?" Superman asked shocked but the idea had its appeal he realized and then he smirked.

Lois saw his acceptance and hoped this could work. "Yes, the three of us you know could have a good time," Lois said shocking herself, but then she thought. This is my fantasy!

Clark gasped. Lois had finally lost her mind if she thought he would do a threesome.

"Take off your glasses Clark. You won't need those," Lois instructed as she stroked Superman's chest.

He reached to pull off his glasses, but then he hesitated.

"Do as she says, Kent," Superman demanded, hands on hips, still smirking.

Clark took off his glasses and instinctively stood up straighter. Lois turned to look at him and he was so different that Lois was enthralled, that she left Superman's side to get a closer look. She then turned back to Superman and it was there right there for her to see. They were twins but how was that possible? She was so shocked that she almost fainted. She touched her forehead.

Clark caught her before she hit the floor. He picked her up and laid her on the desk. Superman came over to help him.

Lois slowly opened her eyes and stared at them both then she closed her eyes and let her mind take her away. She was so into her fantasy that before she knew what was happening, everyone was naked and both Superman and Clark were making love to her. Clark was kissing and sucking all over her chest, her face her throat and Superman's face was buried between her thighs loving her with his lips and tongue in such a way that she thought she might actually swoon. It felt so good; she was in heaven. "Oh yes," she moaned over and over again.

Clark shook her shoulder. "Lois, Lois, wake up!"

"Clark, where am I?" She opened her eyes and looked around.

"We're at the house, Lois. Were you dreaming or what?" Clark asked embarrassed for her.

"Oh, dear me," Lois mumbled then she realized she was still tingling and turned on. She turned to Clark then she realized she had to know. "Take off your glasses Clark, turn off the car, and take them off ... NOW!"

"Lois, what has gotten into you?"

She narrowed her eyes suspicious of his diversions. "Why won't you take off your glasses Clark?"

He sighed and realized she wasn't going to let it go, so he took a deep breath and took them off. "Well, what now?"

Lois's mouth dropped open. "You're Superman?" Lois couldn't believe it.

"Of course not Lois. What is wrong with you? You've been acting weird all evening." He put his glasses back on.

She narrowed her eyes at him then her fantasy was just that, a fantasy. She was so sure they were one in the same. Her head was pounding so hard, she was so exhausted, she couldn't see straight. She rubbed her tired eyes. "I'm so tired."

Clark felt bad, but he didn't think Lois was ready for the truth. He helped her inside the house. Lois was clinging to him and wouldn't let him go.

"Don't leave me, Clark, please?" She didn't want to be alone.

"I don't know Lois, I have … umm … things I need to get back to … umm … at the office."

She narrowed her eyes still suspicious. "What things?"

"Umm, things Perry asked for … umm … an update to a story we wrote last week, yeah, that's it," Clark replied proud of his lie.

Lois wasn't that sleepy. She knew he was lying but why? "Clark, I don't think I can make it up the stairs. Could you carry me please?"

"Alright, hang on." He took her up the stairs to her room. "Where's Jason tonight?"

"At a sleepover," she replied and snuggled under his chin. He was so warm and thoughtful to her; a true gentleman.

He reached the bedroom and was about to set her down when Lois surprised and shocked him with a kiss. Her arms tightened around his neck hoping he would respond and then he did as his mouth slanted to gain more access and Lois's heart soared inside her chest. The feeling was intoxicating and thrilling. Her lips traveled across his warm cheek to his ear and down his throat. Clark closed his eyes and groaned. He had no resistance to her, none at all.

He entered the bedroom and shut the door with his foot then he set her down on the bed. "Are you sure about this?"

For answer she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him again. He picked her up and her legs went around his waist holding him close. They fell back onto the bed and Clark stroked her hair out of her eyes and smiled.

Lois returned his smile and wondered again why he wouldn't tell her who he really was … that he was Superman. She decided then and there that she would wait until he was ready.

They made love that night and it didn't take long for Clark to realize that Lois was totally in love with him and his superhero alter-ego.

The day would come when everything would be out in the open. There was no rush, no rush at all when the triangle for two would become two.

And then two would become one!

The end!


A/N: *sigh* I'm sighing now, but the triangle for two had me giggling at work today. I wrote this at the office. Lois is so lucky. That was some fantasy she had there! *fans self*! Thanks for reading. Reviews are love! :D