The Story Behind The Story


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Chapter 1/?

He held her tightly as thier kisses got more and more passionate."I have to go daddy is holding a meeting" she said in between breaths."Okay Princess...i'll meet you in my lockeroom later" he said kissed her one last time.She fixed her hair kissed him on the cheek and walked out of the door.

She walked quckily down the halls of the big company.And opend the door.She smiled as she saw her dad "Hi Daddy" she said as she walked in.Her father was sitting at the end of a big confrence table with several ofother members of the board.He smiled and stood up "It's my lil' girl" she hugged him and sat in the empty chair.She looked across and saw the man she "loved".He looked at her with those eyes that gave her chills down her spine.She admited he did scare her sometimes."Okay now what where all here let's get down to bussiness"."Mr.McMahon the creative writting team has come up with a storyline following Miss.McMahon's and Mr.Jericho's bussiness partnership"."Okay let's hear it" he said the woman stood up and got the paper in front of her and read "Miss McMahon reveles to her ex- husband that she has a secreat...".Stephanie looked at the corner of her eye at Paul he was looking at her as he heard the storyline."She then tells him that the only reason she bought ECW was not to run you Mr.McMahon out of bussiness but it was to be with the man she truly loves....Chris Jericho comes out and says that the past year or so he had been having a affair with-" "THAT'S BULL SHIT!" Paul screamed which caused Stephanie and the rest of the people in he room jump.Mr.McMahon looked at Paul with a shocking look and spoke "Paul...what was that? we weren't expecting such a harsh reaction from you".

"I'm sorry Vince but i don't want to go along with this!" he shouted.Vince arched a eyebrow and said "You understand that this is a storyline...were doing this to make this partnership more intresting" "I know that but i don't want Stephanie to go along with this storyline".Stephanie looked at Paul how could he be making these dessions for her?? He wasn't the one that was gonna have to play along...he just had to be jealouse of the storyline...or was he jealouse in real life? Toughts swarm around Stephanie's head...Paul WAS jealouse of Chris .A small smile formed on Stephanies lips."Fine...Hilary drop that storyline...were not going through too complicated to work out".Stephanie looked at her father how could he do this? he didn;t even ask her how she felt.Paul sat down with a satisfied look in his face."Steph...what are your plans to take this partnership?" "well i tought that storyline was pretty goo acctully...but it seemss like where not doing it anymore....i think the partnership should remain"."Okay then well talk about it and well disscuss next time we have a meeting...thank you for coming and well see you soon".They all stood up and exited the room.Stephanie walked out and saw Paul waiting for her.He wrapped his arms around her waist but she removed them."What's wrong babe?" he asked "Paul...why did you just drop that storyline? you know what this means...we could of gotten more ratings...more fans...this company os based on a fan thing" "who cares what the fans think...your my girlfriend and i don't want you doing that storyline with that ass-whole".

Stephanie's blood boiled as she got red and said "well maybe you should reconzier or me being your Girlfriend Paul!" and walked away."Steph..Steph...STEPH!" he shouted at her as she walked down the hall not looking back."SHIT!" he screamed and threw a plant to the ground making all the workers stop working and focous on him.He looked around and said "what the hell are you staring at??....go back to WORK!!!".All workers jumped and continued doing what they were doing.

Stephanie went to the parking lot and left to building to the arena.Once she got there she took out her clothes for that night.And looked around too see if anyone was there and entered Chris Jericho's loocker room.

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