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*Unknown Location*

Stephanie opened her eyes and looked around. It was cold and dark and lonely. She tried to remember how she got there. What was the last thing that happened. She was in the car with Paul and he had asked her if she loved him…she has yes and he laughed. Saying if she loved him so much why was she seeing…"Chris" she said in a low voice. How did Paul know she had been seeing Chris. He heart began to race wondering what the hell is she doing here. Where was she and what Paul had in mind. Knowing how jealous he was, he was capable of doing anything. A tear or two ran down her cheek. As she raised her head and saw a shadow coming toward her. "Awww the Princess is crying" the voice said. "Why did you bring me here Paul!" Stephanie said. "I'm not Paul" the voice said. "Who are you then show your face!".The person began to laugh and said "It's not that simple Princess I'm not just going to show my face…less let you hear my real voice". "Why…where the hell am I…where's Paul?" "why the hell would you care where he is? You didn't care before why should you care now?". "What are you talking about!" "come on Stephanie don't act like a innocent little bitch! You know exactly what I'm talking about….you and that ass of Irvine been seeing each other for a long long time". Stephanie eyes widen "how-how didn't you know about that?" "Stephy Stephy come it's common sense a blind person could see what was going on…you see you two should have been more careful where you did your love crap" the voice said in a disgusted voice. "Your lying you don't know anything your just messing with my mind!" Stephanie screamed into the shadows. Where she saw the person start to shake it's head.

"Fine….let's see a Stephanie/Irvine Moment hmmmm let me think….oh yeah I remember now….the RAW a week before Wrestle-Mania…both of you left rather quick backstage….you went to Paul's and your lockeroom…got your stuff and sneaked into Irvine's….about 15 or 20 minutes later both of you came out…went to the parking lot and left happily ever after…I was rather nauseated with the whole thing". "You where spying on me?" Stephanie said in a cold voice "well if you want to call it spying call it spying". "Your sick you know that…going into my private life…my secret!". "Oh come on! Who gives a damn….apparently you didn't cheating on Paul just like that". "I was going to tell him!" "when? Waiting another year or two to pass on?…maybe 3...or maybe never?…Stephanie I know way more things about you than you even know your self". "Who the hell are you…I'm sick and tired of you rubbing all this in my face….show your self if you have the balls for it!". The person began to laugh "I don't qualify to have type of balls" "so you're a woman? Good a better excuse for me to kick your ass!" Stephanie screamed back. "Oh touché Princess….you'll kick my ass…if you'll ever live to do it". "What do you mean live to do it" "Gosh are you really that stupid Stephanie McMahon?….what makes you think Paul will let you get away with what you have done to him".


*Back at the hotel room*

Chris woke up as the sun rays fell on his face. He yawed and then it hit him….Stephanie was no where to be found. She is gone somewhere with Paul all alone….just the fact of that made him get angry that he knocked over the lamp on the night table. He groaned and said "I'll pay for that crap" he got up and walked over to him bags and took out his clothes. He was gonna be at a house show that day. He didn't know what he was going to do but he was just going there. He hopped into the shower and 10 minutes later her came out of the bathroom with his "Larger than Life Living Legend" (*a/n:go but it!lol ). One he was showered her got the rental car keys and his bag and left the room. He went down the hall and into the elevator. On his way there he bumped into Kurt Angle. "Hey Chris" he greeted him with a smile. Chris looked up and gave him a fake smile "Hey Kurt" he said and dropped his eyes back tot the ground. Kurt's smile faded as he saw his friend. "What's wrong man?" he asked concerned "nothing…nothing" Chris said in a low voice. " Are you sure?" "yeah I'm sure thanks Kurt". But he wasn't fine or sure about it…inside he was screaming to tell Kurt that Stephanie was missing and he and she had been seeing each other…but he couldn't. "Alright if you say so" the Olympian said as both men step into the elevator. The ride down was rather quite. Kurt looking at Chris knowing he was hiding something and Chris pretending not to notice that Kurt was looking at him.

Finally he spoke " what do I have something in my teeth?" Chris said trying to joke around. Kurt shook his head and said "no you have nothing in your teeth" "Ok then…but why do you keep on looking at me I know I'm handsome and all" Chris said. "Chris what's wrong?….your not telling me something" "Kurt I said I was ok…I'm just having a bad day ok" he said trying to pull the best smile he could. "Ok if you say so" Kurt said as the elevator came to a stop. Both men step out "I guess I'll see ya at the arena" the blonde Canadian said. "Yeah I guess" Kurt said and walked away. Chris sighed and walked out to the parking lot. He got into his black F-150 rental car and turn on the engine. He pulled out his parking space and left the hotel. He decided to turn the radio to let his mind think of other things. He searched though the various stations "what the hell is this crap?" he said as he basically searched though most of the stations and found nothing. "Damn those Teeny-Boppers!" he said and turned off the radio. He looked at the road ahead of him. The Pennsylvania sky looked cloudy, as it began to drizzle a bit. He wouldn't call himself a crazy driver but some people just don't know how to drive. He swerved past the small red civic and changed lanes. "Damn people…driving in the fast lane when their going as slow as a freaking snail!" he muttered to himself. He knew this day will be the worst day of his life.

Once he got away from all the "snails" in the freeway he got to the arena. He went into the garage part the car and headed to his lockeroom. Giving weak "hi's " to other wrestlers…some giving his strange looks normally Chris would go in happy joking around. But not that day….I mean wouldn't you feel down if this sick freak that calls himself your loves 'boyfriend' took her away without anyone even knowing where the hell they are? Of course you will! Once he got to his room he slammed the door shut. Which caught the attention of on of his Canadian friends. "Can I come in?" the voice outside said "sure" Chris responded. Adam walked in and saw his friend sitting in the couch looking like hell. "Hey man waz up?" he asked as he walked towards Chris. "It's Steph…" he said slowly "she's…gone…she left with Paul since last nights show…no one knows where she is" he said lifting his head. As Adam saw a tear roll down his friends cheek. "What? How…how do you know this?" he asked. "She called me last night when I went to look for her….I left my cell phone at the hotel and when I went back she had left the message" Chris said wiping away tears. "Adam…what if something happens to her? What if that Jack ass of Paul does something to her?" Chris said as his voice sounded more and more panicked. Adam shook his head and said "No man you can't think negative things right now…Steph is one tough chick she won't let that ass of Paul touch her". Chris stood up and said "Thanks Adam…for hearing all this sentimental crap" "Nah it's not crap…it's the truth both of you really care for each other….both of you love each other". With that Adam pulled Chris in for a friendly hug and patted his back as they let go and said " I've seen Chris Irvine's sentimental side…that reeks!". Both blonde Canadians laughed and left the lockeroom.

Once they where outside they saw 4 wrestlers talking to JR…it seemed pretty important. Both of them walked over to see what was going on. "So you haven't seen her either?" "No JR not since last night right after the show" Lance said. Chris thought they where talking about Stephanie…but boy was he ever wrong.


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