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Written in the stars, a million miles away, a message to the main. -Tinie Tempah

You know, after defeating Voldemort and all his crazy cronies, you'd think we could take a little break before the next big calamity and just relax, wouldn't you? Nope, not in our wonderful lives. I swear, the day we met Harry our life went flipping crazy.

Ah well, at least we got to go crazy as a family and with really great friends.

Sorry, I digress, you're here to read a story, not to hear me rant. Well, buckle your seat belts (that is what the muggle's call that thing, innit?) and get ready for a crazy tale of intrigue, friendship, danger, marriage laws, and star crossed true love. That should get all you birds interested, and for the blokes, well, I can promise lots of mischief, attempted murder, and explosions, lots and lots of explosions.

It's funny though, of all the star crossed lovers I've ever heard about, Romeo and Juliet was always my least favorite. I'm probably one of only a handful of people who just don't get or like the story. 'It's so romantic!' Every bird would always sigh. 'It's dumb' I would always think in reply. I had a good reason to dislike it though; I always thought they were both barmy. They couldn't have done anything more to mess their lives up. I mean, if the fates were that determined to keep them apart, then maybe they should have taken a hint. Plus, two people who are so different couldn't really fall for each other, right? (Wrong!) I guess it was only fair that my own love story would end up like theirs did (twisted and crazy). However, my ending was significantly happier, but hey, I'm significantly smarter and better looking than Romeo was, my Juliet also whipped Juliet in the brain department as well. Didn't hurt that I also had friends, something they both seemed to lack.

Still, Shakespeare summed up the struggle between what is expected (or accepted) and what is meant to be pretty well. For a love like theirs, (or a love like mine,) if fate doesn't want us together, "*Then I defy you, stars!" (i.e. to hell with destiny!)

I'm digressing again.

Back on target, this whole mess started August 18, at noon. I was sitting under my favorite tree (an oak if you're curious) in the Burrow's massive garden, reading a book on charms. Yes, I do read, it's a trick I learned a while back (how else would I know about Romeo and Juliet?)

"Georgie!" Fred's voice called from the other side of the tree. I hopped up with a big grin and dropped my book into my robe pocket. I stepped around the tree at the same time as Fred, and I instantly went on alert at the sight of his wide, worried eyes.

"What is it, Fred?"

"Percy needs to talk to us." I could see why that would make him nervous, but not that much. I mean, Percy was hard to talk to (his verbal skills were about as good as Ron's) but he wasn't scary necessarily.

"Alright." I answered, deciding I'd cover the whole 'you look terrified' thing a little later. He grabbed my arm and drug me towards the Burrow, his eyes narrowing in even more worry.

Every one else was already gathered around the table, Mum, Dad, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Percy. Percy was standing next to dad, his glasses skewed and his hair mussed, like he'd been running. Everyone else looked nervous as well, thoroughly unnerving me.

"You wanted to talk, Perce?" I asked quietly, stepping up next to Fred when he moved to dads side.

"Yes, I'm afraid I have grave news." Percy said, his voice surprisingly un-pompous and his eyes worried. That more than anything else unnerved me as I looked around. Harry wouldn't meet my eyes, Ron was swaying dangerously on his feet, Ginny was trembling, Hermione looked as though she was trying not to hyperventilate.

"Guys?" I questioned, catching Fred's eyes again. He gave his head a subtle shake, glancing at dad again.

"George, have you heard any rumors regarding a marriage law?" Dad asked slowly, his eyes not quite meeting mine. I nodded my head, giving a half shrug thing.

"Yeah, hasn't everyone?" It wasn't likely that it would happen, they had too much opposition against it. I mean, you'd have to be past desperate to try and force something like that, right?

A nasty suspicion as to why everyone was looking so worried crossed my mind briefly, but I shook it away. They couldn't get that to work, it was impossible. Half the ministry was opposed to it, and we weren't that short on magical blood… Right?

"It's passed." Percy mumbled, raising his horror struck eyes, "The bill just passed this morning."

In a rush of breath and panic I understood why everyone was looking so bad, and why they all looked like they were trying not to pass out.

I took in a deep breath and reached for the chair in front of me for support as the room around me seemed to spin.

Now, if you're feeling a little lost as to why that would get such a reaction from me, let me sum this situation up for you in a few simple sentences. The ministry has been trying to re-instigate an ancient marriage law on all the non married witches and wizards age 17-50 (that's not really old for wizards and witches, we live well in to our hundreds). Yours truly and everyone else save mum and dad at this table fell into that category. If it had passed, then we would be forced to marry whomever they picked for us. You couldn't flee, you couldn't argue, you could only reject your magic. That was the absolute only way you could get out of the old law, and it didn't sound like they were planning on doing anything to change it. Rejecting your magic meant just that, they would drain it out of you in a process I don't care to know about, and you would never be able to do anything with it again-you'd be worse than a squib.

"When?" I asked, tensing up as I tried to figure out just what I could do. My mind was still having a little trouble processing the fact that I was going to have to marry someone. Potentially someone I didn't know, or someone I hated. I wasn't dating anyone currently, and there wasn't any girl I liked.

Anyway, I was already in shock at the moment and no one had spoken up yet. I lifted my head and gripped the chair tighter, glancing around at my family, mentally begging the room to stop spinning, and noticed only Percy was looking at me. "When?" I repeated.

"Tomorrow." He answered, his eyes adverting to dad. "Are you going to tell them, or should I?"

"Feel free to." Dad answered, glancing at mum.

"The bill goes into effect tomorrow, but you have today to counteract it. They've added one exception to the law. A way out." He trailed off, his eyes darting from person to person nervously.

"Well?" Fred prodded, unearthly pale and shaking slightly.

"Anyone who is engaged at the time the bill is released is exempt." He said simply. A sharp intake of breath could be heard from everyone at the table but Percy, mum, and dad. "I've just asked Audrey, and I've announced our engagement, which will give us a free pass. You all can do the same as well." He explained, his eyes scanning the table."I know your matches as well." Percy continued, reaching into his pocket for a scrap piece of parchment, I recognized his fancy scrawl.

"Umm, do you want to hear them?" He offered timidly, looking frightened by our lack of response.

"No," Fred, Harry, and Ron said together.

"I've got to go," Fred said simply, and with a resounding crack he was gone. I looked at the spot he disappeared at with disbelief, he was going to Angelina most likely, he'd ask her before they were forced into anything, he'd been dating her since fifth year. He'd already bought her a ring, he'd just been waiting for the right time to give it to her. I guess that was going to be now.

A long moment of painful, shocked silence followed his disappearance as we all tried to figure out just what was going on. My brain seemed to be going at half speed, refusing to compute what it had just heard. It was like I had all the pieces of a puzzle, but I couldn't figure out how to put it together. I just kept repeating two words over and over in my head.

Marriage law, marriage law, marriage law. It was like a bad song, one I couldn't get out of my head, but I couldn't remember all the words to it either.

"About the matches," Percy said awkwardly, shuffling his feet nervously. Harry held up a hand to silence him and then turned on the spot, disapparating. Every one watched where he had disappeared in surprised silence, and Ginny started to cry softly. Anger bubbled in my stomach, but I couldn't do anything about it at the moment.

I opened my mouth to say something, I had no idea what, but another loud crack interrupted me. Harry reappeared, clutching something tightly in his hand he turned around and faced Ginny, grabbing her hand in his own. My eyes widened as he knelt down on one knee.

"Ginny, I don't care what's on that paper, who the ministry thinks is right for me. It's you I've fallen in love with, and you I want to marry. This is the only thing I have of my mothers," He said quietly, opening his fist and showing her a small silver ring with a large diamond in the center. "It was all they could save from her, and I want you to be the one that wears it. Will you, Ginny?" Ginny's eyes had grown comically large, and she looked moments from fainting as she stared at her boyfriend. I felt a painful jerk in my stomach as I watched them. That was my baby sister, she was too young to marry anyone. No one was anywhere good enough for her, no one.

And can you say sudden? They'd only been dating for a while. She'd just forgiven him for leaving her during the war without saying anything.

"Yes," she said quietly, her eyes filling with tears, "yes, I'll marry you!" She exclaimed, bending down and wrapping her arms around him. Harry grabbed her back, his own green eyes filling with tears.

No one was good enough for my baby sister, my little Ginny, but as I watched Harry slip the ring on her shaking hand, I decided he was pretty close. You can't get much better than the Chosen One. At least she appeared to truly have forgiven him for leaving.

Plus, who knows who she would have been matched to anyway. At least that way she got to go with someone she was crazy about.

"I've got to go find Luna," Ron muttered, looking as though he wasn't really here. Mum said something to him but he stumbled out of the house, heading towards the Lovegood's property. Was he going to ask her? They'd been dating since the end of his sixth year, but they had been separated for almost a year before hand.

Half my family had just gotten engaged. Charlie and I were now the only un engaged or married members.

Charlie, lucky devil, he was exempt! He didn't live in Britain, he was a civilian of Romania, he didn't have to follow this law. Was it too late to transfer my citizenship? Did that take a really long time?

It would take longer than a day for sure.

You know, if I hadn't been smack in the middle of this mess, it probably would have been hilarious. People were getting down on their knees left and right, making gigantic decisions without even blinking their eyes.

"Percy?" Hermione asked, her voice almost a whimper. She drew me out of my thoughts with a jolt as I realized that she, like me, was very much single, and therefore very much interested in what was written on that tiny slip of parchment.

"Oh, yes." Percy said, seeming to come out of his shock. He gave his head a little shake and looked down at the paper, frowning in concentration as he tweaked his glasses.

"George," He said, talking to me first for some reason, "you're matched to Katie Brown." My eyes widened and I felt oddly numb.

Katie Brown, at least I knew her. I had dated her for two years, but I had broke it off after she had cheated on me. That was not a good way to start a marriage, I hadn't even spoken to her in almost a year…

Still, it probably could be worst. I couldn't really imagine how, but I'm sure it could be.

"Hermione," Percy continued, and I felt my stomach tie itself in a painful knot."You are to marry, um, Vincent Crabbe."

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