You are the best thing, that's ever been mine.- Taylor Swift.

I still got this dream that you just can't shake I love you to the point you can no longer take -Blues Traveler

All you need is love,- The Beatles

"It's your turn, Georgie!" Fred called from across the room, letting out a loud laugh as the present I had just picked up blew up in my hands. I yelped and dropped it, leaping back from the tree.

A light, musical laugh rose up behind me and it caused me to spin around and face my wife.

"What are you laughing at? I could have been seriously injured!" Hermione managed to put on a somber face as she reached over and patted my cheek.

"I'm sorry, love. Are you alright?"

"No," I said stubbornly, pouting, "I might lose a finger."

"Just let her kiss it better and get on with it, Brother O' Mine." Fred exclaimed, shaking his head with mirth. Hermione flashed him a grin and turned back to me. She pressed a kiss to my cheek before moving back to the couch. I grinned happily and sank to the floor, crossing my legs and reaching tentatively for the present. I placed it in my lap after seeing that it was safe, and opened it up, ripping through the paper and tossing it aside. I was left with a bright blue box which I promptly opened.

I looked in the box and saw a shimmery, silvery fabric fall out of it onto my lap. I lifted it up and let out an exclamation of excitement when I saw it was an invisibility cloak.

"This is brilliant, Fred!" He beamed back at me and lifted up his own gift, a chunky bracelet that would let him find me or Angelina at any time. He just had to hold it, think of whichever one he wanted, and apparate.

I moved back to the couch Hermione was sitting on and handed her present to her, wrapping my arm around her when she took it. She smiled excitedly and gave it a little shake before setting it in her lap and carefully removing the paper. I watched her with a grin, excitement filling me. I hoped she liked it, it had taken me forever to think of, and forever to make, but I really liked it.

She pulled the box open, and let out a little gasp of surprise as she saw what it was.

"Oh, George." She breathed out, lifting her scrapbook out of the box. She ran her fingers across the red cover, tracing the gold letters with a small smile.

"Open it up, love." I encouraged her. She glanced at me before turning back to the book. She flipped the front cover open and looked at the first page, letting out a quiet laugh. I had entitled it, 'The Start' and had put a picture of us standing at the kitchen table and put the letter she'd received from the Ministry in it. She looked at it for a moment, and then flipped the page, grinning even wider as she looked at each page. I had one for our first dance, our first kiss, the first time we skated together, our first laugh together, the moment I'd actually asked her to marry me, the moment I'd told her I loved her, the wedding, our first breakfast, the moment she told me she loved me. The last page was for our baby, and the rest were blank, ready for her to fill with whatever she wanted.

She turned in my hold and wrapped her arms around my neck before planting a kiss on my eager lips.

"I love it, and you." She breathed out, her eyes sparkling with merriment. She pulled back from me and placed a small package on my lap. I looked down at in surprise before looking up at her. She was blushing slightly but grinning happily.

"Merry Christmas." She whispered. I looked down at it for a moment and then lifted it up and pulled the orange paper off of it. A small black box was inside. I opened it up and let out a loud laugh when I saw what it was. It was a single piece of candy, a flirting fudge. I had no idea how she had made it, but I loved it. I couldn't believe she actually remembered it to be honest.

I picked the candy up and looked at it, my grin still huge and my eyes watery with tears from my laughter. The candy shimmered in my hand and then transfigured, turning into a Jumper. I held it up with wide eyes and blinked in surprise. It was a bright orange jumper with a green G on it. I looked at it for a moment, and then it turned to an F.


"Your mum told me she wasn't making them for you this year since all of you were married, so I thought I'd pick up the tradition." Hermione explained, blinking shyly. I wrapped my arm back around her and pulled her into a crushing hug, placing a kiss on top of her head.

"I love it!" I exclaimed, pulling it on over my shirt. It was extremely warm and soft and clashed brilliantly with my hair. The letter on the center of the sweater kept changing from F to G, back to F, and I knew I'd never had a sweater that fitted me better.

Hermione tapped my arm and I turned my head back to her, grinning when I saw her holding up a little sweater made with the same orange yarn. It was for our child, we would have matching sweaters!

I really couldn't think of anything to say, so I just held her close and kissed her.


"Forge, could you bring me that box of canary crèmes?" Fred called from the other side of the shop. I nodded my head and levitated the box before heading towards him.

"Here you go." I said, dropping it next to him with a grin.

"Brilliant, will you help m-" His request was cut off by an extremely loud, and tense yell from the stairs.

"GEORGE WEASLEY GET UP HERE RIGHT NOW!" I turned towards the stairs with wide eyes and saw Hermione standing at the top of them, clutching the railing in one hands and her extremely pregnant belly with the other one. She was stooped over and had her face furrowed in obvious pain. I ran across the room towards her and up the stairs, not stopping or pausing until I was next to her.

"Hermio-" I started but stopped when she grabbed onto my arm with a vise grip. I bit my lip in an attempt to keep from yelping in pain. She sucked in a ragged breath and let out a moan. Fred stepped up beside me, his eyes wide.

"Is it time?" He asked, his voice slightly squeaky. Hermione gave her head a stiff nod and loosened her hold on me slightly. My blood started to rush and I felt myself hyperventilating.

The third member of our family was about to arrive! I was about to really be a daddy!

We had to get to the hospital, we had to go. I took a breath in an attempt to calm my racing mind and stop the room from spinning around me. Fred had already moved to the fireplace and tossed in a fist full of floo powder. I helped Hermione down the steps and helped her into the fireplace. Fred climbed in next to me on Hermione's other side.

"St. Mungo's!" He bellowed, a grin lifting his lips. Everything happened in a blur the moment we arrived at the hospital. Hermione was taken away in a wheel chair and I was given a stack of papers to fill out. Fred disappeared for a moment, and then reappeared with Lee and Harry. They sat next to me in the waiting room, beaming.

"The others will be here as quickly as they can." Fred explained, patting my back. I was still having trouble breathing. I'd never been so nervous before, I felt like I was going to faint at any moment.

Mum and dad arrived next, Ron and Ginny were right behind them. Ron had a small stuffed bear for Hermione and warned me fiercely that I was not to change it into a spider. Bill, Charlie, and Percy all came over together, and they joined us in the sitting room. The nurse told me that due to the new rules in place I wasn't allowed in the delivery room. So I was stuck outside with my family.

I hated those long minutes. I could hear her screaming from the other room, and I wanted nothing more than to run in there and help her, to somehow make her feel better and help deliver our child. She was the strongest witch I had ever met, and I knew she wanted to go through natural child birth so that nothing happened to our baby, but I just wanted to help somehow. I wanted to do anything to ease her pain.

Finally, after two hours of labor, a nurse came outside with a huge smile. Everyone froze and we all watched her in hopeful silence. Fred and Lee were on either side of me and they both gripped my arm tightly, sending me quiet support as I waited for the news. Worry for Hermione was filling me along with giddy excitement. I was about to get to see my baby, our baby.

"Mr. Weasley?" She asked, scanning all the many male Red-Heads a bit worriedly. I stood up shakily and took a small step forward, my hand raised.

"I'm the Mr. Weasley you want." I said, my voice squeaky. She smiled at me, and motioned me forward, opening the door to the hospital room my wife was in.

"Come on in and meet your sons." I stopped mid step and turned towards her with wide eyes.

"S-so-sons?" I stuttered, relief, joy, and disbelief filling me. I had sons? More than one?

"Yes, sons." She answered, grinning brightly. "Your wife delivered twin boys."

"Way to go, Georgie!" Fred yelled out from behind me. I took a numb step forward, grinning like a nutter as I stepped into the room.

Fabian Arthur Weasley and Gideon James Weasley were nine pounds and twenty-one inches, already promising to be taller than their dad or mum. They had my eyes, and their mother's warm smile. Poor little guys had a combination of our hair, it was curly and bushy, but bright red like mine.


"Hermione! I'm home." I called out, stepping into our flat. I heard two squeals and I knelt down to grab my two three year old sons in a hug as they jumped into my arms. I lifted them up and spun them around, grinning like mad when they let our loud, rambunctious laughs.

"What are you doing home already? I had five more minutes." Hermione said with a small smile as she stepped into the room. She leaned up to me and pressed a kiss to my cheek as I set the kids down. She was wearing dark red robes that went with her hair wonderfully. They were new, and, in my opinion, money very well spent.

"Sorry love, Fred and I saw a chance to close the shop early and we took it. What's the occasion? " I asked, indicating her robes. She smiled saucily and twirled around, making the robes flare open slightly around her legs. My smile dropped slightly and a different expression took over my face.

"How long until bedtime?" I asked, smiling in a different manner at her.

"Five minutes." She said with a wink. She stepped forward and grabbed Gideon and Fabian's hand. "Come on, boys. You've said hi to daddy, it's time for bed now." They immediately objected and I stepped forward, deciding to play interference.

"I'll do it, love. Come on guys, if you hurry I'll give you a present."

"Ooh! What?" They immediately asked, stepping towards me with adorable grins. I grabbed their hands and smiled mischievously.

"You'll find out in the morning, if you're good." I said coaxingly. A quick glance at each other later, and they nodded their little heads, sending their curly red-hair flying like mad.


"Brilliant." I said simply, leading them into their room. They started to giggle at something as we entered the room.

"What's so funny?" I asked, pulling their red and gold pajama's out.

"Mum has a secret for you." They said with big grins.

"Huh?" I asked as I pulled their shirts on.

"Mum." Gideon started, but he had to stop because of a yawn. Fabian picked up.

"She's got a secret for you." He said, giggling like a little nutter. My curiosity was peaked, and I almost asked him what it was.

"Well, better not tell me. You wouldn't want mum to find out, she might get you." I said, tickling their sides and making them squeal out. They laughed again as I helped them into their beds.

"Alright you two, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bight, and stay out of trouble." I winked at the last part before stepping towards the door. I flicked the lights off and gave them one last look, both of them were already fast asleep. I shut the door and couldn't help but smile as I stepped back to my wife.

Hermione was waiting for me outside the door, a smile lifting her lips a she looked at me. Her eyes were sparkling, and she seemed to glow with happiness, I'd never seen her look so beautiful.

"Ready to get started." She asked me, her voice low. I repressed the urge to shiver and stepped closer to her, wrapping my arms around her and tugging her body towards me.

"I'm game." I said with what I hoped was a seductive grin.

"Brilliant, dinner's on the table." She said breathily.

"I was thinking more along the line of dessert." I whispered, leaning closer to her so my breath was washing over her face. She shivered in my hold and leaned towards me.

"Mmm, sounds tempting, but no. I've worked hard on dinner…" Her voice trailed off as I pressed a kiss to the hollow of her throat.

"Well, then, we'll have to enjoy it before we move onto dessert." I murmured against her neck before pulling back to look at her. Her eyes had darkened some and that made me want to throw her over my shoulder, toss her onto our bed and skip dinner. It took all of my self control not to do just that. I took a deep breath and forced my heart to slow down. I grabbed her hand and stepped towards the table, not missing the slight pout that crossed her face.


I sat down at my seat and she sat next to me, still holding my hand. She brought it to her lips and kissed my knuckles before letting go of my hand and grabbing her silver ware up. I picked up my own silver ware and reached for my napkin.

"I have something exciting to tell you." She said softly, stalling my hand. I looked over at her and raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah?" I asked, feeling curious and eager.

"Guess." She said, and then she took a bite of supper. I picked up my napkin and tilted my head thoughtfully as I brought it over to my lap. I opened my mouth to make a guess when something small fell out of my napkin and onto my lap.

I dropped my napkin and lifted the object up. It was a little orange baby bootie. I blinked at it, not comprehending what it was for a moment.

What was the point-

Merlin's beard!

I looked up from the bootie and met Hermione's eyes, mine wide and unbelieving. Could it mean what I thought it meant?

"Any guess?" She asked quietly, her eyes sparkling excitedly.

I'd lost the power of speech. I just blinked, clutching the bootie in my hand. "Are-is this-are we?" I couldn't make a cohesive sentence.

"Yes, we are-this is." She answered, tears filling her beautiful brown eyes."

I was out of my chair half a second later and had her up out of her chair and in my arms in a crushing hug. I was going to be a father, well, I already was, but I was going to have more kids! Merlin and Godric, we were going to have another child!

She held me back, pressing into me as her mouth instinctually found my own. I took hold of her with joy and desire and lifted her up higher, pulling her body flush against mine. She writhed against me before hopping up and wrapping her lovely long legs around my waist tightly. I moaned at the feel before pulling away from her mouth and moving to her throat as she sucked in a deep breath. I blindly made way across the flat towards our bedroom.

Screw dinner, we were skipping to dessert.


"Happy birthday, love!" I said, sliding in next to my wife. She wrinkled her nose and shook her head at me, frowning in distaste.

"Must you keep reminding me, George?"

"Of course! You teased me relentlessly on my fiftieth birthday, turnabouts fair play." I exclaimed, wrapping my arm around her and squeezing her tight in a hug as I looked at what she was reading. "Oh, our scrapbook!"

"Yes, I was just looking through some pictures." She said quietly, tracing the cover. She opened it up to our wedding page and let out a little sigh.

"Whatever happened to that young girl?" She asked wistfully, a frown on her beautiful face.

"I don't know, I still see her every time I look at you." I answered quietly, brushing a graying lock of hair behind her ear.

"That's sweet of you to say. It's rubbish, but still sweet." She said, reaching up and patting my cheek affectionately. It was clear by her face she didn't believe me.

"No, love, I'm serious. You still leave me breathless." I told her, placing a kiss on her cheek before I slid off the couch and onto the floor. I kneeled in front of her on one knee and grabbed her hand in both of mine."I've wanted to do this ever since the night you first told me you loved me so many years ago. I've grown up with you, and I've loved every minute of our life together. I love the way you always wake up so ridiculously early, the way you never hear a word I'm saying when you're reading a new book. The sleepy smile you give me every time I kiss you good night, the way your hair seems to expand when your particularly angry-usually at me."She smiled softly, a tender look in her dark eyes. "I love everything about you Hermione, and I want to ask you one question I should have asked a long time ago."

I dropped one of my hands from hers and reached into my robe pocket, pulling a small black box out. I popped it open and presented the ring, our engagement ring, re furbished and shined up so that it looked brand new. "Will you marry me, George Weasley, just for me? Not because there's some law breathing down your neck or because you would rather me than Crabbe?"

Her eyes lit up and tears leaked out of the corner of them, falling down her cheeks as she leaned forward, a sweet smile lifting her lips.

"Yes, George. I love you, and I'll marry you again." She said quietly, her voice wavering with emotion. A smile lifted my own lips and I was up, pulling her into a hug before I could even blink again. "I've always only married you for you, there was no other real reason." She finished, tears streaking down her cheeks as she leaned forward and claimed my lips with her own. She pulled back after a moment and pulled me into her embrace, pressing our bodies flush against each other. "It was always supposed to be you, George, there was never anyone else."

"Huh?" I said intelligently, moaning as she pressed a kiss to my jaw.

"You and I were always supposed to be matched. It was never supposed to be Crabbe or anyone else. And I don't care that we would have been forced to marry, because I would have married you anyway." She pulled back and held my eyes with her own, leaving me breathless at the emotion I saw in their depths. "I will marry you, because it's always been you, George. You're my only." I smiled back at her, not masking the tears that filled my eyes as the last of my jealous worries faded away. The man I'd always imagined in the back of my mind, the faceless man she was supposed to have married disappeared and I finally knew she was mine. She would always be mine, no matter what had happened. I leaned back slightly and slipped the age old ring on her finger, marveling that it still fit her perfectly.


I once again find myself at the end of a wedding aisle, and for the first time since August 18th, 1998, there isn't anywhere I'd rather be.

Watching her come down the aisle, a breathtaking vision in white lace robes, time worn and delicate, I can still see the beautiful, bushy haired young witch I married. She may not know how or why, but she's still as ravishing, as ethereal in her beauty as she was when she was eighteen. Each step she takes towards me feels like an eternity, and I can see our entire life together as she draws nearer.

I can remember how every night when I got home and into her arms, all of my daily frustration, my fears, my silly worries just melted away. She let me see that together we could do anything, if we ever really wanted to. That was what had kept me going all the years we'd been together.

I can remember how she looked with our first children, glorious, almost ethereal in her happiness and beauty. That same beauty graced her with each of our other two children, and the sparkle has never left her dark eyes.

I can remember meeting her eyes across the crowded platform, hers filled with tears and my own blurry as we sent our sons off to school for the first time. I can remember the fear and joy in her eyes as we waved good bye to them at the train station.

I used to worry that she'd leave me, that she'd find out who she was supposed to marry, a stronger, richer man. One that could give her everything she deserved, and wouldn't occasionally blow the flat up. She laughed when she first learned that fear, and she's made it a point to tell me everyday that it was a pointless fear.

She's reached me now, and Percy steps forward.

"You're drooling mate." Fred whispered into my ear as he handed me the rings. I grinned and winked, not minding in the least bit. My wife was still drool worthy. Percy finished the binding on us, and I once again felt the flood of magic and love as our bond was renewed. We clutched each other's hand tightly as the final spell was put on, and then it was over.

"I now pronounce, Mr. and Mrs. George Weasley." Percy declared right as a thousand fire works went off in the sky above us.

I glanced up at it before looking at her, noticing she's giving me her special smile, the one that promises me her love and loyalty. Looking at her now I can see all of her, the young playful wife, the strict mum that laughed at the mischief her sons got into when they couldn't see, I can see proud grandmother and the loyal friend.

And every last bit of it is thanks to a completely insane marriage law and my tendency towards rash actions. Although, fate may have played a small part. I'd say I hope my love story met all your expectations, but honestly, I don't care worth a flip if it didn't. Because, in the end, I got the bird, and the bad guy got to snog a dementor.

Told you my love story had a better ending than Romeo and Juliet.

A/N: Well, that was a fun ride! I hope you all enjoyed reading this silly tale as much as I enjoyed writing it. I had a blast writing little bits of my real life into the story, and as always, I'm a little sad to see this end. For anyone curious, George and Hermione were supposed to be matched originally, until Crabbe Sr. messed with the matches.

I'm dedicating this story to my hubby, my dear James. Thank you for being my real life Romeo, and for making life worth writing about.

I already have another story planned though, and Fred will be happy, because he's finally getting his turn with Hermione again. I'll probably have it posted sometime next week, but we'll see, it might be sooner.

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