~~ Spain's POV~~

"It hurts bad, doesn't it," Gilbert asked the Austrian. Roderich looked up at them and shook his head.

"It could've been you."

"It almost was. You shouldn't have taken the shot, Specs. It was all my fault." Gilbert glared at him and clenched his fists. "It's France's death all over again. It's always my fault. Damn it! You were almost~"

"Gilbert! Shut up!" Roderich sat up and punched him, sending him to his knees, holding his vital regions. Spain stared at the aristocrat in shock. "You listen up and you listen good, Gilbert. This is not your fault and neither was that. We had no idea that the sniper was there. There was no way that we could have. So stop feeling guilty." Roderich looked over at him, "Spain, give us a few minutes will you, I need to talk about something with this one." Spain nodded and left the two alone in the hospital room, turning to go into Ludwig's room. Ludwig was standing up and stretching.

"You look ready to leave."

"Ja, the doctor said that I could leave as long as I didn't get shot up like Roderich." He pulled his coat on and grabbed the keys to his bike, "how's the arm?"

"My doctor told me that I won't be getting any motion in it."


"I'm already holding up to twenty pounds with it without feeling any pain."


"Si, it's bueno."

Germany frowned as they got into the hallway, "where's Roderich and Gilbert?"

"Talking in Roderich's room. The doctor said he might not be able to walk anymore because of how the bullet hit his spine. Gilbert's taking it bad…"

Germany sighed and nodded, "he came in just as the guy pulled out a knife. He wasn't going to kill us, not right away. He was going to carve us up in front of each other. Making us watch even if we told them to stop. Sadiq. That was the man's name. I caught it just before Roderich rushed into the room."

"Yeah, we got some stuff on the guy from our Greek informant. Apparently he enjoys attacking the victims. He's got two associates, an Egyptian and Cyprusian. They hack through the information about the duo victims. Always brothers, he talks them into going into something. A trip or a sale. Sometimes he'll try a door salesman trap. He's good."

"Ja, I shouldn't have let Gilbert go to the door alone the other week. He was already thinking that it wasn't Roderich. Roderich doesn't normally drive that slowly or without his lights on. I should have-" He paused and sighed, "well. It's too late to do anything now."

Hungary ran down the hall and looked at them, "have you seen Roderich yet?"

"Yeah, he's in his room talking to Gilbert."


Spain pointed to the room at the end of the hallway and Liz ran forward, throwing the door open and staring in shock at what she saw. Germany and Spain followed suit and they all stared at the duo on the bed.

"SHUT THE DOOR! SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO CELEBRATE SOME OTHER PEOPLE BEING ABLE TO WALK!" Gilbert slammed the door shut and Hungary tried the door to find it locked.



Spain grabbed Germany's arm and pulled him away, "maybe we should wait outside for them…"

"Spain? …OI! SPAIN!" Spain woke up and looked around. It was still pitch black in the room and Romano stood at the side of the bed, trying to shake him awake.

Spain sat up immediately and grabbed the gun under his pillow; he pulled the guy against his chest and looked around, "what is it? Did you hear something?"

Romano hugged him and buried his face in the Spaniard's chest, "no…"

Spain put down his gun and looked at the man in confusion. What was the matter? "Lovi? Mi tomate? What is it?"




Spain blinked in surprise and smiled, "sure."

"Not like perverted sleep. It's just that da… that movie was…" he stopped himself from cursing again and Spain nodded.

"Of course Lovi. You can sleep in here. It'll be better anyway. I was supposed to check up on you a half hour ago. If we sleep in the same room then we won't have to lose any sleep," he lied. He really didn't need to check on the boy that close. He was in a safe house. There was no necessary procedure.

"Sure…" Romano lay back against the pillows and Spain bit his lip to keep from smiling at the sight of the man in only a shirt. He was wearing nothing below the waist. Mio dios, temptation was written all over the Italian.

Spain laid down and turned away from the guy, helping him to keep his hands and thoughts out of trouble. Luck was not on his side however.

"…Turn over, Spain. I can't sleep with you turned away like that."

Spain winced, realizing that the idea of sleeping in the same room was going to definitely make them lose sleep. Well, him anyway. He rolled over and looked at the man, who laid down deeper into the pillow and sheets and fell asleep almost immediately. Spain watched the guy gravitate slowly into his arms and snuggle against him. Muttering about tomatoes and his brother. Spain kept his arms to himself and stared up at the ceiling. He thought about his dream and what Ludwig had said, "He wasn't going to kill us, not right away. He was going to carve us up in front of each other. Making us watch even if we told them to stop."

Spain pulled the Italian closer and glared up, Sadiq was not going to get Romano and Feliciano. He would make sure of it.