Hating Magnus

First Mortal Instruments fanfic so my apologies for any OOCness or grammar problems/typos since this is unbeta'd. I'm fairly new to the fandom, as in, only a few weeks old though I have read all the books. I'm writing as tribute to my love of all things Malec, the Slash/Yaoi pairing that is actually canon. WARNINGS: Umm, boys love meaning *cough*gay*cough*, but that's to be expected since it's Magnus and Alec after all. I'll post any other warnings as they come. A/U A/H.

Chapter Title: And... ACTION!

Pairings: Malec and Jary so far planned.

Disclaimer: Umm, let's just get it over and done with and say that I am NOT Cassandra Clare, otherwise there would be a lot more Malec lovin' and the Jace/Clary romance would be pushed into the background.

Chapter One

Such mesmerizing eyes. He was leaning close to me, his handsome features smooth, absent of any sneer or scowl and those eyes were twinkling like goldish green gems sparkling in the sunlight. I took a deep breath and schooled my features, trying hard to not look like an overwhelming idiot. My heart was beating erratically in my chest, more than likely because of fear. His eyes fluttered close, hiding his beautiful orbs. He was leaning closer… and closer. I blinked rapidly; something that my adopted brother liked pointing out was one of my many nervous habits.

Oh. My. God.

He was so close now – I could feel his breath caressing my slightly chapped lips. He was going to do it. He really was going to kiss me. I couldn't help it; my eyes were glued to his mouth. They were slightly parted and I could see a hint of his pink tongue if I crossed my eyes enough.

… Shit. I can't do this.

I wasn't drunk enough to do this.

"Okay, cut! CUT!" A voice suddenly cut through my inner monologue and the director jumped to his feet, rising off his comfortable little fold-up chair that he had been on for at least half an hour. He was a small man, balding with plump cheeks and small eyes but for some reason, he seemed anything but small. It was perhaps his voice – it could reach this high frequency that would make dogs go wild and he would… well, wave his pen back and forth, like he was doing now with such intensity, I was sure anyone who got in its path would lose a limb or two.

"Alec, Alec!" He turned towards me; his eyes alight with a burning rage. Dear God, I think he might actually try and smother me in my sleep. "WHAT. WAS. THAT?" He ground out every word and it was enough to make me flinch. So it wasn't my best of work, but still, it was because it was him.


There was an easy explanation for that. I was horrified. There was always something about my partner, from his intense, (though I grudgingly would admit) gorgeous eyes to the bright clothes he was wearing and the vast amount of glitter caking his spiked black hair and every inch of his body… Not that I know it covers every inch… Ah shit, I think I just vomited in my mouth. Not the mental image I was wanting.

And now Magnus Bane as the thing was called, ironically the bane of my existence, was smirking at me, his bright eyes lit with humour and not without a touch of malicious intent. "That's right Alec, darling. Love me." He purred out the last bit and waggled his fingers coyly. I felt that horror in the pit of my stomach slightly blossom until it was almost strangling me. Not only was it the first time I got a major role in a movie (YES! No more extra! No more support character!), but it was also the first time I had to do something even close to the romance genre (and talk about throwing me in the deep end) and last of all, it was MAGNUS BANE! And yes, that itself is a major factor. We don't get along pronto. He is bright, colorful and very much out of the closet and he gets along with everyone. And I, honestly, am quite awkwardly anti-social and the worst enemy of fashion designers and the color yellow. It didn't help the fact that I was so stuck in the closet, I probably would phase through the wall and into another room.

I wanted to flip him off but for once, I was going to be the mature one. I can do this – I can kiss the bastard. I want this role more than anything and if that meant kissing Magnus, then so be it. I mean, it's not like it counts as my first kiss.

… Right?

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