Hating Magnus

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Chapter Title: The Green-eyed Monster

(A/N): Alec's POV

Chapter Nineteen

I like to think that I'm a nonviolent person (Ken Doll is filed under a case of self-defense). Sure, I may be well-rehearsed in martial arts, have a pretty vast knife collection like Jace, and I might have potentially been part of a gang with aforementioned brother.

In my defense, I was nine. Stuff happened.

But yeah. I'm not violent at all – I'm a pacifist through and through, refined through years of keeping the peace between two headstrong, stubborn siblings. I don't like to hurt; I like to please people instead. I mean, I practically exude the damn thing. I will be walking on the street and be like "Violence? Oh Hell no." And a little boy would turn to his father and be like "Dadda, what's that coming out of his skin?" And his father would take one look at me and say to his son, "That, m'boy, is passiveness."

Of course, I seem to be learning more stuff about me every day that I never even knew about myself. This thing with Magnus seems to be prompting me on a journey of self-discovery; and with it came the self-realization that I'm not as pacific or as passive as I thought.

I'm sure my jumper would agree with that sentiment. The poor thing was already threadbare and old, that the tight clench of my fists was beginning to make it unravel some more.

My eye twitched again as Wolfie leaned up close to Magnus again, intentionally brushing shoulders with him. Sure, his name was Woolsey, but I think Wolfie is strangely fitting. Woolsey, Wolfie, close enough and it's not just his smile. He's a wolf in sheep's clothing – don't fall for it Magnus!

"Now tilt your hip this and – excellent. Just hold it there."

We were currently shooting our singles promo photos before our couple shots, and let just say that there a few stray wandering hands that needed to be chopped. With no knife, I'll chew them off if I have to.

I stood impatiently on my platform, in front of a white set, half ignoring the make-up artists applying shit to my face. I didn't even complain. I took it silently in, my eyes trained firmly on the set across from mine. Magnus was good; he was very professional about it. He listened to Wolfie's instructions to a T, not that he needed much. He was a natural. Wolfie was just using any excuse to touch him – even though it was completely unnecessary.

I have to admit that Magnus is perhaps a bit too professional. A piece of me was a bit miffed that while Magnus did not quite encourage the man's advances, he did not discourage it either. What was Wolfie to Magnus, I do not know – it doesn't matter though, he has no place in mine and Magnus' relationship.

I ran that thought through my head a second time before I flushed, glancing down at the sandals they had replaced my shoes with. Then again, it wasn't like we were actually in a relationship or anything. Though Magnus didn't seem totally against the idea – if that last kiss we shared indicated anything, but my response probably destroyed any chance of that happening.

Thinking back now, I think I probably overreacted a bit. The hurt from my parents' disgust in me ran a bit deeper than I thought, and the painful things they said to me the last I saw them came bubbling to the surface.

I would have stared at my shoes a bit longer, reflecting on the journey which is life, if my name hadn't been shouted from across the room. I shook my head free of my thoughts and stepped off the small elevated platform.

The hollering voice belonged to Aldertree, who was gesturing wildly towards where Magnus stood casually on his own platform. Most of his weight was distributed in one foot and he had his thumbs hooked in his pocket. Damn this crazily beautiful person, he'll probably be the death of me.

I spared Wolfie a glance, to gauge the expression of my competition, before I sauntered over with my usual slouch. I could feel the tension ebb from my shoulders the closer I got to Magnus, picturing myself as an immovable wall between him and our photographer. The mental image certainly made me feel better.

I nearly melted into heat radiating from his body, his gold-green eyes burning deeply into mine. I had to advert my own, lest I be caught alight by his passion gaze. Heh, I stole that line out of one of Izzy's trashy romance novels, but it was strangely fitting. That or the strange fluttering in my chest was the start of a heart attack. Which I hope not, because otherwise, I'm screwed.

'You ready for this?' Magnus mouthed to me, like what happened after our kiss didn't occur and for that I was grateful. Shamefaced that I've been hiding from him. I nodded though I inwardly cursed myself for the sudden bout of shyness that trapped my voice in my throat.

Wolfie focused the camera on the two of us and I felt my hands begin to sweat as Magnus wrapped around me, tucking my head under his chin. It felt nice, being pressed up against him like this. I focused on the feel of the hard planes of Magnus' body against mine instead of the camera. It made it easier to stare into the camera with what I was hoping was a smoldering expression. Knowing me, I probably epically failed.

It took all of my will power to not look too cocky at Woolsey Wolf – after all, Magnus was hugging me so take that you bastard!

Wolfie took several photos – all at different angles, before we changed to the next position. Magnus went down on one knee and I set a foot on it like some sort of Amazonian War-hero conqueror pose with my hands cradling his face. It seemed so intimate that I flushed in embarrassment and with effort, managed to stop my hands from withdrawing. I hope this will be over soon – I don't know how much more I could take. But then again, after the couple shots will be my single shots. I pray to every deity I know that my poor frayed nerves would hold up.

The fingers around my waist tightened.

It took a while before I stopped seeing spots from the bright flashes of the camera. I can't imagine how Magnus could deal with this for years. Being a lousy extra, I never had to worry about photo shoots for magazines and movie posters and I wonder if I'm really cut out for this. What happened if I have to do another romance movie? Sure, I was with Magnus now so it wasn't so bad, but what if it was with someone else. Would I go through kissing him/her? What about photo shoots? Would I have to cuddle up to them like I did earlier with Magnus? I blanched at the thought.

I picked up a tray, pushing my distress to the back of my mind with a frown. I'll take it as it comes, no point stressing about something that may not even happen. I feel a smile creep up on my face, Grandma Imogen would be so proud how well I'm handling it.

I spoon my late lunch into the empty plate on my tray. It was something funky. Not because it was like Isabelle's mysterious salads, but because it seemed so posh, I did not know what it was. This was not a meal fit for paupers.

Time to milk it for what it was worth.

I filled the plate with an extra-large portion, the meal practically forming a miniature mountain. I was humming as I took a seat across from Magnus, who was just starting his own fancy meal. I promptly followed in his example. I enjoyed the first few spoonful so much, even the faces of Magnus' obsessed fan girls pressed against the large glass windows didn't bother me (that or I've become accustomed to it).

However, my good mood evaporated as a tray plopped down heavily next to Magnus and I got an eyeful of the blond, green eyed wonder. And when I say 'wonder', I mean I wonder when he's going to piss off.

"Ello Magnus,"

One day, I will figure out a way to surgically remove my eyes and replace them with laser beams. I gave a potato a particularly hard stab, imagining it was Woolsey Wolf's face. It would look good mashed.

Magnus caught my eye for a second before he sighed and turned to Wolfie. "Hi Woolsey, how are you?" He sounded tired; his voice tinged in something that I could only assume was dread. It didn't sound like him, which only made me hate Woolsey more because I'm sure that he's the cause.

Or maybe it's because I've been avoiding him – oh God, I hope not.

Woolsey seemed to ignore the question, not too keen on small talk. "Have you reconsidered?"

Magnus' eye twitched while I glared holes into Woolsey Wolf's skull, my colourful imagination easily supplying what Wolfie's proposition to Magnus might be. I had half the mind to pounce on him and tear him a new one.

"I mean, the thing between us had been… intense."

There was a horrible grinding sound as I missed the potato and snagged the plate instead. What? WHAT? I glanced wildly between Magnus and his self-proclaimed lover, half expecting Magnus to vehemently deny it. Instead, the flinch told me everything.

I wanted to snap Wolfie. Yes, I used to think I'm a nonviolent person but people obviously change. However, instead of snapping Wolfie, I take a deep breath, trying to calm myself down. I highly doubt I would get just a slap on the wrist for first-degree murder.

Woolsey Wolf seemed to take Magnus' silence as permission to continue because he followed with "so I wouldn't mind rekindling our relationship."


I hear my voice echo and several heads glanced in our direction before looking away. I must have accidently said it out loud because Magnus and Wolfie both turned their attention to me. Magnus with an unreadable expression and Wolfie with a smug, gloating one.

"Didn't you know?" Wolfie said with a dainty sniff, tilting his head in a way that made it seem as though he was looking down at me. "Magnus and I dated a several years back. It was all over the tabloids."

I couldn't care less about the fucking tabloids; I didn't before and I won't start now.

"And that's what it is: old news, so quit reliving the glory days and piss off you Magnus-harassing jerk."

Wolfie's eyebrows rose to his hairline, surprised that I had any snark in me. Even I was surprised – I rarely verbalized half the stuff I thought. He didn't seem all that offended though so I had to recount my exact words. No, I'm very sure what I said was pretty horrible.

He glanced between me and Magnus before realization dawned on his damned, obnoxious features. "Oh, I get it." He said as he gave me a sly look, "You're just green with envy."

"No," I snarled without missing a beat. "I'm green with nausea just looking at you. Do you normally look like that? Or is it just today?"

Whoops, where did that come from?

Wolfie looked like he wanted to strip the flesh off my bones.

"Excuse me?"

"Oh yes, excuse you." Words seem to be slipping from my mouth – either my brain's broken or the filter is not functioning. Part of me wished that Wolfie would hit me (because it sure looked like he wanted to) so I can hit him back and claim it was in self-defense.

Instead, Wolfie glared at me while Magnus looked on in a wide-eyed, flustered silence. Throughout the exchange, he had been strangely quiet, but it figures that he didn't want to be the middle person in this verbal battle.

"You think you're so great," Wolfie spat, his lips pulled back in a snarl looking everything like the animal I had nicknamed him after. "But Magnus would be fucking desperate to even look your way, you plain-faced peon."

I didn't have time to shrink from my insecurities, because despite knowing he's right, I was too pissed to care.

"Hey, that's going too far." So the mute speaks.

Wolfie ignores the words while I quieted down, the pleasant buzz from Magnus defending me causing the red hot anger to melt away. Sure, he might have been protesting against being called desperate but I couldn't bring myself to care. The argument was probably upsetting Magnus anyway.

Harmless, I told myself, trying to bring myself back to my Happy Place. I'm harmless. Like a butterfly. A butterfly with neon pink wings because nothing is more harmless than neon pink.

Woolsey didn't seem to get the hint that I was done with him because he just had to open his big fat mouth. "I'm obviously a good lay," he said arrogantly, "because he hasn't found anyone to replace me for years."

Well fuck it – I'm harmless like a neon pink butterfly carrying a .22 long rifle.

Pushing my chair backwards, I jumped to my feet. The chair fell back with a thud.

"Back off bitch," I snapped, "he's mine."

Before my brain could make sense of anything, I lunged forward, and grabbing the collar of his shirt, I pulled Magnus forward and kissed him hard.

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