Summary:Naruto had enough and cursed the gods about his messed up life. The gods decided to mess it even further by striking him with lightning through an assassination attempt. It backfired of course and turned him into a living storm! NarutoxMeixpossible harem.

Author's Note:An elemental Naruto! This will be a Kiri Naruto fic and so, it will be a NarutoxMei and possible harem. I've also made Mei younger. In canon, she's around 30 but in this, she's 18 when Naruto first met her.

Being an elemental, Naruto would be very strong in this fic but not godlike. Godlike status will be near the end of the story.

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A 6 year old Naruto was fuming and stomping around his apartment in anger. Why he was angry? Well... given the state of his life, it's pretty much justified.

Being only six years old may have been a factor.

What are the odds of being one of, at most, nine people in the world to have a monumentally powerful demon sealed inside of them?

Naruto's got one. Some might consider a hidden reserve of monumental power a good thing, the only problem for Naruto was; he was hated for it. Granted, the hatred wasn't directed at him but to the 'demon-fox' but he still got hated by proxy! Unfortunately, as the only 'logical' outlet for that hatred, Naruto spent most of his life getting treated like a whore in a nunnery.

What made this oh so worse was; the damned demon fox could talk to him. Not to mention that the stupid demon in question got his kicks out of the pain and suffering that comes with the life Naruto led.

"MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! YES! HURT THE CHILD EVEN MORE! HIS PAIN FUELS ME!"said demon roared in his head while eating imaginary hated villagers like eating popcorn.

"Oh you love it don't you?" Naruto said to himself. They said that one of the things that will shape you in life was friends...or rather the people around you. The Kyuubi was no friend, but unfortunately, was the closet thing Naruto had…literally and figuratively.

And Kyuubi was a bad influence.

"Of course! I would rather watch you tear the villagers apart, but you don't. So this is the only entertainment I have but, beggars can't be choosers,"said the demon and Naruto growled.

"WHY? Why's my life like this? Was I a murderer in a past life? A rapist? What did I do to deserve this?" Naruto screamed to the ceiling.

"You were my kit before this,"Kyuubi said and Naruto gasped.

"What?" Naruto said loudly.

"Just kidding! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!"Kyuubi laughed the laugh of the clinically insane.

"FUCK YOU!" Naruto roared.

"Well, if you want me so badly, come here then and ripped the seal of my cage. Then I'll let you fuck me in any way you want,"Kyuubi said.

"You're a boy! MALE! I don't do men!" Naruto said and tried to tear his hair from his head in frustration.

"Pft, you wish! Just because I'm the strongest demon does that mean I'm automatically a male? Sexist!"Kyuubi said.

"Huh?" was all that Naruto could answer. What the heck does Kyuubi mean? Does that mean that the Kyuubi's a girl? "What do you mean? Hey!" the Kyuubi stayed silent, however.

"Oh well, I finally get some peace of mind at least." Naruto sighed.


Small house somewhere in Konoha

A large crowd of ninja gathered in a small house, quietly plotting. Soon, a prominent figure, no doubt their leader, rose and the crowd grew silent.

"Finally! The time has come for us to avenge our loved ones!" the man said. He wore a cloak and an Oni mask so as not to compromise his identity.

"But how are we going to do it Leader?" a random ninja asked. "We won't be able to make a move on him with the ANBU protecting him, we're just regular ninja!"

"Ah! That's where my genius comes to play!" Leader said and took out a scroll. "I have managed to acquire for myself a forbidden assassination technique from Kumo!"

The crowd gasped.

"Yes, my comrades! This technique is the perfect for assassination!" Leader said to the stunned crowd.

"What does it do?" another random ninja asked.

"The skill works like this…" Leader began to explain to the enraptured crowd.

The technique was named as the Lightning Technique: God's Divine Wrath. It works like this; a custom target seal is made and placed on the target, marking them for death in a very literal sense. Then, the caster will create another seal for them to channel their chakra into in order to initiate the technique. A storm cloud will appear above the target and strike them with lightning.

In essence, you could say that it was the almost perfect assassination technique. The lightning bolt is such a powerful force of nature that only a charred corpse will be left and the target seal would be eradicated, leaving no proof. There was also the added bonus of the technique not using lightning natured chakra, which could be traced, but an actual thunderbolt, which was faster, more powerful and untraceable.

These two factors combined would leave people thinking that it was nature or god's wrath that killed the target, and not an assassin.

However, the technique wasn't without its disadvantages. The first was the use of the target seal. The target could realise that he was tagged with a weird seal he had never seen before and might be able to do something to disrupt it.

The second was the preparation time. Manipulating weather patterns to set up a thundercloud took time.

The third was its area of effect. Its efficiency was greatly reduced when the target was indoors. Well, that makes sense; would you go out when there's a storm outside? No! If you do, then you almost deserve a lightning bolt, naturally or not. Also, the range was within the storm cloud. It was true that you can't outrun lightning, but you sure as hell can outrun its storm cloud. So if the target is out of the storm cloud's range, then it will be useless.

The fourth is the amount of chakra needed and its range. The farther the caster was from the storm cloud, the more chakra is needed and the longer it will take to form the cloud.

"Ah! What a splendid technique! It fits the boy's punishment! A punishment from god!" a random ninja said and everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

"So, what are we waiting for? We must begin preparations immediately!" Leader said and everyone cheered.


Naruto was pissed again. All because of the stupid villagers.

First, he tried to buy some milk from a store. The store owner decided to sell him the expired ones even though he asked for the good ones and was close to begging the jerk. But no! He wouldn't relent and Naruto threatened to call Sarutobi on him.

The store owner got mad and kicked him out but not before Naruto threw the spoiled milk at him and managed to get some of the curdled product into his mouth.

Second, he wanted to buy some kunai for throwing practice. The store owner sold him bad ones too; they were blunt and rusty. So Naruto pinned the store owner's hand to the counter using the very same kunai.

And now, he had a mob chasing after him. Time to run! And run he did until a he bumped into someone.

It didn't matter, he kept running.

"Heheheheh, I've tagged the kid!" the man that Naruto bumped said to himself. "Now we can start your punishment, demon!"


Naruto was extremely pissed! He finally managed to escape the mob by running to the top of the Hokage Monument and now, it was raining! Heavily! From the looks of it, it was a huge storm, cracks of lightning could be seen from the cloud.

"Gah! They just keep coming, don't they? The misery and pain?" Naruto screamed towards the sky and a lightning struck a few meters near him.

"It's that all you have for me? I've had worse! Come on!" Naruto screamed again.

"Kit, as much as I respect your 'take-no-shit' attitude, can't you do it someplace else? Someplace safer and dry, like indoors perhaps?"Kyuubi said worriedly.

"Oh so now you decided to talk, huh?" Naruto said and Kyuubi rolled her eyes. "So are you really a female?"

"Yes, yes, I am. Now can we leave?"Kyuubi said and Naruto was shocked by this revelation until another lightning bolt missed him by a few meters once again, causing him to jump.

"GAH! FUCK YOU KAMI! You gods are cruel, doing this to a child like me!" Naruto screamed.

"God damn it kit! You're going to get fried if you stay here! And would you stop cursing the gods already?"Kyuubi said. She may be the strongest demon and in her released form, lightning like this was just an itch. But when you're stuck inside a kid and have the majority of your powers locked away, a simple lightning strike can kill you.

Cracks of lightning started to converged into one and a bright ball of lightning could be seen hovering above them in the cloud. Kyuub's eyes went wide, knowing what would happen.

"I don't care! They think they're the only ones that can screw with me? Well, screw them! Screw them all!" Naruto shook his fist towards the massive ball of lightning.

"You think that just because you're all high and mighty you could do anything you want? Huh? Well this is Naruto Uzumaki telling you otherwise!" Naruto screamed again.

The ball of lightning chose that moment to unleash its built up energy. What erupted from the centre of the cloud, directly above Naruto's head was more like a pillar than a bolt of lightning, centred around the little orange-clad boy.

"We're screwed, we're fucked, we're dead, SHIIIIIT!"Kyuubi screamed.






Naruto woke up in the familiar environment of his mindscape, the sewer prison that kept the Kyuubi at bay. "What the hell is that sound?" Naruto asked aloud. Normally, when he arrived here, he would hear the sounds of water dripping. But now...

The place looked like it was going to come down. Some of the walls were cracked and flashes of electricity could be seen coursing beyond it, while some were riddled with holes and Naruto saw some kind of a storm outside of it.

"God damn it!"Kyuubi screamed and Naruto ran towards her.

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked and saw that the Kyuubi's tails were spread like a peacock's and was glowing with red chakra. The chakra was seeping all over the place.

"What's wrong? What's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong!"Kyuubi screamed at the blonde boy. Naruto just simply sat down and crossed his arms together. "Your eyeballs just got blinded by the intense brightness of the lightning strike! Not that it matters anyway as your eyeballs are now fried! Oh and that also applies to your whole body! After this, you will be such a badly cooked human that not even carrion eating animals would look at you!"

Naruto looked around while scratching his head. "Huh, that's not something you get to experience everyday," Naruto said and Kyuubi wished she could do a face palm right now, but she has important matters to attend to. "So how come I'm here anyway?"

"That's because I pulled you in here! Time in here moves slower than outside. Your body's being fried right now and my regeneration is the only thing that's keeping you alive! And it's a good thing that I brought you here, if not, you'd gone insane from the pain!"Kyuubi screamed at him.

"Ah..." Naruto said. "Wait, I thought you want me to be insane?"

"I...I!" Kyuubi was at loss for words. It was true; making the boy insane would definitely help her gain freedom. Why didn't just leave the boy outside? Could some part of her want to protect the boy? Did she have feeling for a human? "Shut up!"

"So what now?" Naruto asked.

"I'm kind of busy here!"Kyuubi screamed at him. It was true, in the real world, the 'freak' lightning strike that hit Naruto lasted quite a while. It didn't just hit Naruto for a second or two, but enshrouded him for full 10 seconds!

The lightning was now destroying Naruto's body while Kyuubi was trying to heal it and thus, Naruto's body was in a constant state of being broken down and repaired.

Right now, Kyuubi was pumping 8 tails worth of chakra through Naruto's body to keep the regeneration going strong enough to try and keep Naruto's body together.

"Sorry kid, either you die as a human, or live as a demon!"Kyuubi said. Naruto was about to speak when Kyuubi released a sudden burst of chakra that send Naruto careening back into the real world.


Sarutobi Hiruzen was as usual, doing his most hated job, paperwork. He desperately wished something exciting would happen to pull him away from doing the job.

Today he got his wish. It seemed that a mob had gathered and chased one of his charges around the town.

'Huh, it's been a while since this happened. Last time was 3 years ago and I thought I'd made that incident a crystal clear example of what would happen if they do this again,' Sarutobi thought.

Sarutobi growled and got up to deal with the mob, personally. If the kid was unharmed, he would just break their hands. If the kid was hurt, he'd kill them all.

Naruto managed to escape them, fortunately but Sarutobi kept his word. The people that were in the mob had their hands broken.

Sarutobi was about to start his search for Naruto when suddenly a storm cloud appeared and began to rain heavily on Konoha. 'Strange, there weren't any clouds just a minute ago,' Sarutobi mused. It had been a bight and sunny day in Konoha, it had looked like it was going to be one of the hottest on record.

'I hope that Naruto managed to get indoors,' Sarutobi mused again when he heard a familiar voice shouting on top of the Hokage Monument.

Sarutobi's eyes and mouth widened in shock at seeing the subject of his musings shouting at the storm cloud. "Of all the places, he chose the highest place in Konoha?" Sarutobi said and his heart almost stopped when two lightning strikes almost hit him in quick succession.

"ANBU! GET THAT KID AWAY FROM THERE!" Sarutobi's orders boomed and all of his elites quickly raced towards the blonde boy, soon to be a lightning rod.

Alas, none present in Konoha was faster than lightning and sure enough, a huge lightning strike crashed down on Naruto as he stood atop the Fourth's head.

All who witnessed it waited with bated breath. The huge pillar of lightning, no doubt the biggest thunderbolt anyone had ever seen, lasted for a full 10 seconds, but to all of them it was an eternity.

Strangely though, the lightning pillar of such power and size should have destroyed the Fourth's head, but it didn't. It was as if Naruto was blocking the lightning from going any further.

Then the witnesses grew fearful as a red aura began to spread from the boy, condensing into separate tails of chakra, eight in all. Cat ANBU, who was a few meters ahead of Sarutobi, grabbed his left hand in pain and Sarutobi knew what it meant.

Before anyone could react the blood red pillar of lightning vanished as quickly as it had appeared. The next second, however, a ball of crackling electrical energy exploded out from Naruto, reducing the Yondaime's head to rubble. No-one moved, their shock held them in place.

"GO! GO! GO!" Sarutobi regained his composure first and barked his orders again before all the ANBU disappeared, along with the Hokage.


"Ouh..." Naruto groggily sat up and rubbed the top of his head. His body felt weird…really, really weird.

For one, he didn't feel tired at all. Granted that it was hard for him to get tired but this was different! Its like... like that time he drank that damned drink named four... four something. He couldn't remember the name, but the drink kept him up for 3 days straight and he had enough energy to go on a non-stop pranking spree of the whole village.

After that the drink became outlawed in Konoha. Hell, it had been disapproved of before, now even owning some of the stuff carried a heavy sentence.

'Why is my skin all yellowy?' Naruto thought, holding his hand up to his face for inspection. A sudden spark shot between his index and middle fingers. Instinct made him yell and pull his hand away but he was shocked, or rather surprised that he wasn't shocked. He'd felt nothing. Looking down at his, now semi-naked, body he realised that he could see sparks jumping all over the place, even running across his skin and arcing from his limbs to the ground.

Having a weird idea, Naruto reached out in front of himself and was even more surprised when his arm extended beyond his normal reach, despite the fact that some part of him expected it to happen.

"What? Awesome! Kyuubi, did you do this?" Naruto asked.

"Shut...up!"Kyuubi said before she went silent. Naruto shrugged it and waved a fist to the sky.

"HAH! Take that you stupid gods! I took the best shit you got and I came out of it like a boss!" Naruto screamed and he heard the Kyuubi groaned inside him.

Just then a breeze carrying a weird smell flew into his nose and caused an itch. Naruto rubbed it but this only irritated his nose even further. "Aaa.."

"Naruto!" Sarutobi screamed and gained Naruto's attention, but it was too late.

"Oh, grand-ACHOO!" Naruto sneezed hard, a loud crack was heard and Naruto was gone in a yellow lightning.

"Naruto? NARUTO!" Sarutobi screamed to the heavens.


The same small house somewhere in Konoha

The crowd of ninjas were all sprawled on the floor, all of them dead or dying from chakra depletion.

"Finally!!" Leader said with his final breath before joining his comrades.


An island near Kiri

A lightning bolt slammed into the ground, hard and Naruto appeared, face-down.

"Ugh, what now?" Naruto raised his head and viewed his surroundings. This didn't look like Konoha.

"Oh, I're not done, are you?" Naruto got up and shook his fist to the skies again. "It's that all?"

A small storm cloud appeared above his head and began to launch miniature lightning bolts at him. "What the? Is that it?" Naruto said and cupped his mouth with his hands, trying to hold back his laughter.

"Come on! I ate your freaking godly thunderbolt! And now you send me this?" Naruto said before he burst out laughing at the storm cloud's 'efforts' to harm him.

After he had his laugh, Naruto realised that the storm cloud had disappeared and his skin had also turned back to its normal, fleshy self. In other words, he no longer looked like a living lightning bolt. 'Hey,' he thought, 'could that be what I am? A living thunderbolt?'

Taking another look at himself he realised one more thing that drove the question of his new 'super-awesome-electric-skin-thing' to the back of his mind. "Why the hell do I look like a twelve-year-old?" He shouted to no-one in particular. "Oi! Kyuubi, did you do this?"

Still no reply.

"And I'm naked too! So now that you know you can't hurt me, you decided to attack my dignity instead? Bastards!" Naruto said and he shook his fist to the sky again. The small cloud then appeared again and assaulted him with lightning and rained on his head.

"Alright, fine, not a problem anyway," Naruto sighed as his head was drenched and turned around and saw...

A red headed woman was staring at him with her mouth wide open.

They both stared at each other for a moment but it felt like an eternity. Suddenly, the mini storm cloud released a huge thunderclap, which brought the both of them back to the real world.

Naruto was scrambling his head for an answer that hopefully wouldn't cause the woman to inflict bodily harm on him. Fortunately, an answer came up.

"I...just got back from a nude beach?" Naruto said with a smile.

Author's Note:Now I know that the title says that Naruto's a living storm but in this chappie he's more of a lightning incarnation. The storm will be his upgrade later in the story.

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Jutsus used:

Lightning Technique: God's Divine Wrath –Creates a storm cloud above the target and after a while, a lightning bolt is casted down towards the target. The target is marked using a specialised target seal. As the lightning is real lightning, avoiding the lightning is almost impossible. Multiple targets can also be marked.

However, there are drawbacks on using this skill. The first is the use of the target seal which the target could realise something was amiss. Second was the preparation time. It takes a while for the storm cloud to reach maturity.

Third was the area of effect. The user is completely safe if they are outside of the storm cloud's range. Also, if they are indoors, the effectiveness of the lightning is reduced.

The fourth was the amount of chakra needed and range. If the caster is further away from the storm cloud, the more chakra and time is needed. Also, the amount and strength of lightning is dependent on the amount of chakra used.

This technique is almost similar to Uchiha Sasuke's Kirin albeit in a few differences. All in all, Kirin is much more effective but requires the user to be outside to cast it while the Divine Wrath can be done indoors.