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CHAPTER 6: Confrontations of The Past 1


"Something's bothering you?" Takeshi asked Zabuza, who was eyeing the ruins suspiciously.

Getting into Uzushiogakure was easy because although the island was surrounded by whirlpools, making it hard to approach, there were times when the whirlpool will disappear for a moment, allowing safe travel. They knew that because Kirigakure was involved in the Siege of Uzushiogakure after all and such, had that information. I

"Of course something's bothering me. Everything's going too well," Zabuza answered. If there's one thing he knew about the world is that it doesn't give you what you want on a silver platter. Well, unless you're rich, then that's a different matter. "Even though Uzu might have been abandoned, do you think making a base here is wise?" Zabuza then choose a wall to lean too and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Takeshi sighed as he knew what Zabuza meant. For their rebellion to work they needed time to generate enough force to takedown Kirigakure but most importantly, until they have that valuable time, they must remain hidden or risk premature destruction from Kiri. Setting up their base here might attract unwanted local attention, especially from Konoha.

And he would be a fool to think that Konoha would just let go of Uzu after their destruction, especially when the Hokage knew that an Uzumaki heir was still around; Naruto. Even though there might not have guards guarding the place now, who to say there will be no patrols to check on the island?

But where else do they have to go? Thanks to Zabuza's latest stunt, Kirigakure was even more paranoid and there's no way they could set their base there without being detected.

"No," Takeshi simply answered. The truth was Takeshi wasn't going to set their base at all; there's just too much risk.

"So then why are we here?" Zabuza asked. "You can't expect there to be any valuables left after so long,"

"I know that, but Mei thought that we should at least give it a check," Takeshi shrugged.

Zabuza narrowed his eyes at this. "Why? Because of the Uzumaki kid? She can't expect for something to pop out just because the kid is here,"

"Who knows, maybe something will happen just because the kid is around. I know it because I've seen it before," Takeshi said and checked on his fingernails. "Damn, I need to clip my nails,"

Zabuza rolled his eyes at his sensei's antics. "I thought you didn't believe in superstitious crap like a lucky charm, more so a lucky kid,"

Takeshi grinned at this as he took out his kunai and began to carefully cut his fingernails. "Oh come on, don't tell me it didn't happen to you,"

"It certainly didn't," Zabuza scoffed.

"Really? How about the fact that he teleported right to you, allowing you to not only escape Kiri, but gain the Bloodline children too," Takeshi proudly stated the facts.

"Bah! Because of that kid we were chased by Hunter nins! If I hitched another boat, the Hunter nins could have chased after the Bloodline traffickers," Zabuza countered with his 'what-ifs' fact.

Takeshi inwardly sighed and lost his smile. Zabuza had just stated that if he could escape from Kiri undetected even at the expense of the lives of the Bloodline children, he would. "You still think people as tools, huh?" Takeshi thought. Nevertheless, he smiled back as he stated another fact.

"Ah, but you not only, again, escape without serious harm, you managed to avenge Mangetsu and get back his sword. I'd say the reward is very well worth the risk, ne?"

Zabuza scoffed again but he didn't reply and looked the other way. Zabuza might not believe in superstitious crap like luck, destiny and fate, but he believed in cold hard facts.

And the facts stated that, true, he might have escaped from Kiri using some other way, but then, he wouldn't get to kill Masanori, take Hiramekarei, the Bloodline children and the boatload of cash.

And plus, Naruto wasn't so bad either with his Bloodline. If he could get involved in his training, no, better yet train the boy himself, he could have a very powerful tool.

"Well, we'll just let Mei and Naruto snoop around a bit and then we'll go back and weigh our other options," Takeshi said as he let his mind wander at the thought of Mai who was at Wave handling the Bloodline children.


Leaf Country Coast in front of Uzushiogakure

"Are we there yet?" Yasuo asked to his two companions.

"This is the 22nd time you've asked and finally, FINALLY I can say YES! Now shut up!" Hitoshi replied angrily.

"Alright! Fun times over! Now, it is serious work time!" Minoru said and began a series of stretching exercises while his teammates waited.

Minoru, Hitoshi and Yasuo were Konoha ninjas assigned to guard Uzushiogakure from outsiders such as tomb raiders, bandits, missing-nins and even legal non Konoha ninjas. Oh and tourists too.

The job was quite challenging the first few years after Uzu's destruction because at that time, the attention on Uzu was still hot and they, along with reinforcements have to fight off said outsiders frequently. However, after a decade or so the world finally accepted that there was nothing left of Uzu and so the number of outsiders reduced drastically. They could even count the numbers of attempted intrusion with their hand this year!

This of course resulted in reduced reinforcement assigned to Uzu. Back then there were many of them numbering in 20 to 30 people, however, the three of them were the only ones active left assigned to guard Uzu seeing as it was a waste of resources to guard a dead place that wasn't likely to get attacked or has anything of value anyway.

"Finally," Hitoshi said and rolled his eyes and allowed himself to relax for a while by taking in deep breaths of fresh ocean air.

Yasuo however, grunted. "Man, what are we doing here? Nobody is going to try to get in and even if they do, there's nothing left in Uzu anyway!" Yasuo complained. "There are better things for us to do!"

Hitoshi sighed at this. Yasuo was the youngest of them and also the most immature. He liked to complain about a lot of things. Like how boring it was to guard Uzu, or how he wasn't able to claim his lottery winning because he read outdated newspaper or how Hitoshi was 'no fun'.

But he never questioned why they have to guard Uzu.

"What could we be doing actually?" Hitoshi asked but he already knew the answer.

"Oh I don't know, searching for Naruto for example?" Yasuo answered. "I don't see the point of guarding this place anymore,"

"We do it so that the Uzumakis will have a place to return to," Hitoshi answered and sat on a rock waiting for their team leader, Minoru to give orders to return to Uzu.

"What's the point? The Uzumaki survivors went into hiding and the ones we found doesn't want anything to do with the Ninja World anymore. So that left us with the only Uzumaki heir that might want to revive his clan, but oh wait, he's missing!" Yasuo said angrily and kicked the sand beneath his feet, dispersing them over the wind.

"Jiraiya is looking for him. That's his job and this is our job," Hitoshi answered easily, angering Yasuo even more.

Hitoshi and Minoru knew what Yasuo wanted to do; search for Uzumaki Naruto who had been missing from Konoha for about three months now. The three of them were the very few people that cared for Naruto in earnest and didn't wish him harm. So when Jiraiya appeared to them and asked if they had seen Naruto, they were worried sick. Of course the three of them had wanted to search for him right on the spot, but Jiraiya stopped them, saying that it wasn't their job.

After much arguing and they almost fight against the Sannin, the three relented, figuring that Jiraiya would do a better job. However, it has been three months now and there was still no news...

"Suuure, let the guy who was supposed to take care of him in the first place, but didn't and fucked up to search for him. Sure, he won't fuck up again. Oh wait, it has already been three months! And the great spymaster Jiraiya still couldn't find him? Yeah right!" Yasuo said and kicked more sand to the air.

"You're talking about a Sannin here, and are you implying something?" Hitoshi said through gritted teeth. He also didn't like the way things were going right now but they don't have much of a choice.

"I don't care if he's Hokage himself! And yes, I'm implying that maybe, he just didn't want to find Naruto!" Yasuo said angrily.

"Ridiculous! He loved Minato like a son! He wouldn't just abandon Naruto like that," Hitoshi replied but Yasuo already had the answer for it.

"He did, for six years, remember?" Yasuo said but before Hitoshi could say anything Minoru had cut in.

"Enough! We weren't any better! Now are you done arguing? Because if you guys had noticed, there's a ship moored near Uzu," Minoru said and cracked his neck before stopping his stretching exercises to look at his subordinates.

Yasuo gave him a look saying that he wasn't finished but decided to let it drop for now while Hitoshi got to his feet.

"Good, now let's go and greet our visitors. They're quite rare these days so let's give them our best services, shall we?" Minoru said and both of his subordinates nodded before the three of them disappeared in a blur.


"Woah, so this is my clan's place?" Naruto asked as he looked around the building they were in. When they took off to explore the place, to Naruto's and Mei's disappointment, much of the building was destroyed. The building they were currently in now was one of the very few that was intact albeit it took them quite some time to find a way in.

"Yep, your clan was rather special back then," Mei said as she traced an Uzumaki symbol on a wall. "Usually, clans will ally themselves to a ninja village for protection but your clan was powerful enough to have their own nation,"

Naruto nodded proudly at this. He always wished to be a part of something if it meant acceptance. Back then at Konoha, he always wished that he was from a clan because then he would have neat privileges but more importantly, the people and family that come with it.

Now, he got his wish and he wasn't just from a clan, but a rather powerful one at that too! But, all of that doesn't matter if the clan existed almost only by its name. Where are the Uzumaki's privileges, his clan and family members?

It was unfair, really. He just knew that he was a part of something, but that something was no more. It was like knowing that you have inherited something of value but when you have it, it was broken, irreparable, and useless.

"Sadly however...their power was what that brought its destruction," Mei said sadly and looked at Naruto, whose back was facing her as he watched a door in front of him. Naruto stopped moving at hearing this. "Power is a funny thing. For those that don't understand it, they feared it, which is wise. But, once they understand it, they would want it. And if they can't have it, they would destroy it,"

Naruto didn't say anything. He knew what Mei meant as he have power, or rather powers; the Kyuubi inside him and his bloodline. It was like in Konoha; the villagers feared him because they couldn't comprehend the demonic powers of the Kyuubi and they knew that they couldn't have it for themselves and once, they tried to destroy it.

Naruto shook his head to clear out the depressing thoughts out of his mind. The clan and family that he never met were gone now, but that doesn't mean he was alone. He got Mei, her family and the Bloodline children now. The Uzumaki clan's destruction was beyond his power to change, considering that he wasn't even born yet at that time. But now, he could do something about his new family.

"What do you think this building was for?" Naruto asked, hoping to change the subject. The building they were in was a large domed roof structure with Uzumaki symbols on the walls and, judging by the spiral lines, on the roof too. The roof seemed to have weird designs on them that allowed light to shine through. The result was that there was multiple light beams inside the room. Surprisingly enough, the building was intact, if not untouched at all.

"I'm not sure," was Mei's answer. Judging from the island layout, Mei figured that this building was located near Uzu's administration building, which meant that it was an important building before the siege. However, if it was true, then why is it empty and untouched? It could be that the building was a war shelter, but the building's design says otherwise.

Could it that it was another administration building? Then where are the tables, chairs, file cabinets and such? It could be that the attackers were too desperate that they took everything, including the furniture inside the building. But that was just...

Or maybe it was a storage room, or a warehouse? But there was no sign of anything stored in here or moving signs like drag marks. The building, in summary, was too clean. It was as if the attackers lost interest in the building once they saw the inside and see no purpose in bringing it down.

The only logical conclusion that Mei could think of was that the building was a recreation building due to the designs on the roof that allowed light to pass through and create weird shapes on the floor.

While Mei was pondering about the function of the building, Naruto ran to the center of the room and observed the shapes that were created by the sunlight on the floor. It was weird because some of the shapes were numbers, alphabets, animals, objects and the like. He then noticed more carvings on the floor in random locations. Strangely enough, some of the beams hit and matched the carvings perfectly.

Naruto noticed something...or so he thought. The carving on the floor that was hit with the matching beam glowed but it was hard to make sure because of the sunbeam.

And then the beams of light started to move around as the Sun, or rather the Earth moved. "Mei, Mei! Look at this!" Naruto called and Mei turned her attention to what was Naruto pointing at.

At first the beam's movement seemed random and Naruto amused himself chasing the beams when suddenly, the beams positioned themselves in a circle at the centre of the room. Naruto and Mei raised an eyebrow at this and looked at the circle. The shape that was form was weird because it seemed that all the designs was crisscrossed and overlapped each other, forming a long circle of incomprehensible word.

And then the floor where the beam made contact glowed and seals started to appear in the centre of the beam circle.

"I-I see!" Mei said suddenly and snapped her fingers with a look of epiphany...sort of.

"What?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow. He never saw her act like this before.

"The Uzumaki's are a genius!" Mei started to say. "This whole room is actually a vault!"

"I-uh, don't get it," Naruto said and Mei spun pointed at the seal.

"In order to get to what was this room is keeping, we need to access that seal. However, that seal will only appear when the beams are formed like this," Mei explained and Naruto nodded.

" That' the heck did they arranged it to do it like that?" Naruto asked again and Mei smiled and crouched down near the seal.

"That's the genius. You see Naruto, in any other time and day, the beams will be scattered like what we saw we came in. If people come here they would think that this building is just a recreation building, a solarium even. However, only on a specific day and time will the beams form together like this," Mei stated and pointed towards the beam circle.

"And then, there's a mechanism under the floor which I believe involved seals that will activate once the beam hits it," Mei continued.

"Woah," Naruto said when something hit it. "Man! Isn't it strange that we arrived at right day?"

Mei nodded. The beam then scrambled back to random positions but the seal didn't disappear. Mei and Naruto let out a breath of relief at this. "It seems that this whole building was a vault with a time lock, designed to only open when the right time has passed. It was genius really, because Uzu's invaders would remain for a while to uncover whatever secrets remain,"

Luckily, Konoha managed to reclaim Uzu from the enemy ninjas after its destruction and the building was unharmed. If not, whatever secret this room was hiding would have fallen to enemy hands or worst, lost forever.

"So, uh, what now?" Naruto asked and scratched his head. The seal was unresponsive, as if it was waiting for something. "Do we need to wait again to see if it opens?"

Mei remained silent for a while as she pondered what to do next. And then, the answer hit her! "It seems that the Uzumaki clan was a paranoid bunch too. But I can't blame them. Ninjas are paranoid too after all," Mei said and Naruto sighed.

"We need to do something else, don't we?" Naruto said and Mei nodded with a smile.

"You see, this vault, comes with two security mechanisms that uses different keys to unlock them," Mei started her explanation. "The first mechanism uses sunlight and the key was time. It then reveals the second security mechanism; the seal,"

"So...the second key is...?" Naruto asked and Mei just looked at him with a smile. Naruto raised an eyebrow at this; how many times had he done that today? "Me? Wha? How? I wasn't even here to-to lock this vault!"

"No Naruto," Mei shook her head to calm Naruto down. "It is not you, rather, your blood. The Uzumaki blood,"

"Ooohh," Naruto said and let out a breath of relief. "I thought that you would ask me to solve some puzzle or something. I'm not good at that...yet," Naruto let out a nervous chuckle and Mei giggled at this.

"Well, we'll have to work on that, don't we?" Mei said and Naruto nodded with a smile.

"So let's do this!" Naruto exclaimed as he fist pumped to the air.

"Are you sure? What we are going to find out maybe...personal," Mei asked and draw out her kunai.

"Yeah,'s not like another Uzumaki is going to come here to open the vault, right? So I guess, it's mine now?" Naruto scratched his head, shrugged and hand his hand to Mei. "Besides, it was one of the reasons why we're here,"

"True, well then, let's see what's on the other side, shall we?" Mei said and made a small cut on Naruto's palm. Naruto didn't even flinched or show any sign of pain at all, show that he was used to it. She then took the tip of the kunai that has a drop of Naruto's blood and flicked it at the seal.

The seal didn't react at all.

"Eh? Did we do something wrong?" Naruto asked and Mei pondered for a while. They had expected for a door to open on a floor nearby that leads to the inside of the vault but nothing happened!

"I have to touch it," Mei stated and Naruto looked at her for a moment before shrugging.

"Okay," Naruto said put his bloodied palm at the seal. Suddenly, the seal moved on its own as if it was alive and crawled unto Naruto's hand! "Wha-what the? What's going on? I can't pull my hand off the seal!"

"Naruto, calm down!" Mei said and before she could touch him, the seal had spread onto his whole body. Mei's hand then managed to touch Naruto's shoulder but it was too late as Naruto was engulfed by a white smoke and disappeared into thin air.

Mei's eyes widened at what had happened. "Naruto? Naruto!" She then applied some of Naruto's blood on her palm and touched the seal but it didn't react. "Dammit!" Mei cursed and she forced herself to calm down. It seemed that the seal summoned Naruto or Uzumaki members into the vault itself.

Another genius move as it prohibited tailgating. But now, Naruto was alone in the vault and who know what was inside there after years of closure. She just hoped that Naruto was fine and knew how to get out of there.

Mei sighed and took out a small paper and wrote a note; telling Naruto that if he managed to get out and Mei wasn't around, he was not to worry and go to their meeting point. Then, she wrapped the note around her kunai and put it on the floor near the seal.

Mei quickly got up and went outside to meet the others. She and Naruto had uncovered an Uzumaki secret that might change everything. She just hoped that it was for the best.

However, what was more important was Naruto.

"Be safe Naruto and come back," Mei said softly.


"Suspicious, definitely suspicious," Yasuo said to this teammates. They were currently hiding in one of their hidden observatory spot in Uzu, watching and analysing the two strangers. "What do you think they are? Bandits? Ninjas?"

"I didn't see any headbands on them, but they could have stored them. But the one with the overcompensating-for-something sword might be one," Minoru said and rubbed his chin. "Plus, that guy seemed familiar,"

Hitoshi then took out the updated Bingo Book they acquired and began to flip through the pages. A Bingo Book is essential for every ninja that has missions outside of their villages as it helped a lot in their survival; especially for running away. Most missing ninjas tend to use disguises and some aren't foolish (or confident) enough to openly wear their slashed headband for easy recognition. This tended to cost ninjas that didn't bother to read their Bingo Book their lives.

"Shit," Hitoshi said and this earned the attention of his teammates and one glance at Hitoshi with the Bingo Book, and they understood what's going on. One of the strangers was a missing ninja.

"Oh boy, a missing nin?" Yasuo said with excitement. They didn't get the chance to fight challenging opponents very much, mostly just weak bandits, mercenaries or drunks.

"Yes, the one with the big sword is Momochi Zabuza. Recently became Kirigakure's missing ninja by attempted assassination of the Mizukage," Hitoshi stated and at this Yasuo paled.

In the history of the Ninja World, it was very rare for a Host of the Tailed Beast to become a Kage, mostly because they were unstable for a number of reasons ranging from the society that hates them causing the Host to hate them in return, bad containment seals that burns away the Host and exposure to the Tailed Beasts themselves.

And it was even worse that the term 'stable' mostly refers to the physical and not mental condition of the Host. Priority was given to the physical containment of the Tailed Beast first and whether the seal would last and the Host is capable of harnessing said power without much side effect.

As a result, most Hosts of Tailed Beasts tend to be stable physically, but not mentally and it wasn't surprising for them to hate humans.

So, giving the dictatorship position to a Host was just foolish and crazy. Before Yagura, no Host has ever been made a Kage. And it seemed that the decision of making Yagura the Mizukage was a mistake after all.

The Ninja World questioned this decision and it was even more baffled as Yagura began purging Kirigakure of its Bloodlines. The Bloodlines are just like the Hosts; no matter how much you hate them, it didn't change the fact you need them in this blood fuelled world. You rather have them than without.

"He fought against Yagura and lived?" Yasuo asked and Minoru shook his head.

"No, they didn't fought one on one if that's what you're thinking. He tried to assassinate Yagura, failed and ran away," Hitoshi answered and Yasuo let out a sigh of relief. Every ninja can assassinate and it was easier than fighting head on too as you have the first strike and if it succeeds, there will be no need for a second strike.

Fighting head on was harder because you will have to face against an opponent that will give their hundred percent to the fight. And a Host's fifty percent was usually enough to kill normal ninjas.

So essentially, anyone that survived a fight against a Host deserved a medal or something.

Yasuo then scoffed and waved his hand, "Bah, I thought that we're going against someone thought but just a regular assassin that managed to ran away, big deal,"

With this, Minoru bumped his head with enough force to send Yasuo's face to kiss the ground. Luckily, this was a regular occurrence when Yasuo was around Minoru and thus Yasuo was able to train himself not to scream in pain.

"Idiot! Underestimating someone is the sure way to get you killed! Besides, he wasn't finished," Minoru said and Hitoshi nodded.

"Correct, he's not just a regular assassin mind you. He's one of the Seven Swordsman of Kiri and they are Kirigakure's best fighters, not to mention that Zabuza also comes from the strongest generation of Swordsman Kiri has ever produced yet," Hitoshi continued as Yasuo got back to his feet and he didn't even looked to be in pain at all.

He did look horrified though.

"While the other swordsman specialises in direct combat with their style centered on their special swords, Zabuza is one of the two that specialises in combat assassination," Hitoshi continued his explanation and Yasuo continued to look even more horrified.

Combat assassination; just like regular assassination but different. In assassination, you don't know you were going to be assassinated. But in combat assassination, you faced the assassin directly and know that he could assassinate you at anytime. It was a difficult feat considering that your target can try to stop you.

"Oh and one final bit about Zabuza; he killed one hundred children before he was even a Genin," Hitoshi finished and stored away the Bingo Book with a grin, liking the horrified effect on Yasuo right now. "Heck, even Hosts have problem reaching that number early in their life,"

Minoru crossed his arms, closed his eyes and nodded enthusiastically while Yasuo opened and closed his mouth like a fish, not knowing what to say.

"Umm...can I fight the other guy while you guys take down Zabuza?" Yasuo offered and Hitoshi grinned even wider now.

"We don't know about the other guy and like Minoru said, underestimating your opponent can get you killed. Since you are the weakest, you're going to help Minoru instead while I fight the other guy," Hitoshi said and Minoru nodded.

"Sound strategy, I like," Minoru said simply and Yasuo looked even more horrified now.

"Captain, you agree?" Yasuo said and Minoru nodded again.

"He's the one with the brain, I'm the one with the authority and you're the one with" Minoru said Yasuo slumped.

"Fine..." Yasuo said as he accepted his fate. The three of them then were ready to move when another stranger joined the two. "Woah! A redhead! And she's hot too!"

"It's a fact that every redhead is hot! If you're a redhead, then you're hot, that's it!" Minoru stated with fervour and his two subordinates crossed their arms, closed their eyes and nodded in acceptance with an "Hm,"

"Like Kushina?" Hitoshi said.

"Especially Kushina!" Minoru replied with even more fervour and the two nodded in the same manner again.

"She looks like Kushina though," Yasuo said and this caused the trio to look at each other for a moment.

"Do you think that...she's an Uzumaki?" Yasuo asked with concern.

"Not sure...if she is, then why is she with Zabuza?" Hitoshi replied as he tapped his chin. "Could be that she didn't know who Zabuza really is...or Zabuza took them hostage...assuming that she really is an Uzumaki,"

"You know what; let's just ask them, shall we?" Minoru said and his subordinates nodded before the trio disappeared in a Shunshin.


"Okay...where am I now?" Naruto asked to no one in particular as he spun around to have a look at where he was. It seems that he was on an island, but it wasn't an ordinary island mind you because islands tended to be surrounded by oceans made of water.

This island was surrounded by ocean of clouds. Or maybe, he's on island on a cloud. There was also a sun in the distance but strangely, it wasn't eye hurting bright. Needless to say, the island he was on was very beautiful.

Naruto then noticed a house...okay it was more of a mansion in a distance and a small farm; however, he didn't see anyone yet.

"Have I teleported somewhere else again?" Naruto said as he scratched his head. He never heard of an island up in the sky before but well, just another strange thing to add in his list of 'Weird things encountered'.

At least he could say that it wasn't his fault. Mei totally had a part in it and if she decided to scold him, he could use this as leverage

Naruto then quickly ran towards the edge of the island and in curiosity, tried to touch the cloud, but to his disappointment, his hand hit an invisible wall.

"What the?" Naruto said and smack the offending invisible wall that was in his way to the soft cloud. He wanted to taste them, dammit! He wanted to know if the myth that clouds tasted like cotton candy was true.

But alas, the wall was still there and Naruto sighed, accepting the fact it was probably there to prevent people from falling off the island.

"This place is awesome!" Naruto said and decided to explore more of the paradise-like island. He then head towards the mansion slowly, not wanting to attract the owner. He might have teleported to a safe haven for the Uzumakis but it wasn't confirmed yet so it was better for him to scout the place first.

Reaching the mansion he found out that it wasn't locked so he made his way inside and found out that it was quite luxurious...obviously as it was a mansion. But of course, Naruto never had been inside a mansion before so he was taken aback by it.

The living room had three comfortable sofas facing a wide flat screen television set connected to numerous electronic devices which upon further inspection revealed them to be media box and videogame consoles! Naruto gasped at this. In the Ninja World, flat screen TVs are damn expensive and the same goes to the consoles and media box!

This is because the flat screen TVs, media box and consoles are rather found than made. Actually, all of the very good electronic devices were found, sometimes in buried rooms or in the ground, mostly buried inside another thing such as time capsules. And it didn't help that most of it was found broken and finding a working equipment was very rare indeed.

The entire tech clearly showed that there was an ancient civilization more advanced that the current Ninja world existed before this, heck some even said that it was even before the age of the Rokudo Sennin! No one knew what happened to them but all of them can agree that the Tailed Beasts had something to do with it.

Sadly however, not much attention was given to the higher end of technology, just the lower tech like short range radio, fat, bulky cathode ray tube TVs and the like.

Well, you can't really blame the people of the Ninja World, considering the numerous wars, the difficulty of understanding and making the devices and their sensitivity, especially to water. Electronical devices were so hard to make and yet so very easy to destroy.

Plus, it wasn't a necessity in a ninja's life.

Naruto was very tempted to operate the TV and its partner devices but alas, he didn't know how. Considering how sensitive it was and how much of a brute he was, he might break it. So Naruto stepped away from the living room while giving it a sad look and head to the kitchen instead.

And as he thought, it didn't disappoint. It has a rectangle counter in the middle and the top was made of marble. It has two sides, one for preparing the ingredients while the other side is for placing the food and as probably as the dining section too. There was also a wall kitchen counter in the shape of an L with integrated sink and at a corner, an electric cooking stove.

But the most eye catching thing in the kitchen was of course the chrome fridge. It was huge! The fridge he has back in his apartment in Konoha was only his size but this fridge was easily double in size. It has ice and water dispenser on the outside and it was also covered in notes.

Naruto stood closer to take a look at the notes and realised that some of it were schedules for crops and...animals.

-Today cow B-17 has turned a year old! Happy birthday B-17! I'm going to make you a nice grass cake. Enjoy it because're my meat...and Kuro's too.-

"Oookay..." Naruto said and started to fear the owner of this mansion a bit. He then proceed to open the fridge to food and not one processed food in sight. There wasn't even a carton of milk, just milk in a glass jar. But there's yogurt too and as Naruto check the freezer he found there's ice cream too and all of it was self-made. Whoever lived here probably didn't like processed food much.

Naruto then closed the fridge even though he was very tempted to try the ice cream; nevertheless he continued his tour of the house. There was a storage room, guest room that was filled with stuffs, showing that it wasn't used as it was intended to, a dojo, gym and a backyard garden with a fish pond complete with the bamboo-thingy-that-filled-with-water-will-go-thunk!

But, what was more impressive was that there was an indoor onsen! Not to mention that the roof of the onsen can be opened to reveal the sky! There's also a sauna room and bathroom too.

Naruto then shook his head and quickly went to the upper floor lest he jumped into the onsen. The upper floor was also incredible. There was a master bedroom, guest room, which Naruto guessed wasn't a guess room anymore, another bathroom, a very large porch and a large study room. Naruto then entered the study room and found that it was quite a mess.

There was paper littered everywhere and picking it up Naruto realised that there's drawings on them. The papers on the floor were filled with crude and ugly drawings, much like how a person who never draw professionally tried to draw. Naruto then noticed that there was a journal on the table and went to read it.

-How long was I stuck here? 10 years? Or is less or more? Ah dammit, who cares about that now. What I care right now is that after being alone for so long without human contact, I'm beginning to forget the people I cared about. Their faces, their voices, their smiles...dammit! I can't forget!

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this. Whoever that was living here had been living alone for years! Well, that was if the person is even alive. Sure the food inside the fridge seemed fresh but for all he knew there was a seal inside the fridge that preserves the food even longer.

He then decided to continue reading the journal before deciding on what to do next. order to remember, I'm going to draw them! Ambitious for someone who never draw but it's not like I have anything to do here. Well, actually, I have crops and the animals to take care of...not to mention training...goddamn those all are hard work! Now I know why farmers are so important in a country. Speaking of which, why aren't they rich? They should charge more for their hard work dammit!

Anyway, hard work or not, I still have time.

What's that Kuro? I need to study the Uzumaki arts? Silly Kuro, I've done that I'm a master now! There's nothing about the Uzumaki arts that I didn't know! We've also watched almost everything inside that mediabox and yeah, we've played ALL the videogames too, achievements included and Kuro, you suck at videogames. But it wasn't your fault; videogames wasn't made for dogs after all.

Naruto's eyes widened at this. Whoever that was living here was probably an Uzumaki!

-Don't whine to me about it! I don't know how to rig the controller to suit you! I'm a ninja, a farmer, a seal master, amateur medic and vet, future painter, a video gamer but I'm not an engineer!

What's that Kuro, you found something about electronics? Oh, it's so easy for you, isn't it? You just sit around, herd the animals, eat, sleep, shit and love me. Me? I have to read books, which I don't like, gain skills and do all the hard work!

...fine! I do this because I love you too! Now give me that book!

Well let me see, Electrical Electronics Starter Book; looked simple enough.

The fuck? Is this book about summoning Old Gods or something? Oh god, the mathematics required...even the sealing required to summon the Shinigami wasn't this complex...well actually it is but you get my point! This proves it; mathematics is actually the language of evil!

And look at this! Look at the real devices that the mathematics was supposed to be applied on! Look inside this controller! Your innards looked like a ten piece puzzle compared to this! It's a wonder how they even worked! And what am I supposed to work with? I need specific equipment which this place doesn't have any!

I'm sorry Kuro, but I'm afraid video game for dogs is impossible.

Oh hey, I found accessories for the consoles! It's a motion sensing controller! It senses our body movement and uses it as control instead! Damn this is awesome. I swear that electronic devices are magic.

And there's configuration to detect pets, the creators of this thing really thought of everything. So now you can play too.-

Naruto chuckled at this. It seemed that living alone has made this person...a bit loose in the head.

-Anyway, back to the drawing subject! So now I'm going to draw! But this will be hard considering that I have limited amount of papers to work with. Man, they have seals to make sure that devices inside the house don't broke easily but they don't have any that makes more papers? I wish I got Hashirama's Mokuton.

Fortunately, there's a book on how to draw inside the library so I won't be so bad at this.


Naruto turned around to look at the scattered papers that covered the floor and picked one the papers. From the drawing, this person doesn't have much talent in drawing at all.

-Finally! After a long struggle! I'm not just a painter, but a fucking good one too! Behold my gallery! It's inside the guest room on the first floor by the way.-

Naruto then exited the study room and went inside the guest room that he didn't entered earlier and found the gallery. What was inside surprised Naruto because he expected to find horrible drawings but in reality, he found paintings that look lifelike, almost like a painting than a painting!

What's more, each painting was framed and there was a description near each painting. The painting also wasn't arranged systematically but rather in a random way. Some were high, while others were low. Some are closer to each other while the others were far.

Naruto then looked at the painting nearest him, it was of a redheaded woman whose hair was tied in two small buns and she also has a diamond mark on her head. She had a regal smile and soft eyes, looking at a distance. On the bottom of the painting were a signature and a name.

-Uzumaki Mito-

Naruto perked up at this; an Uzumaki! He then read the description of the painting.

-Uzumaki Mito was the daughter of Uzumaki clan's 9th chieftain. She was, as expected of her station, master of the Uzumaki arts and a powerful woman even without it. This wasn't a surprise, considering the state of the world at that time where wars and destruction was abundant.

She was a prominent figure in the history of the Ninja World due to her actions that allowed for the formation of the Ninja World to be possible. While it was true that Hashirama was the one that thought of the idea of the Ninja World, it was Mito that made it a reality.

Hashirama Senju, leader of the Senju clan, humbly came to the Uzumaki clan and proposed for a place of unified clans. He realised that most of the clans were fighting against each other and so, if they were united, they will not fight against each other and the fighting will stop. After all, you destroy your enemies by being friends with them.

The Uzumaki agreed and so does the other clans that would make up Konoha today. However, there were two obstacles that stood in their way; the Tailed Beasts and Uchiha Madara.

The Tailed Beasts were a dangerous and unstable factor, capable of massive destruction and very hard to tame. If they didn't do anything about it, the Beasts would one day attack their village, destroying their hard work. And so, the Uzumaki clan were tasked with the seal to contain the beasts including the monstrous Kyuubi.

Uchiha Madara was the leader of the Uchiha clan; the Senju's rival. However, at that time, even the battle hungry Uchiha grew tired of the constant fighting and death and they agreed of the to join the Senju. Madara agreed reluctantly but insisted that he should become the leader of the unified clan instead. Many refused him including his own clan. Madara then sought out to take the title by force instead.

Without an army, he could not fight against the unified clans alone. However, a Tailed Beast was usually worth an army, if not more, especially the Kyuubi. Madara, with the power of the Sharingan, managed to bring the Kyuubi under his control and threatened to destroy the unified clan. Hashirama Senju then proceeded to face and fight Uchiha Madara at the Valley of the End.

History will tell you that Hashirama Senju fought against Uchiha Madara and the Kyuubi alone but it was untrue. Hashirama Senju was accompanied by Uzumaki Mito.

Hashirama fight off against Madara while Mito worked on how to defeat the Kyuubi. After a long a undoubtedly, an epic battle, Uchiha Madara was defeated and the Kyuubi, for the first time, was sealed into Uzumaki Mito.

Without Mito by his side, Hashirama would undoubtedly lose, and even if he won, the Kyuubi would go a rampage that would definitely destroy Konoha. While it was true that Hashirama Senju's Mokuton power was able to subdue Tailed Beasts, but the question was, for how long? And what would happen if Hashirama was not available? What then?

Uzumaki Mito provided the answer to those questions.

Uzumaki Mito became the first Host for the Kyuubi no Yoko. However, she was not only that, as she also became the wife of the First Hokage.-

Naruto's eyes widened at this. A Host! Someone like him! And what's more, she was of the same clan! Now Naruto felt closer the Uzumaki then ever. They must know his burden, his pain of becoming the host, right?

But then reality hit him, Uzumaki Mito was the wife of the first Hokage who lived a long time ago. There was a chance that she might not even be alive. Naruto sighed at this and proceeded to other painting.

It was another redheaded woman and if Naruto had to guess, another Uzumaki. This woman however was the very opposite of the Mito. She has long hair with a hairclip on her left forehead, green eyes and a rather boyish smile. One could surmise that she's a bit of a tomboy. Naruto then focused his attention on the description.

-Uzumaki Kushina was the daughter the 11th chieftain of the Uzumaki clan. She was born with a twin brother, Uzumaki Isamu.

The twins were pretty much alike and had almost the same personality; brash, reckless, quick to temper, almost too courageous for their own good but nevertheless loyal to their precious person.

However, there was one thing that separated the two of them, aside for the gender that is; Kushina was easier to teach and learn compared to his brother.

As part of the Uzumaki-Konoha Alliance program, Kushina along with a few other children (her twin wasn't included) was sent to Konoha at a very young age to learn how to become a ninja there and learn more about Konoha.

However, because of her look at that time that resembled a tomato, she was bullied early on and was even called Tomato. However, she did not take this easily and proceeded to lash out at whoever that teased her. Since she was a capable fighter, no one dared to call her Tomato again but rather with a new nickname; Red Hot-Blooded Habanero; a chilli pepper.

It was during the academy days that she met with Namikaze Minato, the future Fourth Hokage and her husband. It wasn't a love at first sight as Kushina didn't like Minato at first, as she considered him to be 'girly'. However, due to certain events, the two grew closer to each other and fell in love.

The two then would become one of the most powerful couple in the history of the Ninja World, one that rivalled the Hashirama Senju and Uzumaki Mito themselves. Minato was a natural genius who learned things rather quickly but Kushina was also a genius in her own right, her hard work.

Kushina was an exceptional Uzumaki; she wasn't a natural born genius but make it up with her stubborn attitude to learn things. After all, to her, education was just like fighting and Kushina hated losing fights. It was because of this that she was stronger than her rather lazy brother who would rather learn flashy ninjutsu and kenjutsu than the formidable Uzumaki arts.

Later on however, Uzumaki Mito was nearing her end and the Kyuubi that was sealed inside her must be passed on. If not, the Beast will roam free and wreak havoc to the world. The second Host for the Kyuubi was Uzumaki Kushina.

Although with heavy heart, she accepted the task with pride and courage.

Just like much of Hashirama's achievement was because of Mito, so was Minato's. It was Kushina that provided the means for Minato to create two of his famous signature moves; Rasengan and Hiraishin.

It was Kushina that taught Minato the art of sealing and made him an Uzumaki Seal Master to create the Hiraishin. And Minato created the Rasengan by observing Kushina's Tailed Beast Ball when she transformed used the Kyuubi's chakra and become almost the Beast itself.

Needless to say, it was because of Hiraishin that allowed Konoha to turn the table and end the Third Ninja World War and made him into one of the strongest Hokage that could rival the previous Hokages.-

"Woah," Naruto said in amazement. These Uzumaki women were badass! Heck, it was official now, if anyone to say the word Kunoichi to him, the Kunoichi image would be these two. Plus, it made him damn proud to have such powerful women as clan members and ancestors, maybe? Could he be directly related to one of them, maybe the great grandson to Mito or maybe son to Kushina?

"Nah, that's pushing it too far," Naruto shook his head. He was grateful to be born of anyone of the Uzumaki clan, regardless of whom and what they did. It was good enough to find that he was part of one of the greatest clan on Earth, and he wouldn't wished for more...although maybe he wished that they weren't wiped out.

Besides, he didn't look like an Uzumaki anyway, not with his blonde hair. He wished he could have red hair, which would be cool. It would make him look more threatening or noticeable.

Naruto shrugged and head towards the next painting. He could dye his hair anytime anyway. He then focused his attention to the painting in the painting and this time it was a blonde guy with blue eyes.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this. Strange, it was as if looking at an older version of himself, and not to mention that the guy seemed familiar too. Wonder where he had seen the guy...

"Oh yeah! He's the Fourth! I never knew he was a blonde!" Naruto said snapping his finger as he remembered seeing the Fourth's face on the Hokage Monument. The reason why he didn't knew the Fourth was a blonde because the Hokage Monument wasn't coloured and he didn't read any history books too.

But he didn't care much for the man at Konoha because...well he did sealed the Kyuubi into him after all.

-Namikaze Minato was the Konoha's Fourth Hokage and arguably considered the strongest yet.

Not much was known about his parentage or if the Namikaze was even a clan. All was known about Minato was that he was an orphan. However, his orphan status was what shaped him to be a humble, kind person that made him famous during his reign as the Hokage.

During his academy days, although gifted, he was not the person to show it or brag about it and instead was humble. He was not afraid to ask questions and sometimes, challenge the teachers themselves. And it was to no surprise for him to become the best student at that time. This in turn attracted the attention of Jiraiya the Sannin to take him as one his students.

Jiraiya was not his only teacher, however. Uzumaki Kushina; his wife also became his teacher in the Uzumaki Sealing Arts. It wasn't long until Minato learnt everything from them and made his mark on the Ninja World.

Using his knowledge of the Uzumaki Sealing Arts, he, with the help of his wife created one of the strongest and useful ninjutsu ever, the Hiraishin. The jutsu allowed one to travel between two points that was marked with a seal instantaneously, akin to a teleport. However, this jutsu was very hard to learn, master and pull off; a testament to Minato's skill.

With this skill he became feared and was given a 'Flee On Sight' status to ninjas and he would continue to use it to end the Third Ninja World War.-

Naruto whistled at this. Minato was badass! How awesome would it be to meet him in person? But of course that wasn't possible as Minato was now dead. And even if he did, he didn't know what to do...or feel. Naruto then stared at Minatos's painting, feeling a bit conflicted.

The guy did cause him a lot of pain after all. But, he married to an Uzumaki so that makes him a family. Do he forgive Minato for what he did, or don't?

Naruto shook his head and figured that it was of no use to think about it now. He'll have to meet with the owner of this place first. But before that, he'll just take a look at the other paintings.

He found a group painting this time. It was...a wedding of Minato and Kushina. Based on the painting, the couple had just finished the ritual and now official newlyweds. Kushina was smiling widely with her arm crossed with Minato's and Minato had his free hand scratching the back of his head and looked abashed. There was also a raven haired woman with a large smile and her eyes closed hugging Kushina.

To the left and right sides of the painting were various people. He saw Grandpa (Sarutobi, of course) smiling with his pipe in his mouth, a white haired guy that was wiping his non-existent tears with a tissue and a blonde busty woman beside him with a diamond mark on her forehead giving a thumbs up.

There was also a silver-haired and masked boy with his hands in his pockets. His eyes were closed but he could tell that he was smiling under the mask.

At his side was was a goggled black haired boy with a shit-eating grin throwing sakura petals all over the couple with another girl, who had cheek markings doing the same, smiling happily.

And then there was even Teuchi, the ramen chef! It seemed that Teuchi knew and probably was close to the couple. Teuchi never told him that! Then again, he never asked. Other than that, that was among the noticeable and close ones to the couple that he could tell. The rest were Konoha nins and Uzumaki members.

There was a wet spot though near the signature of the painting and Naruto read the short description.

-The Wedding of Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina.

Minato you bastard, you better take care of her!-

Naruto chuckled at this. But then he realised something, based from the description, the painter seemed close to Kushina. Could it be?

Naruto then examined the painter's signature closely and found that it wrote a name.

Uzumaki Isamu.

So the painter was Kushina's twin brother after all. Well, he guessed that would make things easier.

There were also numerous paintings arranged near the wedding painting. One painting was reserved for bride and her bridesmaid and women and there was a painting for the men too. The women all posed beautifully and elegantly while the men...well you know men. Jiraiya was head-locking Minato and so was the silver haired teenaged doing the same with his goggled friend with an annoyed look on his face.

After that, there were paintings of the celebration and most of it was funny. There was a painting of Kushina opening a gift only to discover that it contained very sexy undergarments and a book set; from the looks of it, it was a rather sexual book. Kushina was very red and the busty blonde was head-locking the white haired guy who was trying very hard to escape, no doubt that it was from him. And it looked like the other women was mad too and the remaining men tried to edge away from the women.

Seeing the happy painting made Naruto smiled. He wondered whether he could have happy moments like the people in the painting had.

He could, if he work for it.

Naruto then shook his head and decided that he had enough of walking down someone else's memory lane. He needed to find the owner of this place and get back to Mei.

Luckily however, he didn't have to do much as he heard sounds from the ground floor, suggesting that the owner, Isamu had come home.

Naruto then took a deep breath and gulped. The owner, Isamu was an Uzumaki, right? So if he met another Uzumaki, he won't be hostile, right? Let's just hope that after years of isolation from human society doesn't made him insane.

Naruto then slowly walked downwards and sure enough a husky breed dog came running at the base of the stairs and barked at him.

'Must be Kuro', Naruto thought.

"What are you barking at, Kuro? I swear if this is your trick to scare me again into thinking that this house is haunted, you're not going to have any of B-17's meat tomo-"a man said as he approached Kuro and stopped entirely when he saw Naruto.

The man sure enough has long red hair tied in a ponytail and has green eyes and also a scar on his right cheek suggesting that his cheek was once cut open. Aside from that he was wearing a wife beater and black shorts and was drenched in sweat.

"Umm...hello?" Naruto started and the man gasped.

"Kuro! It's-it's-" the man, Isamu said and pointed at Naruto and Naruto scratched the back of his head.


"You're Minato from an alternate future that came here through a failed Hiraishin!" Isamu exclaimed.

"That's right...wait what?" Naruto said, stupefied, unable to think anything before Isamu jumped at him.


"He what?" Takeshi asked rather heatedly.

"Disappeared to somewhere...I guess to the Uzumaki safe place," Mei answered and Takeshi paced around in circles in front of her.

"So what now?" Zabuza asked without a hint of concern in his voice.

"We wait of course. We can't just leave him," Mei said with a commanding tone to it.

"He could be there for days!" Zabuza said with anger in his voice. As valuable as Naruto was, there was a time to let things go and move on. After all, tools were expendable and replaceable.

"We have days," Takeshi said and sat down. "We don't have much to do anyway, so might as well wait,"

"Did you forget that there might be Konoha patrols?" Zabuza asked again and before he could answer, three puffs of smoke appeared in front of them.

The smoke then cleared and revealed three Konoha ninjas. "What of them?" one of them said, who appeared to be the leader, Minoru.

Takeshi quickly got up and managed to put his hand on Zabuza before he could do anything foolish.

"Do you realise that you are trespassing on unauthorized zone belonging to Konoha? Did you not see the numerous signs placed around the island?" Hitoshi said.

"That's true. Trespassers will be stabbed at without warning and stabbed again if survive. You're lucky we're not stabbing you yet," Yasuo said with a rather squeaky voice. It wasn't like every day you could threaten a monster and hopefully, live another day.

"Sorry, we're just curious tourists. I heard from my friend that it's a historical place worth visiting," Takeshi said apologetically.

"Haven't you heard that curiosity killed the cat?" Minoru said and Takeshi looked sheepish.

"Can you let us go just this one time?" Takeshi said and rubbed the back of his head.

Minoru's eyes narrowed at this. "Depends. Do you know who the bandaged guy is? Answer truthfully or we'll stab you like the warning sign says,"

Takeshi's eyes widened at this. Mei glanced at Zabuza whose muscles were preparing for a fight.

"He's our bodyguard you see," Mei quickly answered.

"You pick the wrong guy for a bodyguard. He's a criminal you see and we have to detain him, kill him or make him flee. Now since you're with him, I'm afraid we have to do the same to you. Now you have the choice of making this easy or hard. Which will you pick?" Minoru stated and pulled out his kunai and his subordinates did the same.

Takeshi sighed at this and scratched the top of his head. "Looks like we don't have much choice. Boys and girls, try not to kill them. Especially you Mei,"

Mei's eye twitched at this. Due to her Bloodlines, she was more suited to completely destroy her foes. It was Mangetsu and Zabuza's forte of capturing people alive.

Yasuo gaped at this. He thought that Takeshi would warn Zabuza to not kill anyone, and not the woman. That means that the woman was more dangerous than Zabuza! And he was assigned to fight her!

'God dammit,' Yasuo cursed.

"Sorry, we don't have such restrictions you know, so don't expect us to pull any punches," Minoru said and began flashing through his handseals, signalling the start of the fight.

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