Fic: Leave Me Alone I'm Lonely
Chapter 57: Oh Take Me Back To The Start
Author: JR Boone
Rating: M for strong sexual themes and violence. Also I have the mouth of a sailor so every other word is a curse usually.
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I love you all.

Santana Lopez was off to the start of an unbelievably amazing summer vacation. Standing at the window in Rachel's room and looking down at the wild festivities taking place in the back yard she couldn't help but think of how her life had turned so amazing in such a short amount of time.

Around this time last year she was getting her heart broken by Brittany, Rachel was getting her heart broken by Finn, and Quinn was just broken in general. And now a year later the three of them were a single unit bound by love and forged by hard times.

Smiling she looked down at the party and spotted her brunette girlfriend standing by the grill and talking animatedly with her mother and her father Leroy. Both parents Rachel had been reluctant to trust in the beginning but now their relationships were even stronger.

Shelby had started it all those months ago when she had reached out to Rachel that day at the country club swimming pool. And she had kept her word through the last year when they faced so many obstacles. She had loved them, all three of them, and kept them safe even when they hadn't wanted them.

Santana was reminded them when she hear Dr. Chupara's loud laughter from somewhere in the mess of people. When Shelby had all but forced the three of them into therapy the Latina had gone only because she wanted to get Quinn and Rachel help, not herself. But now after seven months of seeing that crazy woman sometimes twice a week she couldn't imagine a life where it hadn't happened.

She had helped them all so damn much and pushed them to reach above their perceived limitation for the lives they deserved.

Something she said made Leroy lean back and roar with laughter and Santana rolled her eyes at the indignation on her brunette girlfriend's face. She knew it was all in good fun. Rachel had been downright reluctant to let the man back into her life, and sure Santana could see her reasoning. But as someone who had lost her father forever she had hoped Rachel wouldn't lose hers. And she hadn't. Leroy had more than stepped up to the plate, devoting every spare moment of time to show Rachel how truly sorry he was for his actions in the past.

And Rachel deserved it.

A month ago the petite power house singer had become a student at NYADA after an amazing audition. Carmen Tibideaux, the woman who had come from the school to watch Rachel, said she had never seen such an amazing talent. She also had never seen such a large group of people waiting with baited breath in the rows behind her.

Nearly all of McKinley had packed themselves into that auditorium to watch and Rachel had only faltered for the smallest of moments, and then she had looked to the front row and seen Santana and Quinn smiling at her. It was safe to say she had brought the house down.

The sound of a splash followed by laughter drew Santana's attention to the pool and she smiled at the sight of her blonde girlfriend splashing in the kiddy pool with her daughter. Quinn had come so unbelievably far from that repressed angry girl she had been it amazed Santana to think about it.

Gone were the fear in the blonde's eyes that had haunted them for so many years, now the hazel constantly shown with a warmth and wisdom that was fought hard for. Quinn had made peace with her past to put it lightly.

Three months ago she had testified against her father and mother in court to their emotional, mental, and physical abuse, and while their sentences of simple probation seemed like a slap in the face to everyone else, Quinn had been happy with it. It was a demon that she had faced head on and she no longer had to be scared. She had said her peace and now she was off to an amazing future.

In two days the blonde would be boarding a plane to Brazil along with Zoë, as her personal assistant slash National Geographic intern. The plan was that for the next 4 years the pair of them would fly around the world together and Quinn would be learning right under Zoë all there was to know about being a photo journalist. When she finally returned to the states she would be taking Zoë's position with the prestigious magazine.

Initially Rachel and Santana had been extremely not happy with that plan. It was a dangerous world out there and their love was going into it armed with only a camera and a drawing pad. But in the end the eagerness in Quinn's eyes had won out. She knew who she was and what she wanted and it was time for her to take it.

Also, it had helped Santana to make up her mind when Quinn reminded her that she didn't exactly have the safest four year plans either.

And if there was one thing Santana Lopez wasn't it was a hypocrite.

On the other hand if there was one thing that Santana Lopez was, it was a Marine.

That was something she had never seen herself doing with her life. But things changed and people changed, and truthfully she had changed the moment she walked into The Peaceful Bull at met Rusty.

The man had taught her so much. Discipline. Control. Strength. All the things she thought she had already.

Life had always been so bumpy for her. Losing her mother at such a young age, her first love leaving her, her father rejecting her and then losing him as well. For so long she had been so angry. It had gotten better when she got her girls yes, but the anger had remained.

But now that was all changed. Now she was ready to take on the world and become a stronger person. And now she had the tools to do so. And she was going to use those tools to protect her family in one of the bravest ways she could.

Santana hummed and let her eyes wander. Further in the pool Cliff sat atop Dave's shoulders playing chicken with Puck and Brittany. Her four best friends and two favorite couples. Puck and Britt had been a surprise to say the least. But for some reason they worked amazingly well together. The four of them would be joining Rachel in New York along with Kurt in a few months. Dave, Cliff, and Puck off to NYU. Brittany off to Julliard. And Kurt off to NYADA with Rachel.

Sitting by the pool in lawn chairs was the rest of the Glee club. Finn off to the army, Mercedes off to L.A., Mike off to the JBAD in Chicago. The other laying around still had another year ahead of them though. Blaine, Sam, Tina, and Artie. It seemed so weird to be leaving them all behind.

At the picnic table sat the oddest but most important collection of adults in Santana's life. Dr. Patrick, Rusty, Chupara, Pillsbury, Beiste, Sylvester, and Schue were all playing a rousing game of cards. From where Santana stood she could easily see that Sylvester was robbing them blind with the help of Becky who was walking around them all in circles.

Scattered around the yard were even more students Santana had come to love. Various jocks, and swimmers, and Cheerios were lying on towels, intermingling with each other as if the strict social structure of WMHS had never existed.

It had been a good year for the school to say the least. New Directions had won Nationals without even blinking. The Cheerios had claimed another consecutive Nationals win for a very happy Sue Sylvester. With a unified team the Titans had taken home the state football trophy. And under her and Rachel's leadership the Sharks had easily swam their way to their own state trophy.

Santana wasn't stupid. She knew that even though this year had been amazing, the next four would be hard. There would be challenges. Challenges only distance could bring. But she wasn't worried. After everything she, Rachel, and Quinn had gone through she knew without a doubt that they would make it. They had the skills, they had the drive, and most importantly they had the strongest and largest support team standing behind them.

And what was amazing, simply amazing, the Latina noted as she made her way to the festivities. It had all been tipped off by a single text message.

Two days later Quinn Fabray waved goodbye to her girlfriends as she boarded a plane bound for South America.

A week after that Santana Lopez waved goodbye to Rachel as she boarded a plane bound for South Carolina and boot camp.

And a week after that Rachel Berry opened the door to her New York apartment.

Their four year separation had officially begun.