Author's notes: I guess this is officially my first story on fanfiction. Firstly, I'd like to give an early warning that my grammar may not be all that great. I'm Filipino, you see, and my language is more or less divided. Still, I hope you enjoy it. You may be confused with a few things early on, but this is only the prologue, and more things will be explained soon. More vocaloids will also be introduced at later chapters, and I'll most likely be uploading concept arts instead of really explaining their outfits in detail.

Hymnia - Voice of the Soul

In a lifeless and dull city street, a lone boy lay down on the cold, hard concrete. Everything around him was hazy, as if his consciousness was starting to fade. With his blue eyes twitching to stay awake, he thought, "What...the heck just happened?" It was at that point when his hands could feel something that felt like water. Turning his head to the left to catch a glimpse, he found out that it wasn't water at all, but a liquid much thicker and reddish in color.

"That's...a lot of blood" he thought again without the strength to even act surprised anymore. Distracted, the boy suddenly heard a soft voice. There was a pleasant tune in that voice, but it only made him drift away from his consciousness even more. Looking to his right this time, the teenager fixed his eyes on what looked like a girl with short yellow hair and blue eyes - much like his own. As the girl hummed a slow melody, her outstretched hand hung over the boy's bloody chest and bathed it in a warm light.

"Who...who are you...?" he muttered with all the strength he had left. His eyelids continued to close, and his head began to feel very heavy. Eventually, the boy fell into a deep sleep, but not before hearing one last whisper from the girl.

"When you wake up, you'll feel as good as new. Goodnight for now...Len"

Everything was black, but the boy could hear the sounds of the outdoors very close-by. His eyes still tried to ring themselves shut, however his curiosity managed to do the opposite. Finally waking himself up albeit abruptly, the blue eyed teenager looked out the window to see a cloud-less afternoon sky that loomed over a columns and rows of houses.

"Was that a dream?" The boy named Len asked himself. To him, that whole scenario felt very real. He'd learned back at school though that some dreams really would feel real under certain situations like If one were very tired before sleeping, for example.

There wasn't any school that day, but Len wasn't the type of person to stay in his room the whole day, especially now that the clock read 1:00 P.M. "Crap...did I really sleep that long? Geez, it's not like I did anything least, I don't think I did"

A few minutes later, Len stepped out into the afternoon sun. It wasn't a bad day, thought it wasn't a perfect one either. Looking over his shoulder, the blond boy spotted a name on the building that read "Orange Heights". This is where Len had been living for as long as he could remember. There were a large number of small houses that looked just like his, with a few decorations that differed from house to house.

As the name implied, the string of buildings were placed on a position that overlooked much of the average-sized town called Motobu. There wasn't much that was special about the town, and probably the only thing outsiders would know about it is that it's in the Okinawa prefecture. There is, however one spot that quickly became a local favorite, and that was where Len was currently headed.

The place was more commonly known as Motobu Seaside. For many, the wide beach was a good place for relaxation. In the far edge of the beach stood a tall lighthouse that although old, was still maintained regularly. Nobody really visited the lighthouse due to the long path to get there, but Len didn't mind the extra walk. As long as he could get some peace and quiet, he'd even climb a long flight of stairs.

Resting his arms on the metal railings atop the lighthouse, Len looked out towards a gleaming afternoon ocean. He didn't do things like these on a regular basis, but whenever he'd have free time on his hands, this would definitely be on his top 5 list.

Suddenly, the boy looked over his shoulder at hearing a series of slow footsteps gradually becoming louder by the second. Eventually, a young lady showed herself, though Len could tell from her deep breaths that the staircase was more than enough of a daily workout for her.

"...This lighthouse needs an elevator..." the girl sighed before standing straight. Her hair was the same color as Len's but taking on a much lighter shade. "I can't believe you don't get tired of doing this, Len" The girl's name was Rinea, one of Len's few but close friends. Len had already seen her countless times, but at that moment, a feeling of Deja Vu struck him like a bullet. A few vague images unexpectedly entered his mind. It was almost like he'd seen her somewhere else.

"What the?" Len stuttered, confusing his friend with his spaced-out look.

"Hey, you okay?" Rinea said in response. "I was the one who just walked up 10 floors of stairs, you know"

"Huh? Y-Yeah, I'm fine" the boy replied, shaking off whatever had been bugging him. "And it's not like I asked you to follow me, so don't start dropping the blame on me" His tone sounded a bit harsh, but Rinea knew him long enough to not be affected by it.

"Way to show your gratitude" Rinea joked with a smirk on her face as she leaned on the railings as well. "By the way, I checked with the doctor, and he said my heart's doing pretty good. I guess with all the technology these days even heart failures can be cured, huh?"

In the past, bearing with an illness like heartfailure was quite the impossible feat, but in the year 2098 where technology had advanced to great heights, controlling deadly sicknesses had become astonishingly possible. For a very long time, Rinea had been burdened with heart failure due to an accident years ago. Doctors implanted a tiny machine near her heart that would send out 'pulse waves' that would automatically activate when extremely low heart rates were expected at a certain time. It could be compared to a pacemaker, but far more advanced.

"And...they also said in about two days, I won't need the machine anymore" Rinea added, suddenly catching the boy's attention. "My heart's already strong enough to live without it, so I'll be operated on to remove it before it causes any problems"

"I see" Len mumbled with a sigh of relief. "That's good then"

"Yup, it sure is. Although...I can't help but feel just a little scared. I mean, it's nothing like getting your braces removed at all. Just thinking about getting cut up makes me nervous" Though she spoke with a smile on her face, Rinea couldn't hide the slight tremble in her voice. "You'll be there when it's over, right? After the operation?"

Len nodded, "I will, don't worry" With a smile on her face, Rinea turned her head back to the ocean.

"Thanks, I'll be counting on you!"

In actuality, Len wasn't the type of person that was too trusting. This led him to usually doubt people, and even though it caused him to not have that many friends, it was fine as long as he knew he wouldn't be stabbed in the back someday. Rinea was one of those few people he knew he could definitely trust.

"Hey, Len" the blond girl began, "Have you ever wondered why the horizon exists?"

"Beats me...I don't think I paid attention to that lesson in class..."

"...Dummy; I wasn't talking about school" Rinea said with squinted eyes. "It's supposed to be the line that separates the Earth and the Sky, right? This is just me talking, but it's almost like it divides the Earth into two completely different worlds" It was a playful thought to Len, but not really something that could be backed up by any kind of plausible evidence.

"Sounds a bit silly, if you ask me..."

"Well excuse me for sounding so weird" Rinea fired back, but chuckled a few moments later. "But yeah, I guess it is an odd idea. It'd be cool though if it really were true - like something straight out from a story book"

As Len continued to gaze at that imaginary line, he began to put a little more thought into it. "Divides the world into two...huh?"

Before he knew it, Len was already sitting on his desk trying desperately to study under the quiet night. There was school the next day, but he just couldn't get any work done at all. Frustrated, the azure eyed teen dropped himself on the bed and placed his hand over his stressed head. As the day went by, more and more of those 'memories' began to enter his mind. He could finally recall the person from that dream: Rinea. It looked very much like her, but at the same time seemed like a different girl altogether. The most notable thing he could remember was a large black patch over her right eye.

"Damn...I'll be seeing a failing score tomorrow if I don't get my head screwed on straight..."

At that, the boy suddenly heard a few knocks on his apartment door. It was strange because there weren't many people that would visit him, and during the evening of all the times made it even more suspicious. Looking through the small glass circle, Len felt a flash of surprise at seeing the very girl from his most recent dream.

"Are you gonna let me in?" The girl requested with a smile. A single thought passed through Len. It couldn't be Rinea. Something felt very wrong about the situation, and yet something deep inside him forced his hand unto the door knob. "What am I doing? There's obviously something going on" But ultimately to his own confusion, Len slowly swayed the door open, allowing the 'look-alike' to enter.

Her clothes took on a red majority, with a signature red stripped cap atop her yellow hair. Up close and personal, she struck a dead-on resemblance to Rinea.

"Look...if this is some kind of joke-" But even before Len could finish, the mysterious girl created a short flash of light, revealing a large firearm in her hand shortly after. As if the uncanny similarity wasn't baffling enough, the fact that a young girl holding a large gun inside his room made him believe he was still dreaming away.

"Do you remember now?" The girl said, mashing one final image in Len's memory bank. It was the scene right before he'd lost consciousness. He could remember everything now. An empty city intersection, followed by red-eyed, black furred wolves that almost had him for lunch. He didn't know what they were, but they attacked him as soon as they appeared from 'portal-like' doorways. The next thing he knew, that girl had arrived wielding the same weapon. She quickly disposed of them, but one of the monsters had popped up behind her. Instinctlvely, Len shielded the girl, but at the cost of his chest being ripped with one strike.

"What...what the hell is this?" Len exclaimed, reaching for where he'd been sliced open in that 'dream'. There was no wound - not anymore at least.

"I know this all seems strange, but you have to understand that everything that's happening before you right now is all very real" the girl explained with a calm demeanor "There's no use rubbing your eyes or pinching yourself because it won't help one bit" He wanted to think with all his might that he was just being dillusional, but to no avail. From every angle he could look at it, Len only saw more trouble coming his way.

"My name's Rin Kesaki. I've been looking for you, Len"