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Author's Notes: Fate has a way getting things done. And getting this story written is one of them. I recently moved, and was stuck at the apartment, with no television or internet, waiting for the cable guy to show up. Bored, I rifled through a box of my old books and dug this one out! I reread it cover-to-cover within the day and LOVED IT again. But, THIS time, I had a fanfiction account and an ability to write. Oh, and a want to write a story with Red and Fletcher, together. Hope ya like it and please don't flame. Oh… and don't read if you really hate yaoi or shounen ai.

Chapter 1

Turning Point


MY NAME IS RED. Red Sharkey. And I am NOT a private detective. A few months ago I partnered with a long time enemy to clear our names and it sparked a very unnatural team up. Red Sharkey and Fletcher Moon, not a pair many would think possible. But since that time we'd solved countless cases and grew to be incredibly close friends. Strange, I never really had any friends… and now my best one was a huge dork. Still, I wouldn't have it any other way… or wouldn't have had it any other way. Until last week.

That's how Moon usually starts these recountings, right? Well however he did it, that was his story, not mine. This, this is my story. What story you ask? Shut it and I'll tell you. It all began last week, during a case of course. A boy from a local school had recruited us to get to the bottom behind a rash of embarrassing circumstances that seemed to befall every boy in the grade. He suspected it to be a girl in the grade, one who was rejected by each and every boy "attacked." It seemed like a wrap up case, all we needed was a bit of proof to take to the principal and the embarrassment would stop. Finding the evidence though… that was going to be a bit hard. Turned out that the only time she would be in spying range was… during a sleepover. And guess where we had to hide, a closet. Yes, that's right.

The Night of The Investigation

"Hurry Fletch," I whispered, peeking through the open door of the rented party room. "The girls will be here soon."

Half Moon huffed, panting as he scurried over the wall I had jumped easily. He was never going to be very athletic, but I thought our last two months had toughened him up a bit. I sighed, a small smile on my face.

"Don't you think I know that?" He hissed back at me. The annoyed look on his face made me laugh. I could get under his skin so easily. And I loved doing it. That face was so c- err… hilarious.

"Oh… forgot you were a detective."

He glared and my smirk returned. "Shut up Red. Now let's hurry and set up the walkie-talkie before they get here."

I pushed open the door a bit more and snuck inside with Moon right on my tail. We were pushing it on time, but I thought we could still make it out. "We'd have more time if it hadn't taken you so long to get over the wall."

"Sorry I don't have the time to spend practicing my wall jumps, I have better things to do," He muttered in response.

"Like sit home alone," I added with a laugh.

"Better than being with you," He replied, grinning. Ooh, that one hurt. He was just kidding, but it still… wait why should I care? Oh right, He's my best friend. Of course, that's why.

I faked a bit of sorrow to mask what I was thinking. Fletch… he could always tell what I was feeling. It was a bit unnerving at times.

"The walkie-talkie," He whispered, his sparkling 1blue eyesturning to… wait whoa, too much. Umm, he looked at me. Yeah, there we go. "Red!"

I shook my head to clear my thoughts, "Right, here."

I reached into the bag and pulled out the little gadget, just as the entrance to the party room creaked open and little girls' shrieks echoed in through the doorway. My eyes widened in shock. I was never this unobservant.

"Quick!" I heard my partner whisper, tugging on my shirt. "In here!"

I looked to where he was headed. "A closet! I am not going into the closet with you… I mean… uh."

"Shut up and get in. We don't have a choice," He muttered slipping inside with a blush on his face. I sighed, he was right as usual. What a thing for me to say too. I filed in just as the girls filled the room.

"Hope you're comfy," Fletcher huffed. "We're going to have to spend the night in here."

My eyes widened. Oh God, he was right. We were. I grunted as his foot dug into my ribs. "Cozy as ever."

The night continued on, but it was obvious that the girls weren't going to be saying anything worth catching for a long while, so Fletcher and I – quietly as possible – talked. Sounds girly, I know, but actually… I found it refreshing. Half Moon has this wit about him. It made him funny and always gave him the right words to say. And it was a side of him I'd only gotten to know recently, a side that I felt, was mine, and mine alone. That night I learned that he had been afraid of the dark, his favorite color was black – no surprise there – and that he had always thought I was charming – which earned mutual blushes. Of course he learned that I checked out black beauty at least three times a week, had stage fright worse than anyone out there, and believed him to be the most brilliant person I'd ever met – more blushing.

"What time is it?" I asked impatiently as I resituated myself. It was really cramped in that closet, and I couldn't move my feet with my shoes on. Then again… the confined space meant I was that much closer to Fletcher… a-annoying, right?

"It's… midnight. The girls will start talking soon," He replied, listening intently for the conversation – how he knew that, I'll never know.

"Thank God, I'm so uncomfortable. And my stupid shoes!" I whispered annoyingly, finally twisting out of the confined clothing. I sighed contentedly as I wiggled my toes in my bright red socks – cliché? Shut up.

"Whoa, Red, put your shoes back on! Your feet smell horrific," Half Moon whispered, holding his nose as he pushed my feet away.

"You know you like it," I replied grinning as I shoved my feet in his face.

"Ah! God Red! Stop it!" He protested, grabbing my feet. I jumped as his fingers landed on a… sensitive spot. His eyebrow rose.

"Ticklish?" He asked with a sinister smile.

"What? No!" I cried back, praying he wouldn't call my bluff. Oh shut up, like no one else is ticklish. I'm just… a bit sensitive on my feet… is that a crime?

He move bit and wedged my leg in between his, leaving my right foot at his mercy. I bit my lip as he slowly pulled off the red woolen sock. The first finger down my arch sent shivers through my spine and a giggle out of my mouth.

"Half Moon, quit it!" I ordered, the involuntary grin somehow messing with my intimidation.

His grin widened and a few more fingers joined on his second trip across my sole. They stopped at my toes and fluttered underneath earning a trail of sniggers.

"Fletcher! Stop, please," I pleaded, placing a hand over my mouth. If I weren't careful, I'd give us away. And how embarrassing would that be? Red Sharkey, spoiling a stake out with his ticklish feet. I shuddered at the thought.

"Fletcher is it now?" He asked with a wide set grin. "No more Half Moon? Hmm? Did I somehow grow a foot, or maybe it's your foot that's got you reigned in. Quite ticklish, aren't you Red?"

I answered with another stream of giggles as his fingers diddled around my arches and toes. "Okay! Hehehe yes! Now haha stop!"

"Alright… but only because your giggling would spoil this stake out," He answered with a chuckle of his own.

"I was not giggling," I hissed back.

"Sure, whatever you say tickle boy." He answered quickly, and suddenly my face was as red as my hair.

"Shut up, like you're not-" I started, but his finger on my lips stopped me.

"Shh, they're saying something." He whispered.

I leaned in and listened as the girls began to talk. The leader – the one who our client had warned us about began to speak. She cried angrily as she exclaimed how terrible the boys were that had rejected her and a few others from the group. It was April all over again, but thankfully this time, we had a recorder. And within only thirty minutes of actual listening, we had what we had come for… and, no way out.

"Then we wait," Half Moon muttered, like he was responding to my thoughts. He settled down next to me and leaned his head back, his eyes falling shut. "We should sleep. There's no way for us to get out now, and I told my mom I was sleeping over at your place tonight anyway. It's not like your family will care that we're out for a night."

I shrugged. This was true. So I sat back, letting my eyes rest until I had finally fallen asleep. What I awoke to was not Half Moon telling me the coast was clear, and it wasn't the girls discovering us spying on them, it wasn't even the quiet darkness. It was a soft tickling on my cheek that I quickly determined to be Fletcher's dark hair. My eyes focused on the scene in front of me and I blushed. Somehow, during the night, Fletcher's head found it's way to my shoulder, his hands to my chest and my hand around his waist. I grunted and began to move before I remembered where we were.

"Fletch," I mumbled, shaking him lightly. He smiled and snuggled closer. My blush deepened. "Fletcher!" I said a bit louder.

"Huh? What? Where am… Red!" He cried, falling back against the closet door with a huff. It opened and he fell onto the floor and out of my arms. A shame… because… I uh, could have taken a picture… yeah.

"Well that's one way to check if the coast is clear," I remarked with a smile.

He blushed and then his eyes widened in realization. He jumped up and looked around. The room was empty. The girls must have gone home earlier in the day. He looked down at his watch and gasped a bit. "It's noon! This tape needs to find its way into the hands of our client's principal, now."

"Okay, well let's get going then," I said, standing as I slipped on my shoes.

"Right… well it's okay, why don't you find our client and tell him the case was solved. I'll deliver the tape myself," He argued, already halfway out the door.

"Wait! Fletch, what's…" I ran to the door, but my partner was already gone.

1: I really don't know if his eyes are blue. In fact, I tried remembering and… nothing on eye color. Then I tried looking it up, still nothing. So please tell me if I have it wrong, but until then I'm sticking with blue, like crystal.