A Masterpiece - A Death Note Fanfic

Genre: Humour

Rating: T

Authoress: Loki

Notes: Short drabble tribute to my brother's amazing cake that gave me a sugar rush and was the reason I wrote this at 11.30PM. :D Also dedicated to ReLiC AnGeL who suggested it. Hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I own no characters or settings portrayed in this piece - don't even own the cake.

The frosting glistened in the pale light radiating from the various computer screens situated around the desk. It gave the cake a heavenly glow to match the divinely rich scent of cocoa that wafted through the air surrounding both L and the cake.

It was a masterpiece. A true work of art worthy of only the most delicate touches before one even considered sliding a knife smoothly through the thick layers of-

"Oh, just eat it already!" Light snapped, promptly shoving the detectives head down into the cake.

It splurged and crumbled into the older man's hair and across the desk, thus ending the life of a masterpiece.