Time To Retrieve Our Daughter

Amy, Amy, Amy Pond,

I know now that you have been wronged.

Melody stolen or River should I say,

By that cold hearted time lord straight on this day.

I will get her back I promise,

She will return to the mighty bliss,

Of the TARDIS cot, one and true,

I could not foresee this thing happening to you.

I will travel the universe far and wide,

Until I find out that she will abide,

I know how you cried,

I know that I lied.

She's not Rory's I replied,

She's mine.

Doctor, Doctor, Doctor,

I know that female mocked her,

But Melody is –

No Amy, don't be stuck in the abyss,

She was a clone,

Don't act like the drone,

That Rory has become now.

I will ask every drow,

Every old deep tree,

Every thieving old slitheen.

I won't stop till I've found our child,

I know my hearts beat wild,

Even if it means unleashing my inner beast.

My demon which used to be deceased.

I'll do that roar and I'll rant that rant,

Destroy all those militants,

I won't rest until our River is safe.

She will not be waif.

Let Us Not Welcome Our Daughter,

To This Unholy deceitful Slaughter.