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Summary: *Spoilers* for "A good man goes to war".

After "Lets kill Hitler" the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River have a celebratory meal together in the Tardis and an image in Amy and Rory's heads just won't go away. Takes place over a few days too.

"So, we defeated an army, saved a child and got back in time for tea" River laughed, "All in a days work Ms Song…or should I say Miss Pond?" The doctor grinned. "I think we'll stick to "Song" for now dear, don't want to freak the parents out too much more do we?" she giggled, "yeah…how do you think they're handling the idea?" "well lets see, they're having to put baby me to bed so that they can have dinner with adult me without causing a paradox and potentially destroying the universe…so pretty well I think." a slight hint of sarcasm there which, judging by the playful tickling she received after, the Doctor didn't fail to pick up on. A minute passed and the Doctor had positioned himself on top of River to "optimise tickling potential" as he put it when River pointed this out, although he did mention in a flirtatious whisper that he wouldn't have minded substituting the tickling for something else(…).

It was at the point where the Doctor was whispering in Rivers ear that Amy and Rory walked in. This sight was not unusual when River was aboard the Tardis so Amy and Rory had already gotten over the embarrassment of walking in on awkward situations but now that River was their daughter the embarrassment had returned with a vengeance!

Neither of them really knew how to feel about it so they both went and sat down to eat but when neither the Doctor or River moved to sit back down Rory couldn't help himself *cough*cough*…nothing….*COUGH COUGH* ….nothing…"HEY! Parents in the room here guys SERIOUSLY?" Rory turned to Amy "Nice work Amy! You know for two people who're supposed to be intelligent they're a bit slow aren't they" he said sarcastically, "I don't think their minds were really focussing on us Rory" Amy whispered in reply, "EWWWWWWWW!".

"Well …err, shall we eat?" said the Doctor after a rather long awkward pause, "Yes that sounds like a good idea!" Rory replied quickly.

After another long pause Rory felt like he had to say something "So, River, you're twenty years older than us and you're our daughter…that's not weird in any way…" "imagine how I've felt when you've been asking me what to do and how to get out of things, slight role reversal there" she smiled, trying to make the situation less weird "but anyway, if that's all you find weird then it shouldn't take you too long to get used to the idea" she moved towards the Doctor again placing her head on his shoulder and felt his hand brush away a stray hair on her face, the sensation of his touch causing her to smile like a sixteen year old school girl. "What else should I find weird…?", "oh Rory" Amy sighed, smiling inwardly at her husband naivety, "What?"….silence… "OH MY GOD….YOU'VE HAD SEX WITH MY DAUGHTER!".