Queen of noise

*Amy and Rory's POV on their way and in bed*

"But he…" "yes Rory" "How could…?" "It's awful I know…" "but how can you be so calm about this?" Rory's voice was getting higher and higher as he spoke, "Maybe because everyone APART from YOU can see that he worships the ground she walks on and would NEVER hurt her!" Amy nearly cried. "I know but it's HIM a-and OUR CHILD!, it's…it's weird" he shuddered "Well you're going to have to get your head around it because according to River she's going to be here for a while this time and they're going to be being "coupley" in the TARDIS AND they get married!." she reminded him. "DON'T say…THAT!" Rory shuddered "CHRIST RORY! She's 48!" "SHE WAS STILL BORN YESTERDAY!"

Just then they heard the sound of metal rattling loudly "what was that?" asked Rory, "I don't know, do you think everything's ok?" said Amy, "not sure, I can go and check if you like?" Rory offered, slightly nervous that something was wrong, "that's a good idea, you do that and I'll wait out here" Amy replied "so flipping…Scottish" Rory smiled.

Rory approached the console room quietly, figuring it was better that he wasn't seen or heard by whatever may or may not be in there. As he slowly crept towards the entrance he realised that the noise of metal had not only intensified but had been joined by the sound of someone panting quite loudly, when he reflected on this moment later he realised he probably should've seen that as a sign not to go in but at the time his brain was telling him to go in so he could reassure his wife afterwards. The sight he was met with his mind was most definitely NOT prepared for!

"The Doctor….River….having….on floor!" was all he could get out before he started muttering "why did I have to see that?" over and over again. "What? What's wrong?" Amy asked, slightly worried, but Rory could still only mutter the same thing. "Fine I'll take a look for myself then"

*1 minute later*

"That was disturbing and I am now permanently mentally scarred….so is it bad that pretty much all I can think now is that I really want us to do it in there at some point? It looks really fun!"