Chapter 1


I was walking down the halls of Watercrest University looking for my boyfriend Naruto of 3 years.

I was too happy because I was pinning after Naruto for some years and in my sophomore year he asked me out.

I didn't know what to say, but my best friend Ten-Ten helped me out.

I was so grateful to have a great best friend like her because she truly got me like I got her.

I was the one who convinced her to confess to my cousin Neji and they been together as long as me and Naruto have been.

A couple of classmates told me they seen Naruto with Ten-Ten heading to the library.

I thanked them as I made my way there.

Many people were talking to me and I tried getting out of the conversation nicely, but that wasn't happening.

I didn't want to sound rude and thankfully I didn't because Gaara scared them off.

I thanked him and was about to leave, when I saw him with a crazy look in his eye.

He looked like he wanted to kill someone, so I asked him what was wrong.

Gaara said, "You'll see and he doesn't deserve you.

If you need somebody I'm here as he walked off leaving me confused."

That was strange and weird, but that was Gaara so I guess.

School was out and I needed to catch Naruto to tell him I wouldn't be able to go out with him tonight because I had to work tonight.

It was good that Ten-Ten was with him because then she could give me a ride home.

With my plan thought out, I went into the library.

I spotted them and was about to say hi, when I saw them kiss.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I didn't want to believe it, but it was happening before my very eyes.

I hid behind a huge book case and watched the scene before me. T

hey broke apart smiling at one another.

It was breaking my heart by every passing minute and I was hoping that this was a mistake.

Naruto pulled her close to him and was about to kiss her again, until Ten-Ten stopped him.

She said, "We can't keep doing this Naruto."

Naruto looked at her and said, "You always say that but you don't mean that baby as he attempted to kiss her again."

She stopped him once again and said, "I'm serious Naru.

You have to choose between me and Hinata.

I can't keep being the second woman anymore."

Naruto said, "Alright, but you have to break up with Neji."

Ten-Ten said, "Quit stalling I'll break up with Neji, when you break up with Hinata as she stormed off."

I waited till he was gone, before I left the library.

My mind was all jumbled up and confused.

I mean I caught my boyfriend kissing my best friend or should I say ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend.

That hurt and Gaara's words from earlier made me realize why he said what he said earlier.

He caught them in the act and tried to warn me.

The funny thing was that Naruto's best friend helped me out, but the sad thing was I was a fool.

How long was this going on?

How could they betray me and Neji?

I was heartbroken and so would Neji when he found out.

I mean what could Ten-Ten have that I didn't.

Ten-Ten was cute, but I was beautiful wasn't I.

She had shoulder length brown hair and pretty brown eyes.

She was slim and had an athletic body from always being in one sport or another.

A total tomboy she was and in a way I was too.

I had long blue hair that had streaks of purple in it that reached my waist.

My eyes were pale, but had a hint of lavender in them.

My body was gorgeous, but I was way too shy to flaunt it.

I wore baggy clothes to cover up my body and Naruto always wondered why I wouldn't get dressed up for him.

Maybe that was why he cheated on me with her, but I couldn't dwell on that.

I had to think of a way to get back at them both somehow.

If I confronted them, then they would both lie and Neji would just think I was lying to hurt him.

There had to be another way and a thought popped up in my head.

Maybe Gaara could help me or Temari.

He told me he would be there for me and Temari was like a sister to me, so I knew I could count on her.

I needed to hear both sides to see which idea would be better and then I would strike.

Ten-Ten and Naruto would regret for what they did and they wouldn't even know what hit them.