So my mind is made up.

I'm going to break everything off with Ten-Ten.

Hinata is the girl that I truly love and for me to cheat on her with her best friend is something I'm always going to regret.

Yeah sure she doesn't dress like other girl and all she wears are baggy clothes but I could live with that.

I was going to tell Ten-Ten that I was done with all of this and that we need to act as if nothing happened between us.

I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and called her. She picked up on the third ring.


"Ten-Ten, we need to talk." my voice was serious and stern.

"Your the second guy to tell me that today."

"I don't care just listen to me, look, we need to quit this now. I love Hinata and what I'm doing with you just isn't fair to her."

"Like I care if I'm hurting her or not." she really sounded like she didn't care at all


"I want you Naruto and I realized I made a mistake when I got you and Hinata together so I'm going to fix the mistake I made."

"I'm not going out with you Ten-Ten."

"That's not what you said when I was lying next to you in bed the other night. You told me hat you wanted to be with me."

"That was the biggest mistake I ever made. I want Hinata not you."

"So you're satisfied with not doing anything with her? You're satisfied with her not showing you anything? You're satisfied with just being board with her?"

"I'll wait as long as I have to for her. She's not a slut like you."

"Well this slut still has you wrapped around her finger. A a lot tighter than you know."

Then without another word she hug up.

She was right, I still has some type of attraction to her that I couldn't deny.

I've done so many thing with Ten-Ten that I never even done with Hinata.

Just the thought of all the things that I've done with her killed me on the inside.

I was a slut myself for not staying true to my girlfriend and sleeping with her best friend.

Damn! I need to find a way to fix all of this.

I have a feeling that I made a mistake that I can't fix and if I don't I will lose the girl that I truly love forever.