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As the World Falls Down

"In which Sarah is still selfish, and the Goblin King is still in love with the girl with cruel eyes."

Chapter 1: A crystal, nothing more

– – –

They say that with Time, things will change.

So I appear before her - the first since she defeated my Labyrinth - when she had her first taste of heartbreak.

Time has been kind to her, I muse, even as her eyes are red, and swollen from her angry tears.

If she was surprised at my sudden appearance, she did not show it, much to my frustration and amusement. But I do not show it either, I say to myself, and instead offer Sarah her dreams.

"It's a crystal, precious, nothing more... But if you turn it this—" But I pause, annoyed. She is not even listening!

Instead of falling into my arms, in a show of vulnerability and trust - even though I tell myself that it is not what I expected - she gets angrier, and asks him what I am even doing in her room! The audacity!

"I promised you, did I not? That I would be there for you as the world falls down,"

And, as if going out of her way to prove all my expectations wrong, she laughs – a genuinely happy laugh, one that fills the whole room, and suits her better than her tears, and screaming.

"My world," she starts calmly, "is not falling down entirely, Jareth. I got my heart broken, but my world won't shatter with just that."

So determined, Sarah.

But I am already nodding, giving her a slight bow of apology, and going back. Because suddenly, all I could think of was how she called me with such familiarity, and how it sets my instincts on alert, even as it tells me to get far, far away from her familiarity.

But I have never been one to stay objective, when it comes to Sarah.

– – –