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As the World Falls Down

"In which Sarah is still selfish, and the Goblin King is still in love with the girl with cruel eyes."

Chapter 13: Only Sometimes

– – –

It didn't happen gradually, not from my point of view.

Or perhaps it did, and I simply refused to see it, until it was slapping me in the face.

I came Above, summoned by magic to Sarah's side, and this time, I am to watch as her world is falling down, not merely pick up the pieces in the aftermath, as I had before.

Thus, it was is she lay on too-white sheets, her life sustained by various machines whose functions I never saw need to understand, I offered Sarah her dreams.

Unsurprisingly, even wrought with old age, she merely raises her eyebrow at the offer of her dreams.

Determined woman, this one.

But why? Why still hold on? "Unlike before, you truly have nothing left to live for, Sarah. Your children are grown, with families of their own. You can take your dreams, now. You don't have to stay here, to wither and die, when you could be young once again. Forever. It's not long at all, precious."

"Maybe so. But I already made my dreams come true. Perhaps not all of them, but what I could, I made possible, with my own will."

"For your will is as strong as mine..." I found myself remembering.


"But this chance, Sarah, you could make so much more. You can watch over your children's children, and so on. Your blood." If nothing else, that is one of the greatest advantages of mortal-turned-immortal, the knowledge that your kin is safe, and watched over.

Having said my part, I can only wait.

I will wait one more time.

"I can't bury any more of my family."

Ah. So it comes down to that, does it? I should have seen it, even from the very first time I offered Sarah her dreams.

Once. I can only wait once more. After today... well, I still have to try. Just one last time.

"Still selfish, Sarah?" I asked, even though I knew for certain. I smiled, though.

Indeed. I smiled, because I already understood, from the second time I offered what I did not want to see from the first time I did.

Alas, time can only change so much — and sometimes, not even then.

A smile still - no, always - the same smile. Amusement a quirk in the corner of her lips, and cruelty alight in her eyes.

"Only sometimes, Jareth."


– – –



NOTE (07.07.11): Yes, this really is the END. Abrupt? Maybe so, but cruelty does not know patience. From the beginning, this has always been the end that I've seen for this story - before I even had a beginning, actually, I knew I wanted this. I actually said so in the summary. Literally. And yes, the whole thing was done before I even posted the story, but I still had to work out technical errors in each chapter, like my tenses. I suck at tenses.

Lastly, I would just like to extend a big THANK YOU! to everyone who stuck around for this story :) I'm testing out other ideas, not all of them in Labyrinth, but I hope you'll give my other stories a chance, anyway.