Hola guys! I'm back with another story and I've decided to make it different since the last one I did (Between The Lines of Blame and When You Bleed Just To Know You're Alive) were emotionally heavy. So I've decided to make something lighter (not it won't have drama but still...), I hope you'll like it!


If there were a word that could describe perfectly this situation, she would probably choose…


Or she could use an hundred other words to express the scalding pain in her ankle.

It might not be broken, but damn it hurt. And there she was, sitting helplessly in the grass, trying to figure out her options.

She couldn't go to the University's infirmary. It was 2:00 AM. But she couldn't just stay there and wait for it to open.

She cursed under her breath and gazed menacingly at the wet grass that made her fall.

And what was the idea to be outside at this hour! Oh well… maybe because she stupidly choose to do what had to be done in the night instead of waking up early in the morning.

The final deadline to register for the summer semester was scheduled for 7 AM. She just could have wait for five hours and she would have seen where she was walking…

"A funny place to be at night, Misa-chan"

Oh great… The one person she didn't want to see right now. She couldn't let him know that she had twisted her ankle… Plans that he would carry her, bridal style…

She raised her head to gaze at Usui, annoyed.

"I can ask you the same question" She replied, glaring defiantly at him.

But she quickly realized the registration form that he was holding. The same she had five minutes ago.

Great…I'm still stuck with him for another semester…

But her sarcastic thought vanished when she felt another wave of pain.

"…Is everything ok?" He asked, slowly starting to get suspicious.

Well…who wouldn't be. Intelligent people don't sat in the middle of the Faculty's park…on the wet grass…when it's two in the morning…

"Yeah, I was just gazing at the stars"

Usui gazed curiously at the sky and at the same moment, she realized that there weren't any visible stars because of the clouds…

Brilliant answer…

"Oh, and you mind if I join you" He grinned.

She couldn't hold back the strong "Yes, I mind", that she just uttered. Her top priority was to find a clinic, which also happened to be on the same priority's list as "Do not let Usui know".

He nodded slightly, but she knew that he was a little hurt by her rejection.

She managed to stand up without looking injured.

"Because I was just heading back…and you have to hand your registration form if I'm not mistaken"

His gaze slowly drifted to the paper in his hand.

"Yeah… stargazing will have to wait then"

He waved her politely goodbye after what he walked in the opposite direction.

She sighed from relief and started to walk towards the forest.

At this late hour, the only hospital that was opened was the one in the city.

She could have taken the principal road but she decided to cut off by the forest because it was quicker.

Every step she walked on her ankle made her regret to not have ask Usui's help. When she reached the entrance of the forest, she turned her head to see if maybe he had followed her. He was a stalker after all…

But she was alone. And she tried to convince herself that it was better that way. Making people worry wasn't her favorite thing to do so she would have to walk by herself.

Her rhythm was confident for the first twenty minutes, even if her posture was slightly destabilized by her injured ankle.

She stumbled several times along the way, but she knew that the city was close. It was supposed to be a thirty minutes walk, which means that she was getting close to see the city's lights.

But the more she walked in the forest, the more she realized her surroundings.

It was curiously darker than she expected it would be for somewhere ten minutes away from a city. She had walked this path several times…there were no ways that she could have gone the wrong way. But all the times she did, it was sunny and she didn't have twisted ankle…

She stopped, partially to verify if she was heading to the correct place but partially because of the pain located in her ankle. A strange feeling grew in her stomach, something that told her that she had no idea where she was.

It was dark… too dark to actually see something…too dark to even find her way back…

She heard something coming from behind, and even if she tried to convince herself that it was a small animal, her natural reaction was to crumble down, her head buried in her hands. She could have turn around to see what it was, but the scary image of a ghost invaded slowly her mind.

Something touched her shoulder. It felt like a hand.

A choked scream escaped her mouth but she immediately regretted it when she figured out what it was...well who it was…

Just the usual stalker…

"Are you okay?" Usui asked, concern in his voice.

She raised her head, trying to erase the fear noticeable in her eyes. He helped her to stand up, thinking it was because of her state of shock that she wobbled when she was on her two feet.

"Can I ask you the reason of your presence in this forest?" He tried to ask politely but his expression turned hard.

She couldn't tell him; she was so close to be in the city. She might not know where it was, but still…

"I couldn't sleep so I was just taking some fresh air"

And with that said, she pivoted and took a path that she thought might be the good one. She tried to walk normally, but the more she advanced the more she became unsteady. She could still feel his gaze burning her back but she stubbornly decided to walk away.

She felt his hand grabbing her wrist, but this sudden movement rotated her injured ankle, which made her lose her balance. But of course, Usui was there to catch her…

He scrutinized her face tortured by the pain and brought her near a tree so that she could sit against it.

His fingers slid down her leg to pull up the bottom of her pants. She didn't look her ankle since she entered in the woods, but it was probably worse than it was, judging by the look on his face.

He turned his head slowly towards her, a curious glint of anger flashing in his eyes.

"Were you trying to go to the hospital, by yourself ?" He asked while making sure to put the emphasis on the absurdity of her decision.

She sighed without returning his gaze.

"That was the original plan…but I was kinda lost…"

No words were uttered, just the strange silence of the woods. Her eyes flickered towards the mute man, wondering what was the problem.

"But we can returned to the University, the nursery will be soon open" She proposed, thinking that he must know the way back, but it was like he wasn't listening at all.


He bent his head, his gaze locked on her ankle. He looked…ashamed?

"We can't… we're lost…"

So should I continue! I always wanted to make a story about survival tips because I love to grab a bag and sometimes stop to care about my life and just walk in the forest. Even if the first word when you see me wouldn't be "forest girl", deep down inside I am ;) So in each chapter there will be a small survival tip that our favorite couple will learn! Goodbye!