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He Got it All Wrong

His vision was blurred….Just when he was about to stand up, everything seemed to disappear once again. His head in his hands, he tried to remember why has he fallen asleep in this cave.

Did I really fall asleep….

He looked around him and was relieved to recognize where he was. It was the back of the cave, the place where he went to bring back the fruits he found.

He stared at the dewberries, squashed in his hand. He had a vague memory of having meet Misaki right here, but despite his effort to remember the reason why she wasn't there anymore, he couldn't make sense of her absence.

He walked outside the cave, thinking that she might be there because of the morning light. She must have taken the first opportunity that she had to leave this dark cave "full of ghosts".

But when he reached the entrance, a certain panic blurred his mind at the sight of the darkness of the night. His gaze flickered to his palm colored in red by the dewberries as the facts clicked one by one into place in his head.

He didn't fall asleep….poison made him lost consciousness.

But the puzzle wasn't complete.

Where is Misaki….

Before he lost consciousness, he entered the cave… with the dewberries, Misaki was there…but why he can't remember the rest…

Hardly had he found the last piece of the puzzle, that he placed it wrong.

She was in danger….

It wasn't Misaki in the cave… it was ….

A stranger…

His feet automatically begun to run, having not a precise place to go but driven by the only thought to find Misaki.

So he ran, impossibly fast, as his eyes were getting accustomed to the darkness.

What if something had happened to her….

The only thought of it made him run faster until he caught a glimpse of something strange that made him slow his pace.

Two moons…

He stared at the second moon, which was a mere reflect of the original, situated in a small lake. Its image was softly distorted by some little waves and he couldn't help but to wonder why due to the absence of wind.

His gaze flickered to an abnormal form that was weakly approaching the shore. It seemed to be a human, but Usui was still too far to be sure of this fact. He came closer carefully, thinking that it might be the stranger.

But his mind became blank for half of a second as he realized some purple-raven shades illuminated by the moon.

The more he ran, the more she weakened.

By the time he reached her, out of breath, she was flat on the ground, inert.

"Misaki, wake up!"

He knew that she wasn't sleeping; he just didn't wanted to admit to himself the horror of the fact.

His mouth hastily covered her as he gave two insufflations and reached out for her sternum in order to reanimate her.

"C'mon, just breath…."

His words were more destined to convince himself than to be heard by her. His movements became an automatism and he couldn't bring himself to stop, even though he knew that he was too late.

He couldn't imagine losing her… he can't lose her.

Just when his vision began to become blurred again, the body he was desperately reanimating had a spasm.

He turned his head to look at her face as a spark of hope filled his spirit.

But she remained inert…

Until he heard her cough violently, spitting the water of her lungs.

She will be okay, and this only thought made him enlaced her desperately as she finished to spat water.


But she didn't have to time to understand what was going on that his arms reached up to twine firmly around her neck so that she was welded to his lips.

The kiss was full of urgency, almost inhuman. She didn't know if he was back to his real state, but something about it was so hypnotic that she didn't want to break it.

The thought of having lost her made him forget all the promises he made to himself.

Behave. Don't give in to temptation.

But he simply forgot all of this.

With a low growl he pinned her down on the sand but she softly pulled him away. This action made him gazed at her eyes for the first time. He noticed the subtle shimmer of fear in it.

"What had he done to you?" He carefully asked, thinking that the reason why she looked scared was because of the stranger.

Misaki looked in his eyes, confused.

"W-Who?" She panted, still out of breath from their kiss and her almost drowning.

Usui's brows pulled together as he frowned.

"The person in the cave, he attacked you… right?"

She continued to stare blankly at him until she understood that he was still delusional about what really happened in the cave.

"There were no one in the cave except you and I…"

Confusion darkened his eyes as he distanced himself from her, choosing be seated. She did the same, even though it made her head ached.

"No… there was this man… beside the water…I made him fall…"

She gulped, wondering if she really needed to tell him the truth. But she had to… If not, he would constantly be chasing the supposedly stranger.

"The fruits you have been eating made you paranoiac… There was no stranger… just me…"

He was still continuing to stare at her, like he couldn't make sense of her words. But comprehension filled his gaze at the same time of horror did.

He stood up quickly., his jaw going up and down. She waited for the moment that he will calm down, but his hands were tightly clenched into fists.

"Usui… seriously it's okay, no one is hurt"

But he didn't want to hear about forgiveness. He didn't deserve it. He didn't deserve her. All of this was his fault.

His jaw was clenched against all the guilt he wanted to hurl.

"Where you're going!"

Her voice was just was a distant noise, joined with the sound of his walking footsteps. The further he will be from her, the best it will be.

But she was still walking behind him, having no intention to let him run away. She grabbed his arm to make him stop, which he did but he didn't turn around.

"Ayuzawa… don't respect me"

She flinched back from the intense shame in his voice but she kept her hold on his arm. He tried to push her away, but she quickly faced him and grabbed his shirt with her hands.

"Don't feel guilty, you weren't in your normal state"

His eyes flickered towards her before he looked away.

"You almost died… because of me"

Seeing that his ardor to run away lessened, she loosened her hold and made him sat on the nearest rock. She crouched and took his two hands but not without blushing to her action.

"But I didn't…. so stop blaming yourself because if you wouldn't be there, I would have died from a bear attack or exhaustion to find my way back" She said, humor in her voice, trying to soothe the atmosphere.

Her hand tugged involuntarily to his shirt, as she nervously played with the fabric.

"So… for now… please don't leave"

Her own words even suprised herself. But it was the truth... to get seperated could be the most stupid thing to do in this forest.

She heard him sighed and the next thing she felt was the pressure of his chest with her cheek as he pulled her on his knees and pulled her tight to his body.

He could just respect half of his request….

He wouldn't forgive himself for what he did… but in this threatening forest, even though it turned out that he could be a threat to her, he couldn't imagine herself to leave her….

He won't….even if the blame of his action will make him suffer for several days.

He wont... at least not until they find their way back.

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