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"Go away…" Misaki mumbled in a sleepy voice, trying to loosen Usui's hold on her waist. She didn't know the exact moment when she let her guards down during the night, but she promised herself to be more vigilant for the next nights this alien will have a sudden burst of affection.

"But Misa-chan said to never leave her" He replied childishly, his breath tickling her ear.

"I never said that" She strongly denied, shoving him aside. But in fact, she clearly remembered the moment when she told him to not leave her. He was feeling guilty of having pushed her in the water and she felt compelled to clear this guilt. End of the story, it's not like she really wanted him to stay. Neither did she really wanted him to leave… but she will never admit this part…

She stood up and stretched her arms, her muscled all stiff after this night spent on the ground. All she needed right now was a cold shower… at least cold water.

The lake being her only option, she left Usui behind after mumbling a small mind your business after he asked where she was heading.

She undressed herself and dived into the icy water. Lost in the woods for almost three weeks now, it was rare for them to find places with lakes. So every occasion they found one, she never missed the chance to refresh herself in it.

Her injured ankle seemed to be okay. Even if she wasn't walking at her full capacity, it was really better than before. Sometimes, only time can help…

She let herself float on the water, however vigilant about a certain pervert who might appear anytime. Her clothes scattered on the shore, she could only pray that he won't come. Which would be very unlikely of him….

This only thought brought her back to reality and she decided to head back where her clothes were before someone else does. As she finished to put on her underwear, a subtle growl turned her attention to the forest. It didn't sound like a animal… more like a human. But the only persons in this perimeter was herself and…


She hurried to put back her pants but just when she was about to take her shirt, the wind pushed it directly in the water. She quickly grabbed it and put it on, running back where Usui was.

He couldn't be hurt. After all, he was Usui. Inhuman as he was, a cry of pain wouldn't suit his nonchalant personality. However, she kept a quick pace, knowing that if wasn't him, it would have meant that somebody else was near… and that would be scary….

But no one else was here, just the two of them… like it had been for over three weeks…

"Why did you shout like you were about to die?" She asked in a monotone voice, however relieved that he seemed to be okay.

Usui was sitting calmly on the ground, his eyes looking down.

"For nothing, sorry to have worried you"

She stared at him, trying to find what could have been wrong. Usually, when someone yells, it's because there is a reason behind it, especially if this person is Usui who is often expressionless.

"W-Who w-would be worried for you…seriously Usui what's going on?"

His gaze remained focused on the ground as she noticed him biting subtly his lower lip like he was hiding his pain.

She crouched beside him, which made him looked at her. But he curiously averted his gaze, hiding what she thought could have been embarrassment.

Damn he's strange..

"I have been bitten by a snake" He simply answered like he would have replied to someone who would have asked what time it was.

"B-By a-a snake?" Misaki nervously replied trying to show compassion but she couldn't help but to look around if it was still there.

"Relax, it's gone" He said, still trying to not look at her for god-knows which reason.

She looked at him, suddenly relieved that she won't have to try to kill a snake (because she would have tried) but however tensed about what she could do to cure him.

"So what's the plan" She asked, knowing that Usui always have a plan.

"There's no plan."

"C'mon, there must be something I can do"

"No there's not"

She breathed heavily, knowing that they were thinking to the same plan but were too emabarassed to say it out loud.

"I could sucked up the poison…"

After an emabarassing silence passed, he finally answered.

"No, it's too dangerous"

She watched him, flustered that the more they speak, the more he was suffering.

"It's not, I've watched this on TV, I only have to spit it out after I-"

"It's not for this reason" He strongly denied, interrupting her explanation.

He was getting on her nerves. This was their only option for god sake so why was he acting so strange! And why was he being so persistent to avert his gaze from her!

Upset, she took his face between her palms to make him looked at her. They intensely gazed at each other, both angry about something.

"Then would you mind telling me the reason why you would rather die than to have the venom sucked up this way" She asked slowly, grincing her teeth.

He continued to stare at her as a subtle embarrassment flashed in his eyes.

"You still don't know where I have been bitten"

She confusingly looked at him, not understanding why it would matter. But her head tilt reflexivily in the direction of his hand that had been holding a pressure on the bite since the start. But it was only now that she noticed where he had been bitten.

It was on his left leg, more precisely above his knee… but there was still a great distance between the knee and the bite… so much that she couldn't say that it was "above the knee" because it was much more closer to … another part of his anatomy.

Right now, the only thing that soothed her was knowing that it was still on his tigh even if it was almost on his…

"How could a snake have bitten you there!" She shouted with a voice full of reproaches but perfectly knowing that it wasn't his fault.

"Don't know. It must have been a female" He tried to joke, but his face was slowly becoming pale due to the venom.

There wasn't time to lose. She knew that. He knew that.

"What are you doing?" He asked tersely, wondering why she got closer.

"Sucking the poison so that you won't die and so that you will help me find the way back to our home" She explained, trying to make it look like she was selfish. But the truth was that she couldn't simply stay there and watch him agonize.

She kneeled down in front of him and put her wet hair in a ponytail so that she could see clear. She breathed, and swallowed her future embarssement that she will certainly have.

As she leaned forward, two hands framing her face suddenly stopped her. Usui's eyes were wide and serious.

"You can't" He whispered.

Annoyed by all the time they were losing, she freed herself from Usui's grip.

"Of course I can! What is your fucking reason Usui, beside that the bite is really close to your…well…you know what"

The pain that he was desperately trying to hide caused him to switch his attention to a different place… a place he judged too risky to look at since Misaki came back from the lake.

She followed his gaze, wanting to know the cause of his torment.

It didn't sink in at first, but then it clicked.


Too distracted by Usui's scream earlier, she completely forgot to dry her body before putting on her clothes. Her blouse was now all wet, buttoned incorrectly, making her blue pastel bra obvious.

"Because I won't be able to control myself if you get closer" He muttered to himself, under his breath.

Even this comment wasn't destined to be heard, Misaki heard every word of it. Aside from being extremely embarrassing, the situation they got their selves into was completely absurd.

How could she let him die, only because of this idiot's hormones?

She exhaled sharply and quickly pressed her hand over his mouth, preventing him to make any future comments.

A strange warning reflected in his eyes but she instantly swept it away from her conscience.

She leaned forward until her lips were pressured against the wound. She decided to close your eyes, trying to avoid the thought of what was right in front of her eyes. She sensed Usui's body arched up the more she sucked up the poison.

He refrained a rough growl from the pain but a soft moan, or what seemed to be, escaped his mouth.

As much as he wanted to push her away, feeling that his breaking point was near, he couldn't bring himself to do so. Her thin lips were moving on his skin in a constant movement, transferring a fierce and incandescent shock down his spine. His gaze once locked to the sky, his head bowed to Misaki.

Her see-through blouse was like a veil on her sheer crystal skin. This only thought could make him fantasize about so much more but now, was not the time.

He desperately tried to think of anything else: bad weather, starvation, smelly trashes… anything that could turn him off but nothing seemed to work.

He was breathing heavily as Misaki sucked up the venom and spat it on the ground in a repetitive manner. She innocently thought his physical reactions were due to the pain but knew deep down that wasn't the only truth.

"I think I got it all out, do you still feel something?" She asked, preparing to move away.

If I still feel something?

He was like a light switch that someone would have turned on and just left.

As she stood up, Usui caught her up in his firm grip, smoothly pressing her on the nearest tree.

"Hey, w-what the hell you think you're d-doing!"

His lips twitched, fighting a smile.

"Thanking you in the most proper manner I could think of"

His grip on her tightened as he drew her toward him for a long, intense and open-mouthed kiss. Prepared to be shoved aside, he was surprised to notice that she hadn't moved an inch.

The truth was that the venom episode had left both of them aroused and wanting for more. As much as she was trying not to fall for him, a secret feeling grew down deep in her: the desire of never be found and never find the way back. So that they could be alone, just her, just him.

A subtle rumble was heard far beyond the mountains. He recognized what it was, but so did she.

She reached over, put her hands around his neck so that she could be welded to his lips.

Surprised at first, he eagerly responded to her sudden kiss, knowing and sharing the source of this unexpected action.

The background noise became more and more distinct.

She held to his shirt, bringing him closer to her. He felt the proximity of her body, the wetness of her blouse, the pressure of her breast on his chest.

The source of the sound seemed to be approaching.

With a low growl, Usui lifted her and pressed her back on the tree. She tightly wrapped her legs around his waist. He plunged his tongue down her mouth and grasped her damp hair. Sharp and short moans escaped from Misaki's mouth, as Usui's breath became pants.

They didn't want to stop, feeling that they were on the last edge of control.

His tongue slid on her neck and up to her ear. From this angle, with her fingers, she could explore all the muscles of the nape of his neck. His tongue trailed from her ear to the corner of her mouth, and he captured her lips. This kiss was full of urge and sensuality. He slowed down the rhythm and loosened his grip.

They both gazed at each other, still panting, and their eyes rose up to the sky.

The mechanic roar of the helicopter covered their uneven breath.

They watched it, as it began its descent, one kilometer from where they were.

Later on, they will run to the place where the helicopter landed.

Later on, they will learn that they reached a military base.

Later on, they will be escorted to home.

Later on, she will deny every feeling that she might have had in this forest.

Later on, he will be pleased to remember her that this denial isn't true.

But as for now, they wrapped in each other arms, secretly wishing for another risky choice.

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