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Chapter 1: The Move…

"Dad, this isn't fair!" whined the dark haired pale grey eyed girl to her father. "Look Hinata, I know what it's like to be in high school. But this is the safest option… After that attack on the limo, I will not have my daughter and heiress to the family business be put in harms' way again" said Hanabi Hyuga. Head of the Hyuga family and owner of Hyuga Electronics Inc. A very prestigious company in Japan, but it's inadvertently a front for Hyuga's real business… The running of the biggest crime syndicates in Japan.

"This is bullshit! It's my last year in high school and because of one incident you send me halfway across the world to stay with some idiot from the 'company'? Fuck that I'm not going!" fumed Hinata at her father. "Hey! I am your father young lady, you will watch your tone with me!" snapped Hanabi. "Sorry dad" said Hinata slightly scared of his tone, "I'm just really upset right now. I mean, this is my home. All my friends are here and family. I didn't even get to tell…" she trailed off.

Hyuga looked at her instantly knowing what she was going to say and softened his gaze. "Sweetheart, why do you faun over such a boy? Naruto Uzumaki is hardly worth your time. And not to hurt your feelings but he doesn't even notice you. He's always looking at that pink haired girl Sakura Haruno" he said. Hinata blushed at the fact that he knew so much about her crush. "I know but, I'm sure that if I just tell him he'll… I dunno. But I know it'll work" said Hinata a little upset. She sighed, "When does the plane leave?" "Tonight at 10:30 to Los Angeles" said Hanabi knowing what the next response would be. "WHAT! That's in five damn hours! Why didn't you tell me sooner?" she said as her blood boiled.

Before Hyuga could say another word, Hinata stormed up stairs and slammed the door to her room and locked it. She flopped down on her plush bed and started to cry. I can't believe this she thought. I finally get over my shyness and am able to talk to the boy I'm in love with, and now I'm going to California in a few hours without even so much as doing that. She sobbed for a few more minutes, then changed into her street clothes of skinny low rise jeans and a purple tank with a striped black n' white zip up hoodie and chucks (I know. If I had a girl I'd dig that outfit on her). She opened up her window, hopped on the ledge and pulled herself up on the roof. She then sprinted across and jumped catching the branch on the tree in front of her house. Phew she thought, if it weren't for those martial arts classes I took with Kiba and the gymnastics class with Ino, I wouldn't have made that…

She slid down the tree and walked out of the front gate careful not to make any noise.

Twenty minutes later she arrived at the downtown mall area. She passed other people as she walked blank mindedly. That is until she bumped into someone. The black man dropped his bag from the shop he exited and stumbled backwards. Hinata fell on the floor. The man looked down at her before speaking in English "I'm so sorry ma'am. Are you ok?" he said, Hinata rubbed her head a little before looking up. The man had very attractive features she thought, his skin was clear and mocha colored. His hair was short and very neatly lined connecting his sideburns to his chin (chin strap goatee), and his eyes were hazel with green near the iris. He reached his hand down to help her and she noticed he was very toned. She blushed before going on the defensive and shouting at him.

"Tokei wa anata ga baka o okonatte iru doko!" she shouted standing up.
-Watch where you're going you idiot!

The man rubbed his head before responding, he knew she was upset by her tone. "I really didn't mean to…" but he was cut off as she yelled in Japanese more.

"Anata wa orokana gai-jin ga koko ni kite, anata jishin no subeteda to omoimasu. Kiraina hito o kuso!"
-you stupid foreigners come here and think you own everything. Fucking asshole!

"Oi! Watashi wa zan'nendatta yo, ochitsuke! And don't call me Gai-Jin!"
-Hey! I said I was sorry, calm down! Yelled the black man back. Surprised by the fact that he could speak Japanese, Hinata turned bright red and backed away realizing the man was at least a 6 inches taller than her. When he stepped forward she flinched, the man noticed and sighed then picked up his bags and walked past her. Realizing what she did Hinata became even redder.

"Oi!" she called after him. The man turned around to face her as she spoke (in Japanese but cuz we kno they both can we'll continue in English to make it easier for me) "I'm sorry. I'm just going through a lot today, I just found out I'm moving to America" she said a little sad. She looked at the ground as he stared at her. "Oh" said the man, "where to?" "*[California]" she said sadness in her voice. "That's where I live, it's not that bad out there I promise" said the man with a warm smile on his face. Hinata thought it was gorgeous and couldn't help but smile back but hers soon faded. "Well at least you're not going to be leaving everything you know to start a new life somewhere else in 3 hours and 20 mins" said Hinata, the man looked at her understandingly. "Well that's true, but I have done it. Several times in my life in fact, and I'm only 17. Changing schools is tough in high school, but be glad you only have to do it once" he said in a jokingly serious tone.

Hinata agreed with him in her mind, though she was still upset. Unlike him, she had roots here so it would be way more difficult for her to rip away from them. Then she thought about something, "wait. If you're 17 like me, and you're not from Japan. What are you doing out here? It's still school time out there right?" she asked confused. "Yeah, well. My mom does a lot of work around the world for her company. And she's always worried about me when she leaves me by myself at home. Mostly that I'll burn it down or throw wild parties" he said laughing. "So sometimes she'll bring me with her to places, she's been to Japan 8 times now. That's how I learned to speak coupled with a few classes" he said honestly. Hinata nodded in understanding. "That makes sense" she said as they stood there.

For a moment, they both stared into each other's eyes. His eyes are so sexy Hinata thought, but they also look loving. And yet, I feel like they're hiding a secret as well. Hinata was about to ask the young man something when she heard her name being called. She looked over to see none other than Naruto walking up with Sasuke, Sakura following close behind. "What are you doing here Miss Hyuga" asked Sasuke. She looked back at the man then at them, then focused her attention to Naruto and blushed. "Yeah, who's the giant Gai-jin" asked Naruto pointing at the tall black man to her left. Hinata shot a look at him which was to 'say I'm sorry for his ignorance'. "This is…" she started as she turned to look at him again, but realized he wasn't next to her anymore. When she turned around however, she saw him behind Naruto with a knife to his throat holding his left arm behind him. Hinata gasped in fright at the sight. "The name's Vinton, or Black Speed Demon if you like. But call me Gai-jin again and it'll be the last thing you say before I cut your vocal cords out" said Vinton very quietly to Naruto in Japanese. "Let him go!" yelled Sakura and Hinata. Looking up, Vinton saw the desperation in Hinata's eyes and let Naruto go.

"What the hell's your problem Vinton? You went from nice guy to assassin in 5 seconds" snapped Hinata. "I'm sorry I just hate that fucking word! My mom's been coming here since I was a kid and the other kids always use to call me that, it pisses me off" he said in a bit of a growl. Hinata stared at him for a minute before sayin "you should go." "Are you serious? I didn't even… fuck it whatever; I'm late for something anyway. Enjoy your last two hours here. [See you in Califonia maybe]" said Vinton as he grabbed his bag and walked off, Hinata just stared. He's not as nice as I thought, but what was that just now? Hinata contemplated as she helped her friend/crush up. "Are you ok?" she asked, "I'm fine. But what's this about you enjoying your last two hours here? You going somewhere?" asked Naruto as he watched Vinton continue to fade into the crowd. He and everyone else where now focused on her waiting on and answer.

"My dad's freaked about last week so I'm on a plane to California at 10:30. I should probably head home and pack now that I think about it" said Hinata. "You guys wanna walk home with me?" she asked. "Oh I'd love to Hinata, but I already bought two tickets for me and Sasuke to the showing of 'X-men First Class' and that's in ten minutes" said Sakura clinging to Sasuke's arm. "What the fuck Sakura? You said I could take you to see the show tomorrow, that's when I get paid" said naruto a little disappointed. "Oh, well you guys have fun" said Hinata in heartache as they argued behind her and she turned to walk away towards her home. "Hey wait, I don't have any plans so I'll walk you home" said Naruto to Hinata's delight. Yes, a quiet walk home with my man she thought. Just don't chicken out and tell him this time.

They walked in silence for a while, and then Hinata found the courage to speak. "Hey Naruto, I've been wanting to tell you that I" she began but tripped over a crack in the cement. She almost fell, but found herself in the embrace of Naruto as he looked down at her. "Are you ok?" he asked. She said nothing, just stared into his blue eyes as his golden blond hair hung in front of his face. She blushed slightly but then placed a soft hand on his cheek. "Hinata?" Naruto called to her but she said nothing still, she just kept staring into those eyes. Then she leaned up and placed her lips to his, kissing him as passionately as she had always wanted.

Naruto lifted her up and after they kissed looked at her in confusion. "What was that?" he asked, Hinata looked at him blushing. "I know that was a little forward, but the truth is I like you Naruto. Ever since we were kids I've wanted you to be with me. I know I'm leaving but I'm sure it won't be for long. I was hoping we could be together when I get back" she said. Hinata found that the words were quite easy to say and felt good knowing she finally said them. But Naruto didn't answer right away. He looked at her for a moment before saying "I like you too, but not in that way. I like Sakura. But you'll always be a close friend to me…"

The words cut through her as if she were butter. She could feel her eyes start to burn as tears welled up in them. "Oh" she said, "well then I'm sorry I kissed you. That was inappropriate of me… Bye Naruto" she said as she turned around and ran up the street, tears in her eyes. "Hinata" called Naruto after her, but she didn't stop. It would be much too painful to turn around and see him.

With no regard to keeping quiet, Hinata ran through the front door and up to her room. Before she could open the door Hanbi grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. "Where have you been? After what we discussed earlier and last week's incident, you leave without notifying the guards? Not to mention you haven't packed and you'll be late for… the… plane…" he trailed off as he noticed the tears running down her flawless pale cheeks. "Hinata what's wrong?" he asked, voice filled with concern.

"Nothing, just take me to the airport please. I don't want to be here anymore" she said through sobs. Hanabi knew what this was, but didn't speak on the issue. He simply hugged his daughter and told her to pack her close. Love can be a very painful thing at that age he thought to himself as he prepared to leave the house.

At the airport, Hinata was preparing to board her plane. She wasn't crying anymore but she was still in pain over earlier that night. She turned to look at her father. "Bye dad" she said, "good-bye sweetheart. I'll come to visit you in a month ok" said Hyuga as he kissed her on the forehead. She waved to him then proceeded on to the plane. Usually she'd be in a private jet, but out of safety Hanabi bought her a ticket (first class) on a normal jet. Fully situated on the plane, the stewardess began going though safey procedures as the plane prepared for take.

Once ready, the jet speeded down the strip faster and faster until it finally pulled itself off the ground and sailed into the night sky. Hinata looked out the window and watched as Japan slowly became smaller until it was barely visible. She felt the tears coming again as she pulled the window cover down and pulled her hood over her face. I hope I never come back she thought as she began to drift off to sleep.

14 Hours and a bad case of jet lag later, Hinata arrived in LAX airport. Technically it would have been noon of Saturday, but cause of a 17 hour time difference; it was 7pm and still Friday. After gathering all her luggage Hinata met with the 'idiot' left to protect her while she was here. "So which house are we going to? Malibu or Hollywood?" she asked tiredly. "Neither" said the man driving, "and I'm Daniel. Nice to meet you too" he said sarcastically. "I speak English better than Japanese, can you speak English?" Daniel asked. "[Yes, I'm still learning but understand well]" she said in English. "[Good. We're going to a city called Cerritos. Very high in Asian population, so you'll be unnoticed. You know, except for the eyes]" said Daniel. She would have been mad, but it was true. Everyone in the Hyuga family had strange, pale grey eyes.

30 minutes later they arrived at a house in Cerritos. It wasn't as big as her house in Japan, or Malibu or Hollywood, but it would do. She entered the house and mad way for the stairs. She found the biggest room upstairs and dragged her bags into it. Soon after she lay on the bed and was fast asleep.

The next morning Hinata woke up to a bright sun in her face though the window. She stretched and yawned as she rolled out of bed. She groggily walked to the window and opened the blinds. She covered her eyes to adjust to the brightness and look around. As she looked to the left, she realized she could see into the neighboring houses' window. Upon further inspection she realized it was the bathroom, and that's when she saw him. A toned black man standing in the window, looking in the mirror. She tried not to, but Hinata couldn't help but notice his washboard abs, his toned arms and that mocha skin. She watched his figure as he brushed his teeth. Not noticing he noticed her and was now facing her, "[enjoying the view?]" he asked. Hinata froze, eyes wide and face as red as tomatoes. She then tried her best to sound casual about the situation, "[hehe. I'm sorry I look outside and saw you there]" she said. She then looked up to see the man and her jaw dropped. He too was shocked as he looked at her closely.



"What the fuck!" they both said together…

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