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Chapter 5: Training, secrets… And a Date? (part 1)

"Sir. We just received word that the plan was a failure" said a young woman to the man looking at the computer monitors. He fixed his glasses and moved his bangs from his face before turning to face her. "And how did that happen? The body double looked and acted just like him, no one would have ever been able to tell him from the real Hisabi Hyuga." "Subject one was there" said the woman, "he figured it out when the double called subject 86 by her old nickname. He killed him as well" she said. The man sighed, "very well. That's all Karin, call in subjects 37 and 11." Karin nodded before walking out, then in came a boy with dark hair and a girl with bright pink hair. "You called for us Kabuto?" said Sasuke. Kabuto looked and Sasuke and Sakura in silence before he spoke. "It would appear that your Intel is a bit patchy. Did you forget to mention to me that subject one was watching her, or are you really that oblivious?" "S-subject one?" said Sakura confused, "oh I'm sorry 37. You probably never met your big brother have you? Well that's understandable, but for you 11, I just can't seem to believe that" said Kabuto. The anger was slowly building in his voice as he continued, "I gave you one simple and benign task to watch her and make sure that those incompetent buffoons didn't get to her. So why didn't you FUCKING DO SOMETHING ABOUT SUBJECT ONE?" Sasuke took a breath before he talked, "he didn't seem to know her. And he clearly didn't recognize me. Also, Naruto was there and we were in the public. If I'd have acted, we would've been fou-"

Sasuke's voice was silenced by kabuto's hand around his neck, crushing his wind pipe. As he spoke, Kabuto lifted Sasuke off his feet. "I've spent 20 years on this research, and 17 of those years were training you and the rest of the things you call kids. You can fully disassemble and reassemble an F-16 jet engine in 12 hours and 26 minutes. You're stronger than most of these idiots who work for me, and clearly more intelligent. So why is it this task was so fucking difficult!" "I'm… Sorry…" Sasuke gasped for air once Kabuto dropped him. Sakura kneeled down by him before looking to Kabuto and saying "You could've killed him." Kabuto laughed, "Now why on earth would I do that? I need him. Other than 1 and 86 he's our most gifted specimen. Now, it has come to my attention that those idiots who were training you all are on their way to japan. When they arrive you all need to take them out. No mistakes this time, or else I'll really lose it and maybe I will kill you" Said Kabuto. Sasuke nodded before standing and walking with Sakura from the room

Kabuto sat in silence as he thought to himself.

Orochimaru, I'm gonna finish your research and I'm gonna do what you never could .Once I have 86 I'll use her for that goal…

He laughed to himself

"OK guys, Spring breaks tomorrow and in a few months graduation. I don't need to tell you how much the finals are gonna impact your final grade for the year, so take some time out this break to study. The bells gonna ring in five minutes, feel free to do whatever" said the teacher as he packed his bag.

It had been three months since everyone moved in at The Brotherhood house, and things seemed to be calm for a minute. Vinton and the guys hadn't been attacked in almost a month now, so school actually seemed kind of fun and not a burden. Once the bell rang, everyone met up out front of the school. "I still don't see why we have to go to school. I mean, we are smarter than most of the teachers right? Shouldn't we be focused on more important things" said Max. "He has a point, I mean I like coming here and flirting with sexy ass Jason every day, but it seems a little fucking pointless" said Sunny. Vinton looked at the group of kids before sighing. "Guys… what would you say if all of a sudden 8 people you see on a regular basis suddenly fell of the face of the earth? That's exactly how they think; the researchers know where we are. Even if that's all they know, they watch to see if anything unusual happens in the places we're supposed to be hiding. So if all eight of us decide to stop going to school together it looks suspicious." "I knew that" said Max, "my twin senses are saying you didn't" said Andrew. Everyone laughed.

"And anyway, if you're so smart how did you manage to fail the government test last week?" asked Hinata. "I'm staying in character, if I ace all my classes it would look suspicious. So I fail a couple tests here and there," "twin senses say that's also a lie" said Andrew. "Thing two shut up" said Thing one. Everyone laughed again and began to walk to their vehicles.

At the house, Hinata and Nina were starting to make dinner as everyone else trained and did home work. While they were in the kitchen, Nina felt she had to ask Hinata. The curiosity was killing her, "so has he asked you out yet?" Blushing Hinata stumbled on a response. "W-what? Where did that come from? A-and who are you talking about? No one likes me at school." She knew who Nina was talking about, but was too embarrassed by the sudden questioning. "Don't play dumb with me, I know he likes you. And you like him too right? So why don't you just ask Demon out" said Nina. Hinata looked away and hesitated before answering. "It's not like that, I mean… I know we practically live together, but I don't think he sees me in that way. Besides, is now really the time to be worrying about boys?" "You're 17, if you don't worry about them now when will you?" said Nina hitting her palm to Hinata's head. "Ow! That not what I meant. I mean with everything that going on with us and the researchers" She said rubbing her forehead. "Hinata, it's been almost a month since an attack; now is as good a time as any. You may not get another chance" said Nina. Hinata thought about it in silence as they continued to prepare dinner.

"So did you ask her out yet? If you don't I will" said Joseph as he did push-ups. Vinton looked at him over his shoulder, "you really think now's the time to be trying to go on dates?" "Don't give me that shit… spring break officially starts tomorrow… and no one's come after us in almost a month. Now is the perfect time" said Joseph standing up to walk to the weight bench. "It clear she likes you man, so stop acting like this is some anime teen drama and ask her out" he said starting his reps on the bench press. "Then why don't you ask out Nina and we'll make it a double date?" said Vinton, Joseph sat up to look at him. "Nina's cute n all but she really ain't my type; I like black girls you know that" he said. "yea yea I know. You like 'dippin in the chocolate'" said Vinton. "Guys, the food's ready" called Hinata down to the boys, and with that they went upstairs.

"You smell like sweaty boy" said Angel to Joseph, "are you coming on to me Twist? Because I'll have you know I am not a whore" he said. Angel rolled her eyes and went to sit at the table as did everyone else. "Thanks for the food" they all said before they began to eat. As they were Vinton started talking, "I found some more information on the development group that made us today. In total there are 108 of us, and after more research I found that including us there may be up to thirty six of us in California alone, and I found out we were numbered." Vinton took a sip of his drink before he continued, "Since I was the first made I was subject One. After speaking with the hosts I found out-" "parents. They're our parents" said sunny over a mouthful of rice. "Our 'parents' told me that Angel is #8, the twins are #14 and 15, Sunny is #23, Joseph's #4. Nina's # 42, and Guy is #77" Vinton said. "And what about me; Do I have a number?" asked Hinata a little hesitantly. "Yeah, you do. You were subject 86, also known as Project X. Since you were made by your father the company wasn't supposed to have you in the database, but they kept record of you" he said. Hinata simply nodded her head.

As everyone ate, Vinton grabbed his food and stepped from the table. "Mhere you Goinmm?" asked Joseph with a mouth full of food. "Upstairs to do more investigating, if you need anything I'll be up there." "I don't get it. All you ever do is hack those computers and train; I don't think I've ever seen you do homework, and yet you're passing all your classes. Why and how is that?" asked Sunny. Everyone looked at Vinton eager for his response. "Cause I graduated school two years ago and I memorized half of the school district's curriculums for each subject" he said nonchalantly. Everyone looked at him surprised, "Then that means you graduated when you were fifteen" said Nina. "No, I graduated when I was 17" said Vinton. "Ok you just mind fucked the hell out of me" said Sunny. "It means he really is our big brother. But I don't get it; you met us three years ago. Why didn't you just tell us you were 17 then, and how did you manage to stay in school without any suspicions?" asked guy. "McNeil isn't my last name. Technically speaking, I don't have one. And I knew about the researcher's plans back then so that's when I started looking for us, when I found you guys I decided to protect you. So I fabricated a new last name and entered the school as a soft more." Everyone looked at him for a while but didn't say anything. "well, I'm going upstairs before my food gets cold" he said as he made his way to the stairs. "Wait! Hinata needs to talk to you… why don't you go upstairs with him?" said Nina to Hinata who was angrily looking at her with a face red from embarrassment.

"Sure ok. Come on Hinata" said Vinton as he waited by the steps for her. As she walked away from the table the twins started teasing, "baah-chica-whaaw whaaaa" they said together before dodging a flying cup. Andrew dodged it but Max wasn't as lucky, "grow up you two" said Vinton leading Hinata up the stairs.

Ok Hinata, this isn't that big a deal. Just ask him she thought. As they made it to their floor, she found herself getting more nervous. "I actually wanted to talk to you to" said Vinton looking a little nervous himself.

"I was just wondering" said Hinata

"I was just thinking" said Vinton

"I-if you're not busy" said Hinata

"S-since its spring break n all" said Vinton

"Do you want to go out tomorrow?" they asked together. "Sure" they said together again. They looked at each other for a minute before both laughing. "I don't see why we all can't go out tomorrow" said Hinata nervously. "Actually I was thinking it would be just me and you tomorrow, but I guess we could invite everyone else" "no. no, it's ok. Just me and you is fine… I'd like that" said Hinata smiling a bit too much. "Sounds good then, meet me in front of the building tomorrow at 2. I have to run some errands before we go out" "ok" she said. She walked back downstairs to eat with the others.

"So you guys are going on a date huh?" said Nina grinning devilishly at Hinata. "We're just gonna hang out tomorrow, that's it" she said. To this Nina gave her that look women give when they know someone's lying. "Ok yea, we're going on a date" Hinata confessed blushing but smiling nonetheless. "Well that's cute. It just sucks that you two are such a stereotype" said Sunny. Hinata looked confused by the statement, "what do you mean Sunny" she asked. "Sorry to break it to you sweetie, but out here, it's a popular thing for a black male to date outside his race. Especially if it's an Asian woman" said Angel quite bluntly. "Why?" asked Hinata, "something to do with black women being too loud and some other shit like that. Asian women are way more submissive, and they like that" said Angel stretching her leg above her head in a very nonchalant tone.

"So you think that's why Vinton likes me? Because I'm Japanese" she said a little confused and angry. "I don't think so, but… I've never been able to read Vinton that well; I don't know what may be the reason. I can't say for sure" said Nina. Just then Vinton walked into the room. "*Hey guys, another thing; it'll be pretty conspicuous if we're always talking in Japanese so from now on English. Except for Hinata, in school and in public we are to speak English got it?" he said. All the girls simply glared at him, "what" he said looking around him then back to the girls. "I'm going to bed" said Hinata tastelessly as she barged past him. "G-g'nite. Hey, make sure you wear something nice ok?" called Vinton up the stairs but to no response. That was weird he thought. "already at it" said Angel shaking her head. "Already at what?" said Vinton quickly; "what did you do?" he said stepping forward. "Me? Nothing… You'd better get some sleep; you got a big day ahead of you tomorrow" said Angel with a devilish grin. "suddenly I get the feeling that I am" said Vinton as he walked into the kitchen.

To be continued…

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