Cold... Everything was so cold since Sweden and Finland left him. The big castle was even bigger than before and it was all too quite. Sure, he did have Norway and Iceland there but there was no-one who tried to flee or fight with him. Norway could yell at him sometimes for drinking and messing the place up sometimes but it was not like when Sweden was there.

He couldn't even remember when it all began to turn for the worse. Everything had been perfect. The union he had dreamt after. Why did Sweden hate him so much? All Denmark had wanted was for them to stick together and be strong. The whole union idea was for Swedens' sake, Denmark desired for them to be close. But now it was the opposite.

Denmark could hear the sound of foot-steps filling the room. The dane eyed Norway with lazy eyes. The smaller nation was not happy with what he saw. Denmark was drunk, really drunk "Stupid brother!" he muttered and hit him lightly on the top of Denmarks' head "Why are you drinking again?" he was sure he had hid everything for him already.

Denmark just shrugged "Felt like it… stop whining already" his head was hurting, his eyes were hurting and mostly his heart. Why was that damn finish brat so much better than him? And now his back hurt as Norway kicked him from behind "Get it together brother Mathias" he mumbled and embraced him from behind. It always felt nice when he did that, he needed that loving warmth.

He pulled Norway to sit in his lap "Stay with me Aleks..." he whispered and kissed his forehead. At first the smaller one tried to fight it, but soon he relaxed and let the bigger one have his way.

"You will never leave me, right? You will always stay with me?" Mathias asked and caressed his back carefully. He wasn't angry at the moment, just sad and lonely. Norway always worked as a great distraction to keep Denmark from thinking of Berwald since the beer didn't help anymore.

Aleks sighed and pinched his cheek hard "Of course. Stop mumbling stupid crap or I really will, you idiot" Norway hated how miserable his brother was. He wanted to be able to take care of him. He always wished he could. But deep inside he knew. He knew only the presence of Berwald could make the dane relax fully.

They sat there for hours. Denmark was clinging onto Norways' small frame as he slowly turned sober. Before he fell asleep he could hear Norways' soft voice "He will return someday… don't worry about it stupid" and how Mathias wished for it to be true as he was sleeping soundly.

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