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"Who do you think is cuter, Kurama or Hiei?" Botan asked Keiko in curiosity, pink eyes glimmering with cat-like mischief.

Keiko snorted. "Kurama hands down! Who do you think, Kagome?"

The miko merely shook her head. "Neither."

"WHAT?" Botan exclaimed in shock. "You don't like either of them? How can that be? We were all so sure that there was something going on between you and one of them."

"I didn't say there wasn't."

Keiko looked at her quizzically. "So you're equally attracted to both?"


Botan put a finger to her chin, shaking her head a bit. "But there can't be anything going on then. They're both so possessive, they would demand their companion's full attention. I mean, Youko was a thief and Hiei is so protective of what he sees as his."

Kagome merely shrugged and pulled at her collar, revealing two different mating marks.