Twisted Gundam Wing Fairy Tales
by WSJ

WSJ: Last year my best friend Rosie and I were really wacko (still are), and we wrote all these GW fairy tales. They're... rather strange...

Took: And not suitable for children under the age of 8.

WSJ: *glares* Would you shut up?

Took: SEE!

WSJ: *ignoring him* Anyways, there's gonna be a ton of inside jokes, but they'll all be explained in the chapter footnotes.

Took: The first is called "Lt. Noin and Lt. Hildie". We don't own any of the characters. And yes, technically Treize is dead, but who cares.


Duo looked down at Hildie from his perch on the mound of scrap metal and MS parts. "Come on Hildie, it's the five year anniversery of when we defeated OZ! You helped a lot. Can't you at least come to the celebration picnic?" he asked. "Everyone's gonna be there!"

"Alright Duo!" Hildie laughed. "I'll come! When does it start?"

Duo looked at his watch then stood up, dusted off his hands and jumped down from the scrap pile. "Right now." he said, offering his elbow to Hildie.

When they arrived at the Peacecraft mansion, where the picnic was being held, they found that they were the last to arrive.

"So how's the Gundam Attck Squadron?" Noin asked, looking up as they entered. "About time you got here." Everyone liked to refur to Duo and Death Scythe as the Attack Squadron because they were most likely to jump right into the battle without a thought or care.

"Oh, about as good as the Silent Section." Duo grinned, refurring to Trowa and Wufei who sat mutely while everyone else talked and laughed around them.

Noin didn't answer. She was staring at something behind Duo. He turned and saw Hildie staring back at Noin. "Creepy..." he muttered before going to sit next to Quatre, his best friend. (1)

"What's with them?" Quatre asked.

Duo shrugged. "Beats me. Hey, where's the food?"

"Over there." Quatre said, pointing.

"Good." Duo got up and headed for the table. After he finished his third peice of Cathrine's apple pie he noticed Noin and Hildie still staring at each other. Then, he saw it.

He ran over to where Quatre, Heero, Relena and Lady Une sat talking. "Hey you guys, check out the twins!" Everyone turned and they saw it too. Hildie and Noin looked very much alike. If it weren't for the height and the age difference, you could swear they were twins.

Noin stirred from her trance as if released by Duo's statement and walked over the Hildie. "My parents said I had a sister. They hid her so she wouldn't get sucked into the war like I did. What's your last name Hildie?"

"My full name is Hilaine Michelle Noin. Hildie Noin for short." she answered.

"Wait a second..." Relena was being blond for a moment. "How could Hildie's last name be the same as your first name Noin?" (2)

Noin smiled. "My whole name is Lucrezia Rachel Noin. Everyone just calls me Noin because it's easier to pronounce."

"And that means..." Sally prompted.

"We're sisters!" Hildie and Noin said, grinning at each other.

Duo, of course, fainted.

"Must have been that pie." Zechs ventured before getting whacked by Cathrin.


(1) Rosie and I used to play GW all the time. I was always Duo and she was Quatre, so in our stories we just sort-of subconciously had Duo and Quatre hang out a lot. There's also another reason you'll see a few chapters from now.

(2) Relena is so dang blond! Dorthy is more I guess, but Ro and I love to bash Relena for her blondness. Relena fans please take no offence! *hides under table*


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Next Twisted Tale of Woe: The Legend of the Lightning Baron: Noin, Une, Treize and Zechs are eathing lunch and Zechs tells how he became the Lightning Baron. Stupidity and fish sticks ahead! ^_~