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Chapter 1

"Minato sensei, what's happened to Naruto? Kakashi shouted in horror watching the spectacle before him in morbid horror.

Red chakra had fully surrounded the boy creating a shroud of foul chakra that resembled that of the Kyuubi itself. Even from the distance he was watching the spectacle, Kakashi could hear the snapping sound of the boys frame as the 10 year old body was reshaped, being remoulded by the sinister presents sealed within him.

Standing next to Kakashi, the Yondaime was caught in a quandary intent on thinking on what he should do next. During the sealing of the Kyuubi which had happened 10 years prier Naruto's own birth, Kushina had sacrificed herself using the Shiki Fuujin to seal the Biju also splitting the Nine Tailed Demon's chakra into two in the process. The red chakra that he see coming out of his son, he had doubt was the Kyuubi's Yin part of its chakra.

While Both the Yin and Yang chakra had been sealed within the boy, Kushina had left the Yang part of its chakra inaccessible to Naruto whenever he needed it by completely sealing as Kushina had intended Naruto's to be able to use some of its power.

The problem Minato was facing right now was whether or not he should release the rest of the chakra to counter balance what was happening to Naruto and hope that it will stabilise both chakra. whilst still was the best way to counter the darker side of its chakra, Minato also knew this had the potential of back firing and hastening what was going to happen.

As he went through everything he could do. He could help but watch his shinobi kept throwing all kinds of techniques at the out of control Jinchuuriki in desperation of drawing its attention away from the village, to minimise damage to the village. Explosions could be heard as each attack hit its target but as the explosion cleared he wasn't surprised to see that the attacks had made no visible damage to the shroud of chakra protecting Naruto.

The ground shook as everything within distance was destroyed by the scale of the Jinchuuriki's destructive mayhem. Shinobi, tree, building and even animal unfortunate enough to be caught in the battle fell prey to the Jinchuuriki onslaught as it used its speed, power and fear to its advantage.

Without warning chakra coalesced together behind Naruto before conjoining into another tail, adding another tail to the two that where already visible behind the shrouded Jinchuuriki. The amount of hatred and bloodlust that had been coming out of Naruto abruptly doubled in intensity with the increase the tails and chakra. With a mighty roar a sphere of pure demonic chakra was created its force so powerful that everything within a 10 meter radius of Naruto was repelled backwards.

Everyone that had been standing with the blast radius simple vanished, everything including their bones, shinobi gear cremated. Those unfortunate enough to survive the display of power, Kakashi noted might as well have died in that attack. Some of the damage he was had been something he had only witness during his time in the Third Shinobi World War. One shinobi with halve his body incinerated lay bleeding, his intestines on display to see. Another unfortunate ninja was screaming right until a medic shinobi knocked him out, his skin melted from his body.

Limbs and bodies innards and even a bodiless head of those that near to the shockwave could be spotted haphazardly scattered all over the area by the force of the shock wave.

A grand fireball twice the size of such a technique sailed straight, encasing the Jinchuuriki in roiling orange flames adding to the heat coming from the shroud surrounding the boy. Again Naruto roared, however unlike before it wasn't the roar of triumph, rather it was a roar that like of a furious changed animal.

The fire must have added to what the boy was feeling but it seems that won't be enough to do any crippling damage, Kakashi noted his Sharingan analysing the speed at which the shroud repaired itself each time a jutsu hit.

He knew the attacks that were being used where simply low jutsu to stall for time.

A hand made of red chakra, shot out of the burning flames crushing those unfortunate enough to get caught. The smell of burning flesh made even the some veterans of the shinobi wars pause in their tracks. One shinobi standing in the arms path had the skin on his head of simply melted from the heat coming from the arm leaving a grinning skinless skull attacked to a perfect, untouched body.

Turning to one of the ANBU, with a mask of a cat with markings, he said "Tenzō, use whatever techniques you can to hold him down. If you can, try what to suppress his chakra. Make sure he doesn't go anywhere. Understood, go".

"Yes, Hokage-sama" the Anbu saluted leaving to execute what his orders without question.

As soon as those words were said roots the size of a grown man arm began sprouting from the ground encasing the out of control vessel. Each root that got near the demonic chakra simply burn to ash however because of Mokuton legendary ability to suppress the power of a tailed beast, though weaker than the Shodai Hokage, managed to weaken the demonic chakra a little.

Feeling its chakra being suppress, in its prisons the Nine Tailed Demon roar in fury and insane rage, it knew at the rate its chakra was suddenly being suppressed its chance of escape was narrowing just as fast. Tails trashing widely it powered more of its vile chakra into its vessel through the weakening seal.

Outside Naruto's mind another tail started to coalescing taking the shape of another tail much like the three that were already present.

This was getting out of control, Minato realised. He could tell if the forth tail materialized he would have little choice but to step in and destroy his son and the only thing the village held as a last resort defence against other villages and their Jinchuuriki. He could not let that happen.

Unrolling a scroll he had been holding, the key required for unsealing the rest of its chakra he started gathering him chakra. A roar of pain made him pause from his task. Glancing away from the scroll now laying before him fully unrolled, Minato's eyes narrowed as he noticed that Naruto's skin appeared to be melting off his body. The process what happening so fast that its chakra was constantly destroying cells at a rate faster than Naruto's own healing factor could create new ones.

Knowing he was running out of time Minato gathered chakra on the tips of the fingers of his right hand until his each 5 started glowing with chakra. Without hesitating he placed his fingers of the key then twisted clock wise using unlocking the remaining chakra.

Suddenly Naruto stopped his attacking, all movement simply stop. His body still held by tree roots went limp went limp. The clock of chakra and number tails that had being swinging widely began to recede back into his body. Every shinobi on the battle ground stop their attacks and held their breath.

Inside the seal, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox stopped his thrashing, narrowing his eyes.

"What's happening" he snarled looking around. It could feel the boys own chakra raise but also it could feel another part of its chakra joining with boy's own chakra system, fighting his own chakra.

Eyes widening in horror, the seal holding its prison suddenly fell upon itself then twisted in a spiral clock wise direction before vanished taking the prison with I, living the demon standing in an empty plain.

"This place looks familiar, I have been here before" the Demon said narrowing its slitted eyes at the familiarity its surroundings. The last time it had seen the place was…

"No it can't be! KUSHINA SHOW YOURSELF." The Demon screamed in rage as every clicked into place.

"No need to scream, I am standing right front of you." The person in question said.

"Impossible, you should be dead" the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox said in disbelief mixed with fear and rage staring at the two figures that a minute ago had not been there. The first figure was that of Kushina, with her long red heir trailing behind her, wearing the same black outfit, black jacket and pants he last seem here. Standing besides here was its container in a similar outfit thought blue in colour.

It knew what was coming and this time it was going to make sure what had happened before was not going to be repeated again. Charging at the two, it launching its front legs hoping to splash its jailers innards under it paw. Its attack proved useless as in a speed faster than the Demon, Kushina grabbed her son before vanishing in a feat of pure speed.

Gather its chakra it into a sphere in front of its mouth, the Kyuubi launch another attack at the source of it misery and ager its second and third jailor. Its revenge was again thwarted it gathered its 9 tails for an attack but before it could attack Kushina took the initiative and attacked first.

Summoning chains made of chakra within herself, Kushina sent them towards the 9 Tailed fox who was too pre-occupied to doge the attack. The chains hit their target and constricting the giant fox's movement, binding themselves tighter around the Demon's neck before pulling downwards diverting the intended path of the attack before it could be leave it mouth causing the great sphere of chakra to impact with the ground in a giant explosion, destroying part of the landscape.

More chain appeared from Kushina's being, pinning the Great Demon to the ground.

With the Demon now bound, Kushina knew this was their only chance to extract Kyuubi's chakra from the rest of it. Turning quickly to Naruto she said "Naruto-kun do you remember what i just taught you" when he nodded; she continued "I wasn't you to send one of two of those things into that Giant Fox and pull as hard as you can. Don't worry I will help."

Nodding again Naruto, closed his eyes in concentration before two chains made of chakra, much like his mother shot out his chest imbedding themselves into its being. Its tails and mouth bound by Kushina's will, the Demon had no means of attack or defence. Here was nothing it could do but watch as its power, chakra was being pulled by a human, child no less.

Pulling with all his strength, Naruto began ripping the Kyuubi's chakra from its body, pulling it into himself just as his mother instructed him to do. Each time the chain reseeded into his body they pulled the giant fox's chakra with them, invigorating his body with its chakra, making it stronger and power in the process.

Nine-Tailed Demon Fox tried breaking the chains hold it to no avail as it felt its power being pulled out if it into the boy.

Kushina kept all he focus and being on hold down the Demon, until her son finished. As soon as that happened she let the demon free, its body now nothing but a colossal consciousness, without its former glory.

Once free Kyuubi tried to stand-up but feel onto his knees, his power was gone. All that he had been was lost, taken away from his by creatures beneath him might.

"Very good Naruto-kun, now it's time to do the other thing we discussed." she said pleased the Naruto's ability with the chakra chains.

Beaming at the praise, Naruto once again closed his eyes in concentration. This time it summoning the chains came easier to him. Maybe that was become of his new power or an ability he had just gained, he didn't know. However as soon as he did so, a large rock twice the size of the Demon itself appeared in front of him with the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox large body tied on it with chains.

Roaring in rage the Demon tried to get up but was pulled short by a crisscross of chain now holding it down.

"You have taken all I had and you seek to bid me on a rock like a piece of drying meat. Insolent fools. I will not be chain again. The demon roared in fury.

Smirking Kushin shouted to be heard above it roar "I have done it before and my son will do it again."

"Haha foolish human, I will show you what happens when you play with things beyond you comprehension." Kyuubi roar, with a look insanity about it that made Kushina's eyes widen in distress.

Sensing his mother's distress, Naruto turned to his mother wonder what was happening but before he could ask his mother however he was interrupted by a deafening roar from the Kyuubi.

With a mighty roar the Kyuubi decided to act and using its last ditch plan, it started gathered what was left of it power, what was holding it together in its form and then unleashed everything at once in a great explosion of concentrated power destroying its psyche in a reckless bid for free done.

Everything around them exploded with a brilliant white light, surpassing that of any of anything Naruto had ever seen. At the sometime Naruto's own voice joined the crescendo of the explosion as he screamed as pain unlike anything he had ever felt mercilessly tore through being.

Even after the explosion had ended Naruto didn't stop screaming. Just when Naruto was wishing for death the pain only increased.

Without an awareness it belonged to, Kyuub's power began integrating itself with Naruto, causing every fibre of his being to resonate with pain that dwarfed anything mortal has every felt. Because of the power now flowing through his body was no meant to be held by a human body, Naruto's body began to change, warped by the power it now house into something meant to it.

Outside the Naruto's mindscape, Minato and a few shinobi that where watching present when he had unroll his scroll where about to sigh in relief, when something else happened.

Naruto who had been creaming until Kyuubi's other chakra had been unsealed suddenly went silent after.

Suddenly a sound not meant for the feint heated, swept across the ensuing silence. Every shinobi watched in horror as Naruto's body began its transformation. First his hair took a life of its own, changing its colour from orange to a red colour before writhing like thousands of worm as it grow to a length twice the bodies height. The sound of breaking bone filled their ears as Naruto's spine snapped apart before mend together.

Another sound came from the figure still held up right by a number of roots. The sound was that of tiring flesh as a his coccyx, the tailbone, a remnant of a lost tail that humans and a few mammals lost through the ages grew and lengthen, tiring free from the skin before being covered by muscle, skin then red fur into a tail.

"Impossible." someone screamed in the silent. With the silence broken, absolute chaos reigned, as everyone present tried to heard or simply screamed there terror to those listening.

"Quiet" Minato thundered his voice caring above the cacophony, taking the mantle as the Village's Leader. "It's hard to think with everyone screaming and panicking like children. You are all shinobi, so act like it."

Silence reigned once again, this time it was the silence not of terror but of shinobi now acting like how they should be.

"I will explain" said a voice that many where familiar with, a voice that belonged to someone believed to have departed from their world.

"Kushina! How?" Minato was the first to find his voice and to ask what was on everyone's mind.

"During the sealing, I left an imprint of myself in hope to help Naruto in the future." She answered his question, floating where he was standing and his jaw on the ground in amazement.

"So, you really are dead" Minato sighed in resignation and loss.

Kushina nodded sadly. "I am afraid so."

"If you where part of the seal then how come you are here? Shouldn't you be inside?" He asked frowning in thought, diverting the topic away from painful memories.

Kushina's face suddenly changed to that of concern and agency.

"We have a problem. As soon as I felt the seal weaken and the key being released, I processed with the extraction as that was the only hope to stop the Kyuubi from completely taking over. Thanks to the Mokuton's ability, Naruto and I managed to subdue the Demons and extract its power. Everything went according to plan however as soon as its power was extracted, the Kyuubi did something unthinkable. It destroyed what was left of itself, its consciousness."

"Why? Why kill itself? Surely it knew all it needed to do was wait till such an event as this to came to pass." Minato exclaimed in disbelief and shock. He could not believe what he was hearing. This was beyond what he knew about Tailed beasts and for someone like him it meant a lot.

"I don't know, maybe Kyuubi's pride was greater than its survival instincts. Whatever its reasons, with its mind gone the chakra had no awareness it belonged and with nowhere to go it started went into our son" She said in sadness looking at her warped figure of what had been her son.

"This is hard to take in but if that is true then its chakra is the cause of what we are witnessing." He whispered under his breath, running a hand through his hair. "But what are you not telling me"

Before Kushina could reply, they felt a spike of chakra. Every turned to look at its source and found the figure of Naruto now being covered in chakra that was taking the form of large dark sphere.

"That" she pointed as the spectacle. "You have seal him before he wake up, if he does he will go on a rampage from the pain of the change he is undergoing inside."

"I can't destroy Konoha's only defence against other Hidden Villages" the Yondaime said in horror laced with pain for his son.

"I know there is an alternative. Why not use the Imprisonment Seal, that way his body has at least 10 years to adjust"

"She has a point, however let me do these we both know my time in this world is at an end. The world now needs a young generation" this time it was Hiruzen Sarutobi, Konaha's previous and Third Hokage widely known as the god of Shinobi for his vast power and knowledge of jutsu in his prime, who spoke surprising those listening nearby.

"I am sorry sensei I can't allow you to do these. I am doing this as both a father and the leader of the village. "He said in respect and unwavering determination.

They eyed each other for a moment, waiting for each to back down first. It was the Sandaime who looked away first; he knew he could compete with such determination stemming from being a father and a natural born leader.

As the younger man began his jutsu the older and wiser of the two could nothing but watch in sorrow as the village's most thought upon and praised shinobi of this time began the seals that let him be a sacrifice to his village, its people and son.

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