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Chapter 1 – A Deceptive Promise


A little girl with long black hair tied in two messy buns on top of her head ran down a dusty dirt road towards a little shack. A place she had considered as her home during all 11 years of her young life. In her arms she was holding an unidentifiable object hidden underneath a pale dirty cloth.

The clothes on the little girl were a little better off than rags, but not by that much. However the 11 year old didn't care, nor did she care how the dust were dirtying her hands and face as she was running as fast as her legs could carry her. She had been out for too long and her father would worry about her. Not to mention that she had something important to show him.

"Otosan I'm home!" she cried excitedly as she burst through the front door of her home.

"Kayla-chan is that you? Where were you? I was so worried," answered her father when he came out of his room. He brought a handkerchief to his mouth to muffle his coughing.

"I'm sorry Otosan but I was busy" Kayla apologized and eagerly held out the bundle in her arms for her father to see. "Look what I've found!"

"What have you got there?" asked the 50-year-old father, Hiroshi, as he watched his daughter unfolded the blanket to reveal to mysterious object underneath.

To his surprise, it was a tiny blue-feathered bird that must have been beautiful back then, but at the moment its feathers were more close to a deathly grey colour from the dirt and what looked like dry blood. One might mistaken it to be dead if not for the weak rising of the tiny bird's chest, indicating that it was still breathing and very much alive for the moment being.

"I saved him from Taiijun and his mean friends who shot it down from the sky with a rock.... they were hurting him so I saved him and ran away with the bird... he is still hurt from big, mean Taiijun, so can we take care of it and keep it as a pet PRETTY, PRETTY PLEASE Otosan" explained Kayla and inhaled deeply again after saying all that in only one breath.

Her father blinked for a moment, still amazed of his daughter excessive talking. Although, he shouldn't be surprised for after all he had raised her all on his own for 6 six years since her beloved mother had died when she was only 5.

"How exactly did you saved this little bird from big, mean Taiijun?" asked her father suspiciously although he already had guessed the answer.

"Ummm.... I.... well...." Kayla was clearly caught in an uncomfortable position with her head lowered and her feet shifting. She didn't want to lie to her father. She couldn't tell a lie even if her life was depending on it. She took a peek at her father and saw the sternness on his face, still waiting for her to answer. "Ummmm.... I kind of well.... snuck up on him and his friends and....." she trailed into mumbling incoherently.

"Yes and....?" her father was clearly getting impatient.

"... and punch him and his friends on the nose and ran away with the bird" she finished, trying not to smile as memories of the earlier incident occurred in her mind, when she had mostly broken that baka Taiijun's nose. Despite her tiny appearance, she was pretty strong for an 11-year-old girl. Correction 11 and a half she mentally corrected herself. It was going to be her birthday in 2 weeks and 3 days.

The father sighed heavily and sat on a chair, suddenly feeling very tired "Kayla..." her father began sternly.

"I know... I know Otosan" interrupted Kayla, "no fighting with other children in the village or beating them up what-so-ever" Even if they asked for it she mentally added.

"Exactly!!.... I taught you a little self-defence so that you can defend yourself when you're in trouble, not to cause trouble" said the father. He clearly didn't know whether to be upset or laugh at the whole picture. He was upset that his daughter was having trouble interacting with other children in the village. He had tried his best to raise his daughter, but clearly Kayla was still lacking the feminine touch that only a mother could provide for her daughter. What would you do if you're in my position dear Masume, he wondered. He missed his wife dearly after all these years, especially at times like this where her patience and guidance could come in handy. Although he was trying his best, he knew his own condition and health. He realized that his daughter somehow knew that he was sick. However, she was still too young to understand the serverity of his.... illness.... and that he could very well di.... he quickly compressed the thought to the very back of his mind... no need to think about it now.

On a brighter note, he found himself suppressing a chuckle of amusement as he watched his dear daughter cuddling the little bird in her arms and picturing how she had beat the poor boy, Taiijun who was bigger than her by half her size. Although if what his daughter said was true, he had probably did deserved it. It was really funny, however that was beside the point and he was not going to let her daughter believe that fighting was right. Yet if he were to ask himself honestly, he felt a tint of…. pride. Pride for his daughter that she had fought for what she had believed in and had a deep compassion for all big and small living things. A feature that reminded him so much of her mother.

"I'm sorry Otosan please don't be mad, Taiijun-bak... I mean Taiijun-san didn't know it was me because it was kind of dark and I doubt he saw my face when I hurt his nose and I was really fast and quick so I didn't get caught" replied Kayla, trying the hide the little pride in her voice as she spoke.

His daughter's speaking quickly brought Hiroshi out of his thoughts and back to the situation at hand. "Well, what's done is done.... can't go back and change what had happened" he said slowly.

"So you aren't mad and I won't be punished?!?!?!" asked Kayla, her large expressive golden brown eyes shone with hope.

Hiroshi laughed "No, I won't be mad, however...." he paused, "however you are not off the hook either. You are still going to get punished for breaking your promise."

"But, but, but" Kayla stammered when she heard the last part.

"No buts, you will go and clean up the little messy room of yours."

Kayla mouth dropped forming a perfect "O". Oh well I got off better than I thought, and I was so positive that father was going to hit the roof for sure she thought. Kayla didn't mind if she had to go clean up her room for her punishment. BUT what she really hated the most was that USUALLY during her process of cleaning, she will find spiders crawling in and out of the broken window and cracked walls in her room. She was deathly afraid of spiders.

"Yes Otosan" she mumbled as she slowly left, but stopped. "What about him? Can we keep him, I will take very good care of him," She asked indicating the still weakened bird in her arms.

Her father looked at the bird gravely, he could tell that it was still alive. However it didn't hide the fact that it was in terrible condition and looked as if it was hanging on to its life by only a thread. He knew that the bird will die eventually and his daughter will be heartbroken. He didn't know what to tell his daughter.

Kayla looked at her father's grave face and could tell immediately what her father was thinking. For someone who was only 11 years old, she could be surprisingly perceptive at times. "No.... Otosan!! It can't be true.... I won't let it happen! I won't let him die! I'll take good care of him and he'll heal and he'll fly again, he'll...." Kayla couldn't stop the tears that were threatening to fall from her eyes. She saved this little bird and she was holding him in her hands, so small, and so delicate.

"Kayla..." Hiroshi tried to calm his sobbing daughter. He brought her fingers up and wiped the tears from her face. The tears were mingling with the dirt on her face "All living things must die in the end.... just some earlier than others."

Kayla sniffed loudly "but it hurts Otosan," she said quietly "it's not fair. He's only an innocent little bird and so beautiful. I don't wanna lose him, I love him already like I love you Otosan"

Hiroshi heart fell at his daughter's words, he really couldn't bare to see his daughter being so upset, and it hurt him just as much as it hurt his sweet Kayla. And when the time comes, I don't know how she will survive, he thought gravely, thinking back to his health. She has to and she will be just as strong as her mother... "I'm sorry, Kayla-chan," he said softly as he gave his daughter a hug. "I know it hurts when someone you love dies, but they are never really truly gone if you keep them close in your heart as you treasure their memories."

Kayla nodded numbly as she listened to her father. Despite her father's soothing words, she couldn't help but felt that there was something hidden behind those words. It was as if her father was trying to hide something from her. But why would her father hide anything from her? She quickly wiped away those feelings and she slowly began to dry her tears. "Thank you Otosan, I think I'll go clean my room now." She mentally shuddered at the thought of those disgustingly unnaturally large spiders again.  

Hiroshi let go of his daughter and smiled. "That's my little girl. You go on now." He slowly stood up... only to fall to the ground suddenly, coughing and shaking violently. Hiroshi suddenly found it very painful to breathe as he tried very hard to stop trembling.

"Otosan are you alright!?!" Kayla cried as she ran to her father's side desperately, trying to help him back up so that he could sit back on the chair to rest. However he was too heavy for her small body to hold him up.

"I....I'm fine Kayla-chan" Hiroshi managed to breathe out as he closed his eyes tightly to suppressed the pain in his chest. Slowly, yet painfully he climbed to his feet, trying to ignore the rapid beatings of his heart. He looked into the eyes of his frightened daughter. Instantly regretting that he had scared his daughter so much.

Kayla was deathly afraid for her father. She knew that he was sick but she had never seen him this way before. He was always her strong, brave father who she loved very much. A terrible feeling grasped coldly around her little heart. "Please.... please Otosan, don't leave me too" she cried softly, so soft that it was close to a whimper.

Hiroshi looked at his daughter in alarmed and he didn't expect his daughter to understand the signs of his illness and pain. He had tried so hard to keep his illness as secretive as possible his daughter. Never wanting his happy daughter to worry. Yet, now as he drew closer to his end, he had wondered constantly if all this protectiveness had served to protect her or to only hurt her only more in the end. But then again there was never a decision to make in the first place for he couldn't bare the thought tell her. To admit to her the truth.

If people were to see Hiroshi's actions they may think he was being selfish. Yet they may see him as only human. That he was father who had loved his beautiful daughter more then anything in the world. And because of this fact, he had never told Kayla the truth. "Don't worry Kayla-chan.... I am not going anywhere... I promise," he said gently trying to soothe his beloved daughter.

Kayla watched her father uncertainly as his trembling subsided heal from the earlier until it was almost gone. "You promise?" asked Kayla, she just had to make sure. She looked back at the bird still tucked in her arms. She won't let anything happen to this small creature nor will she let anything happen to her father. She will try very hard to take care of them. They will get well again and they can all be a family.

"I promise," replied Hiroshi. I am so sorry my dear Kayla. He quietly cried in his heart.

"Why don't you go clean your room now and then we'll have dinner later, I will make your favourite dishes. How about it?"

"O...k...." Kayla quietly whispered as she turned to go to her room.

Unknowingly that this will the last time she will see her father's prideful yet sorrowful smile given only to her as she walked away.

Unnoticeably, the bird that she had come to love so much in such a short time had died half an hour later.


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