Stalingrad is a disaster. Russia and his people defend their pile of rocks like a nation possessed and Prussia and his people keep attacking like madmen. They should have remembered the battle of ice and Napoleon instead of Finland.

Prussia is so hungry that it hurts and he is much sturdier than the humans, who are an even sorrier sight. There are barley any bullets left and General Winter is constantly attacking even when now Russia has backed off for a while. He had offered them terms of surrender and they said no. How stupid, they should have given up while they still had something to negotiate with.

"I would fight to the end if there was anything to fight for," Prussia says. "Anything beyond our fucking idiot boss's ego. There is no honor in this."

"I'm not going to shoot myself for some Austrian corporal," Paulus agrees. His new promotion to field marshal was not greeted with enthusiasm by anyone. At this point promotions are only words. Oh joy to suffer a staggering defeat with a slightly higher rank.

"Well said. We're fucking Prussian and we're not going to die for nothing."

"I wonder if the Bolsheviks are going to keep their promises."

They consider this in silence for a while.

"What happens to someone like you?" Paulus wonders.

"I guess I'll be Russia's prisoner for a while. It's not always that bad. You know, Austria forces Germany to serve him tea unless I'm around to keep order."

That brings up a faint smile in Paulus. "I wish I could have seen that."

"I'll invite you over, as soon as my brother gets his act together and saves us. And then we'll make sure the Austrians stop pushing us around."

They will surrender. It hurts so badly to admit, when he has stayed awake for days, endured the cold and the chaos and the starvation for the glory of the fatherland. But there is no glory, not really, just a dictator mad with power back in Berlin. It had seemed better once, even as Prussia was absorbed into Germany. He and the boss had bounded over their mutual love of Fritz and Prussia had told the stories of their amazing time together. Prussia thought they were friends. He had assumed some kind of restoration of his lands once Europe was under their control. He slowly began to realize it would not be so when the boss made disparaging comments about his loudness and intensity when he thought Prussia wasn't listening. Germany is the perfect future, not hot-blooded albino Prussia.

He wonders if Russia and his boss are going to let anyone of them ever return home. If they would be welcome back home again after this. This isn't the first time he lost to Russia but things have changed since that. This new Bolshevik Russia who renamed himself the Soviet Union is as harsh as back in day and fights with a desperation they can't match. There seems to be a lot of truth in the rumor that he cracked completely during the revolution and yet this is not the same Russia who fell into pieces during the Great War.

Prussia has time to think all of this while Paulus begin to organize their surrender.

If the Russians don't know what to do with a field marshal a nation causes even more confusion. Prussia is quickly separated from everyone else, handcuffed and thrown into a corner. He is heavily guarded by soldiers who don't want to talk to him and almost seem offended by his flawless Russian.

When Russia shows up he looks like shit too. This battle has been horrible for everyone. It should never have gone on to this point, it's madness, Prussia thinks.

Russia uncuffs Prussia who makes no resistance. Russia looks impossibly strong after all he has been through, even with his coat in shreds and covered in his own blood.

"Are my people alright?" Prussia asks and feels pathetic. He is pathetic, so tired and disillusioned with everything he used to believe in that he fears he is going to crumble the second Russia puts some pressure on him.

"I thought they were Germany's."

"We were supposed to share this new empire," Prussia says, though that was not what happened. This battle has been lost for some time now, yet they had had not been allowed to withdraw. It says everything. Prussia is expandable.

"We'll take care of your soldiers. Don't worry. They'll be feed as soon as more supplies arrive and we do whatever we can about the rest."

Russia's doesn't live a life of luxury either at the moment. He finds some canned meat for Prussia. From America the label shows. It might very well be the best meal he ever had. Russia offers his cigarettes without a word and Prussia works his way through all of them as well as most of Russia's bottle of vodka. When he begins to shiver Russia finds him a warmer coat and puts it over his shoulders.

"What happens now?" Prussia wonders, feeling calmer and somewhat detached to the destruction around him.

"I'm not letting you go," Russia says.

"I know."

Prussia hates his boss for allowing him to end up as spoils of war. All this could have been avoided.

As a spoil of war Prussia has no expectations whatsoever on his own treatment in Russia's hands.

"Don't be so melodramatic," Russia says. "If we had space and you didn't make everyone so nervous I would be happy to throw you into a cell or something. But now you will just stay with me and that will be fine, yes?"

Since Russia does seem to wait for an answer Prussia nods slightly. It's not like he has a choice. Russia has lots and lots of hostages. Whatever he wants is going to happen.

"I'm the hero," Russia wistfully says. "And you're the villain. But the hero is not supposed to take the villain out and put him in front of a firing squad when he has surrendered, right?"

"Definitely not."

It's a good thing Russia has decided he wants to play hero. The second part Prussia likes less.

"But I'm not the villain," Prussia says a little later, because the thought grates.

"Tell me what you are for invading me unprovoked and killing my children then."

You would have attacked me sooner or later, Prussia thinks. I just got there first.

But now is not the time or the place to say it loud.

"And you don't even look very appealing at the moment anyway," Russia adds with a soft giggle.

The soldiers captured at Stalingrad did not turn out alright. But Soviet lied about it for a while.
Paulus was born in what was Prussian territory back then, don't know if he would consider himself Prussian but Prussia thinks he is.
Hitler thought Paulus should shoot himself rather than to be captured. He did not agree.