The meeting dissolves and only creates more tension between Russia and America, especially after a vaguely threatening comment from England leads to a rather explicit threat from Russia. Prussia starts to wonder if England truly is that upset about Poland or if he just wants to fuel the conflict between Russia and America so he can have his "little brother" to himself. America had seemed quite happy to hand over Poland and the Baltics as a bribe earlier when he wasn't sure about his super weapon.

But that isn't what bothers Prussia the most. He can't believe his brother is completely ignoring him like this. Not after Prussia saved him from Russia's boss and helped him get out of Berlin.

Since Russia is holding a second, more private and hopefully more productive, meeting with Serbia and the rest of Yugoslavia Prussia complains to the closest reasonably friendly ally. It happens to be Slovakia who also is waiting for Russia and isn't attached to the other twin for once.

That might not have been a good idea since Slovakia is not a fan of Germany to put it mildly.

"I don't like your brother and I don't want anything more to do with him," Slovakia says. "Or his people, I'm glad we decided to kick them out from our countries. But you know, he wasn't pure evil all the time. His boss wanted to execute us but Germany stopped it. That's one slightly good thing he did, even if you shouldn't have annexed us at all to begin with. He probably doesn't hate you, hopefully he feels really bad about what he did and that's why he doesn't want to talk to you."

"I have no ideas what my brother did after I left for the east..."

"Mostly bad things I guess. Just like you."

Prussia squirms, he should have been able to foresee how awkward this conversation would turn out.

"I think Czech should tone down the crush on Russia," Slovakia says, mercifully changing the subject.

"Really?" Prussia has almost begin to consider the two of them the same person. This comes from nowhere.

"Russia is nice, but I'm not so sure about this boss of his anymore. I don't like bosses who think they can push around other nations. If someone is going to push me around it should be Russia himself. And I think either you or Belarus will kill Czech if you sense more competition. I don't really want the entire Czechoslovakia to myself, so don't get murderous yet, alright?"

The horror of being put in the same category as Belarus must show in his face, luckily Slovakia misinterprets it.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to sound Trotskyite or whatever you call it. Don't tell Russia I said this. I don't want to hurt his feelings."

Prussia wants to forget this entire weird conversation happened and readily agrees to this.

They wait in uncomfortable silence until Russia finally is done. He doesn't look happy and strides out without looking back. Serbia is following, no one else.

"No hard feelings, I hope?" Serbia says, giving up all subtlety and just catches Russia's arm to slow him down. "Seriously, your boss is one fucked up asshole but we shouldn't let that get between us."

"Don't insult my boss," Russia says and pushes Serbia away. The attempts to smooth things over must have failed miserably.

"Hey, it was you who called me all those things over the phone, wasn't it?" Serbia says when he sees Prussia.

"It was," Prussia admits, because he would never back down to Serbia and it really isn't that hard to guess. No one else in Russia's household is likely to suggest any backup Serbia ever received must be in return for sexual favors. "And you started it."

Russia storms away with Slovakia following while this conversation goes on, if they are going to make reality of the threats to fight it out this would be a good time. Prussia almost hopes Serbia was serious, he feels like hurting someone.

"Tell the kid who started to cry I'm sorry," Serbia says. So he has a heart after all. "I was just a bit upset, not really at him. I'll call Russia later and I try to not yell. But he makes me so angry when he's acting all weird like this. Tell him to stop acting to weird and I won't scream at him."

"That isn't likely to happen," Prussia replies. He can make an effort to be civil too. "I think you have to keep screaming at him. Sorry."

"Yeah, probably," Serbia says with a smile that is a lot more malicious than the situation calls for. "And I love that you are Russia's pet now. It's so cute, I wish he would consider to let me join in on the fun. Maybe it would be worth the effort so suck up a little to his boss."

And the urge to kill Serbia rises again. Prussia is suddenly a lot happier that Serbia isn't their ally. He keeps perfectly calm as he tells the other nation to go and fuck himself.

Prussia is going to remember all these things. France's disappointment over how he is still alive, England's dismissal of his new nation, America considering him beneath notice, his brother acting like he doesn't know him anymore, the Czechoslovakia twins' cockiness. Romania blaming him for his own incompetence and everything else. They are all going to pay, sooner or later. When they realize how important he is to Russia and how powerful the Soviet Union actually is they won't dare to treat him like this again.

Russia's mansion isn't home, but it's nice. Better than the crammed up apartment, better than the home he himself doesn't have in Berlin yet. Russia promised he would build a nice one as soon as possible.

"We'll show them," Prussia says, still filled with fury. "We will have more weapons and they will be better, everything we have is going to be better."

Russia looks more concerned than angry now.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this," Russia says. "We were supposed to be happy and don't need those weapons. They were supposed to celebrate me after I fixed everything. Not America."

"We don't need them," Prussia says. "Your own people are celebrating you, isn't that enough?"

"It should have been better for them too," Russia says and there is nothing Prussia can disagree with there, not really. "Things were supposed to change. They shouldn't keep betraying me, I don't want to keep doing these things."

Prussia thinks of his own country, who might not be entirely willing to accept they are his now.

"Sometimes we have to be tough. It's for the greater good."

"It should have been different," Russia insists.

It should have been but it's not too late to change it. America's ideology or strategy isn't superior even if his geographical placement might be. They shouldn't need to be afraid, Russia has the weight of history behind him, he has always overcome and refused to stay down, just like Prussia.

Everything has changed but at least the war is over now, it's settled and they can start make everything better. Tomorrow will be an entirely new world.

I actually wrote a long, long sequel about the cold war on the kink meme. Should I post it here too?