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~The lies that they created changed their world~

"Aye." Viktor said in a low voice.

"NO!" Lucian cried.

Sonya hung her head in defeat and watched as they began to drag her lover away.

"My lord wait!" A voice cried out. All eyes turned to the small vampire girl. She looked nineteen or so. She had long red curls that fell down her back in a flaming wave of a ponytail, and bright green eyes. She was pale with a freckled face. She wore a flowing black dress that dragged along the floor. The dress had a line that plunged down to her belly button, and was tied lightly with black ribbons. More black ribbons streamed over it, creating exotic designs. "My lord I beg of you to listen to my proposition."

Lucian recognized the vampire as Kaitlin Corvinus. Marcus's daughter. And his most trusted friend.

Viktor looked her over. "What proposition?"

Kaitlin stepped forward and bowed deeply, one knee to her chest, the other on the floor, both fists touching the ground. "One that may save the life of your daughter, my lord."

"Rise." Viktor said, and Kaitlin did so.

"My lord, if I may. Why do we not exile the both of them? Let Sonya give birth to this, monster, only so she and her beast may watch it die, by my own hand if you so wish. Then they both shall be exiled to far ends of Europe, where no one may find them."

"An intriguing idea Kaitlin. But why keep this, dog alive?"

"My lord, again if I may. If Lucian is to be killed, his men will rise against us. If he were to remain alive, than they may not harm us, but move in their way, and leave us."

"This is an idea well thought of. Why would you risk yourself, to save her?"

"Please my lord, I grew up with Sonya. She is my family. I would not see her destroyed."

"And yet, you will kill her child?"

Kaitlin's eyes grew dark. "I would kill the abomination that dare destroy my sister, my lord."

"Surely you are not your father's daughter Kaitlin Corvinus. Council, what say you?"

They went around, all voting yes. Kaitlin's eyes flicked to Sonya, to Lucian, than back to Viktor.

"So shall it be. On the night of the monster's birth, you Kaitlin Corvinus shall force the lovers to watch as you destroy it. The two shall then be taken to separate exiles, where they will rot for the rest of their miserable lives."

The vampires all cheered. All, except Kaitlin. She walked out as the lovers were dragged away, Sonya sobbing at the betrayal of her sister.

Sonya sat in the cell beside Lucian. "I would rather die than watch our child be murdered."

"My darling, it will be fine. We will think of something, I swear it."

There was someone one at the door. A guard unlocked it and a hooded figure entered. "Leave us." She hissed at the guard, who shut the door and left.

The figure threw back her hood to reveal the fire haired princess.

"Kaitlin, oh, how could you?" Sonya sobbed.

"I could not. And that is why I am here." She kneeled beside her sister and spoke in a hushed tone. "On the night of your child's birth I shall be there, but not to murder your child. I shall swap children, a babe for a babe. I shall kill the imposter child and care for yours. You two shall be led to separate places until the lycans intercept. Two vampires are allowed to go. Myself and one other. I shall transport Lucian. The lycans will intercept and we shall take him to your exile. Where I will give you your child."

"You planned this?" Lucian asked.

"I did. I could not bear the thought of losing you Sonya. Nor you Lucian, who has become so much a brother to me." Tears ran down her cheeks as she took Sonya's hand and Lucian reached his hand through to take her other. "You both are my family. I could not stand to lose either of you."

"What if Viktor discovers we are together?"

"He will not. He soon sleeps, and Amelia shall rise. You shall both be safe, as well as all your men."

"Thank you." Sonya choked, tears running down her pale cheeks.

Kaitlin smiled. She kissed Lucian's palm, Sonya's cheek, and stood. "Cry not my sister. I shall be watching you."

Sonya nodded and watched her sister leave.

Kaitlin walked to her room, her face blank. Vampires moved out of her way as she walked, looking away from her dark eyes. Kaitlin swung open her door and it slammed against the wall. Light eyes stared at her from the darkness. She crossed her arms.

"What are you doing here?" Her voice was cold as ice.

"Am I not allowed to see you?" The voice replied. He stood and walked to her. He was tall and had light blue eyes. They searched her face, before leaning down to pull her against him, his lips touching hers.

Kaitlin sighed and wound her arms around him. She pulled away. "Andreas, stop. I can't, if my father knew,"

Andreas Tanis smiled. "He won't find out. Plus, he is sleeping."

"Andreas, you know I am arranged to marry someone as soon as Amelia wakes. She decides, as were my father's orders."

"My heart tells me otherwise." He leaned over her and closed the door. She didn't take her eyes away from his. He suddenly shoved her against the wall, pinning her hands above her head as he again brought his lips to hers.

Katie lay curled in his arms. Tanis stroked circles on her now bare back.

"Tanis, I don't want to marry someone else. I want to marry you."

"I know. But Amelia and your father have already made it clear that shall not be allowed."

She rolled to face him. "I love you. I don't want to marry anyone else, give myself to anyone else, but you."

Tanis pressed his forehead against hers. "I shall love you always. And you shall always have my heart. No matter whose ring you wear on your finger, or who you have on your arm, I shall always be yours."

Kaitlin sighed and brought his lips to hers.

Kaitlin walked along the hall way. Few days had passed and as usual vampire's moved to get out of her way. Today her dress was a dark red. The skirt had a black veil over it so you could still see the color, but it gave a haunting effect. The top cut over the top of her breasts and had off the shoulder straps. The skirt was long and trailed across the floor in the back. It split up the front of the skirt to above her knees.

"Kaitlin," A hand grabbed her and shoved her so her back was against the wall. "Where are you going in such a hurry?"

"Far away from you." She hissed and shoved Kraven back. He hit the opposite wall but smiled.

"Oh Kaitlin, there is no need to be angry, I just wanted to talk." He again shoved her against the wall, pushing his body against hers.

"I don't have time for this Kraven, I am supposed to be at council."

"So? Why don't you come with me? We'll have some fun."

Kaitlin's eyes flashed and she kneed Kraven hard. He cried out, falling away from her. She ran along the hall way, moving far too fast to catch up.

She skittered into the council, and bowed. "Pardon my lateness my lord. I was, distracted."

"Best you not let your distractions ruin your place among our council, Lady Kaitlin." Viktor said.

"Of course my lord." She bowed again, and took her seat.

"As you all know, in three days time I shall waken Amelia, and she shall take my place among you. As has been done before. New council may be taken here. I have recommended a few of you, so that you may continue on as part of mine own council."

Tanis stepped forward and handed Viktor a parchment. Viktor rolled it open and began to read names. Kaitlin wasn't paying attention, until her own name was called. Viktor looked at her knowingly.

"You above all else Kaitlin have shown extreme leadership among us. You shall be the second seat of council."

Kaitlin said nothing, but stood and bowed. "An honor to serve you and our elders, my lord."

As the council began to leave, Kaitlin was called. She walked to lord Viktor and bowed deeply, fists to the ground.

"Rise." Viktor said his voice strangely soft. "I was very much true when I said I wish you to be second chair Kaitlin. Together you and Amelia shall rule our coven well."

"Thank you my lord, I can think of no higher honor."

Viktor smiled and stood, cupping her face in his hands, and kissing the top of her head. Kaitlin smiled.

"You are everything my daughter was not Kaitlin. You shall one day, make a fine elder."

Kaitlin smiled again, her eyes sparkling.

"To bed now, the sun is rising."

Kaitlin quickly walked down the hall ways. Tanis was already waiting for her. She smiled and ran to him, throwing her arms around his neck. He laughed and picked her up off the ground spinning.

"This is perfect! Think of the changes we shall make, Amelia and I."

Tanis smiled, and kissed her. "You shall make a fine elder one day. They shall see, my little fire princess."

Kaitlin laughed and he set her down. "Oh Tanis, nearly everything is perfect now. Just you wait. I shall speak to Amelia, and I will make her decide on you. If not I care not. I will marry you. No matter what anyone else thinks, I will marry you and only you."

Kaitlin knew that soon Amelia would wake, and when she did, Kaitlin wouldn't back down until she was allowed to marry Tanis.

Little did Kaitlin know, her life was about to change, far more than she could have ever imagined.