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Kaitlin stood and slipped inside before the sun could fall beneath the earth. Silently she walked to her room and opened the door. Xristo was standing on the balcony, his back to her. The thick curtains blew into the room, swaying softly, but she could still see him standing there.

He turned and smiled at her, entering the room. "Hey, where did you disappear too?"

She smiled as he crawled over the bed to her and pulled her against his chest.

"I went to the library." She said softly, and tucked her head against his shoulder.

"I would believe you," He said with a slight laugh. "But i checked the library."

Kaitlin sighed and looked up at him.

"You know i dislike it when you lie to me. I don't like secrets between us Katie."

Kaitlin pulled from his arms and sat up, turning so her back was to him. "There are many secrets i hold in my frozen heart Xristo. Many i wish you to never know."

He put a hand on her shoulder and the other on her hand. "Why? Please just tell me why."

"I cant." She whispered, pulling from his grasp and standing.

Xristo sighed angrily. "Kaitlin i wont be mad at you, please just tell me."

"I said no." She said more firmly.

"Why wont you talk to me, Kaitlin, im trying to help you,"

"I don't need help!" Kaitlin yelled. She took a breath and looked at him. "Nor do i want it. I need not tell you anything of my past." She walked to the closet and quickly changed. Tight black pants. A leather corset. A long black leather jacket and black boots. Her sword, as well as her knives went on last. She was dressed in a matter of seconds.

Quickly she walked to the door. Xristo ran to her and grabbed her arm.

"Please don't go."

She turned and hit him hard against the face, knocking him to the ground. She opened her door and ran out. She passed Lucian, who called after her but she ignored him.

Once to the stables she leaped upon her horses back, and rode her towards the gates where Eric blocked the way.

"Move!" She snarled.

"Your in a mood, i can tell, i just wanted you to not go far. You know your needed here no matter where it is you want to run off to. And we love you."

She snarled again and Eric stepped aside, allowing Kaitlin to ride out of the gates and far away.

"Do this Kaitlin, and you will yet again prove your worth to our great coven."

Kaitlin bowed to Viktor, head down, eyes blazing. She stood and looked to Viktor. "It shall be done my lord." Kaitlin stood and walked out.

Vampires dodged her as she walked down the hallway.

"Kaitlin, wait," Sonya called, grabbing her arm.

"What?" Kaitlin hissed low.

"Whatever my father told you. You don't have to do this,"

"Yes i do. Now let me go." Kaitlin ripped her arm from her sisters grip. She walked to the stables and to her horse. "Come on baby, we got something to do."

She rode the horse deep through the forest and through one town to the edge of it where a single house sat. Still in the tree line she slipped from her horse and tied her to a tree. Kaitlin walked silently to the house and slipped inside. Her ice blue eyes flicked about the house. She listened and then walked down the first hallway.

She listened outside the first door and quietly opened it. A man and a woman lay together in bed. Their legs were entangled and their hands were entwined. Kaitlin hesitated only a second. She moved forward quickly and drew her knife. Both throats were quickly slit.

The woman let out a soft choking sound but Kaitlin didn't look back. She walked further down the hallway to another room, listened, and walked past it. She opened the last door in the hallway to reveal to sets of beds. In one, lay a girl. She was roughly ten years or so. The boy across from her in the next bed was only four. Kaitlin staggered.

Viktor hadn't told her there was young children involved. But she had to do it. She had to do her job. She walked forward to the girl and quickly slit her throat. Her eyes snapped open and widened as she choked. She glared at Kaitlin with large brown eyes, striking pain into the already cold heart. The little boy began to stir and Kaitlin quickly walked to him. His soft blue eyes opened and quickly widened in fear. He opened his mouth to scream but Kaitlin quickly covered it.

"Hush little one. Hush."

The little boy screamed into her hand, wiggling and crying. Kaitlin cried too, her ice blue eyes fading.

"It's alright, it's alright, please, haibebe,"

But the childs cries only grew louder into her hand. Kaitlin choked back a sob. One hand grabbed hold of his throat and chin. With a quick jerk from Kaitlin the boy went still. The tears flowed fast down her face. She leaned forward and lay the boy gently in bed, closing his fear filled eyes. She kissed his cheek and walked out.

Kaitlin walked back to the room she had passed and opened the door. A young man, no older then nineteen lay asleep in bed. He was what Kaitlin had come for. She walked to him, looking upon the sleeping face. His hair was dark, and slightly curled. Kaitlin walked to him and carefully moved his face to expose his throat. Kaitlin's eyes changed again and she lunged forward. He awoke when her fangs cut into his throat. For a short while he struggled, but then, he went limp. She drew out almost all his blood, and then licked the wound closed.

Kaitlin watched the house burn. She knew she wouldn't be able to stay to long, villagers would soon see the blaze. She made sure the half dead human was still tied to her horse, and quickly took off towards the castle.

She carried him inside and dropped his body on the ground in front of victor.

"The deed is done my lord. And here be the man you asked for."

"Very good kaitlin. He saw nothing?"

"No my lord. No one saw anything."

"Good. Take him to a room. And change him."

"Yes my lord."

Kaitlin stopped shadow and jumped from her back, running now, and fell beside the river. She threw up, her body heaving and hurting. She continued to heave even after her body had been emptied of all food. Finally she collapsed away from the mess, her body shaking as she sobbed and screamed.

And screamed.

And screamed.

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