Well this is a oneshot since I have been too ADHD and too busy to attempt to continue or start any multiple chapter stories...so here you have it

No one asked him his opinion when it came to his occupation. His wife was careful to avoid the subject and his children knew better than to would just pull on his cloak and put the mask over his face and walk out the door before dawn. He didn't want his children to see the fearsome bloodstained guise he took up in order to feed them all.

He was the executioner, faceless and feared. Even before the purge he would carry out the kings orders, for he knew best of all, that the king's word was law.

The executioner walked through the lower town, watching the criminals scurry past, watching sorcerers perform magic under the cover of night. He refused to report them, for he wasn't going to be the man who sentenced them, instead he was the one to seal their fates when they come. He entered the castle and took his post next in the courtyard.

Thirteen sorcerers would die today, all by his hand. Yet he didn't think about it. He thought about his son, who would reach ten years today, and his daughters, one of which would marry soon. How many of these people had sons and daughters just like that? If he were in their place, he would never see Marit's wedding day. Suddenly a cloaked figure ran out of the mist. Her hood fell, revealing his daughter's face.

"Lena!" He exclaimed pulling his mask off "What are you doing here?"

"You forgot your gloves." Her small delicate hands passed the black leather gloves to him.

"You should go, daughter." He whispered under his breath.

"Yes Father." She walked away, but instead of going back to the lower town she entered the castle.

The executioner sighed, putting his mask on again, and slipping on the strange. She was most likely going to watch. It could be her fate someday. For some reason she wanted to see what would happen if she was ever caught.

Many call the executioner many names. They bounce off quite harmlessly most of the time. However if they knew what his daughter was, they would call him a hypocrite. He was sending these poor people to their deaths. It wasn't as if he could stop it, when that's all he really wanted to do. If he refused to let the axe fall, he would die and his family would be in poverty. The deaths would continue.

That's what he told himself through Uther's speech. With a cue from Uther the executioner raised the axe. Then he forced it down.

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