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A proud guard

As a royal palace guard, Mason took his duty very seriously. In his eyes, the job must be treated with the upmost respect and care. It was known among Camelot after all, that he was guarding the very government of their nation. With this knowledge, he carried his spear proudly and demanded the proper authority from all who passed.

This was precisely why he was fired within a day.

How was he supposed to know that demanding a strip search of a pregnant woman was considered highly inappropriate? For all he knew, she wasn't actually pregnant and was possibly stashing potions in that lump of hers.

How was he supposed to know that asking the court physician for proof of identity was unnecessary? He could have been a shape shifter or he could have been possessed. Yes that's it! He was possessed by the ghost of an evil sorcerer hell bent on destroying the world!

How in the world was he supposed to know that when you see the Prince's personal manservant performing magic right in front of you, that you were just supposed to pretend it never happened? Apparently, the thought of Merlin having magic was so laughable, that the guards, who have reported it, have swiftly been sent to the bedlam house. Why wasn't any of this information ever disclosed to him?

He figured out that a guard was supposed to ignore nearly any happenings that occur or else they will be fired, or worse, killed in the crossfire. It was so much better not to get involved. As he sat in the tavern, mulling this over, he came to realize something. There wasn't much use for a guard like him in the kingdom.

A girl walked up to him, sitting down next to him "Ello Mason."

"Lena." He nodded to her dully.

"Let me think, you got yourself dismissed."


She smiled "Next time, just do nothing. After all, observant minor characters aren't allowed in Camelot."

A man called from outside "Lena what are you doing?"

"Oh I got to go! Maybe you should go into masonry Mason!"

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