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******* Ponyboy's POV *********

"Ponyboy, wake up!" Soda shouted at me. I just flipped onto my stomach and put my head under my pillow. I had this weird feeling that something terrible would happen today. "Fine, have it your way then." Soda shouted walking to the door, then turning around suddenly


Right after he shouted he ran as fast as he could and jumped on the bed. He began tickling me, causing me to flip over onto my back. Once I had stopped laughing, he picked me up bridal style and carried me into the kitchen for breakfast.

"Look who's finally up." Darry said, bringing the eggs from the stove to the table.

"Yeah, yeah, I get it." I muttered right as Two-bit burst into the house, followed by Johnny.

"Elvis has entered the building everyone. You don't have to be sad anymore." Two-bit said in a fake Elvis accent. Soda and I started laughing hysterically while Johnny and Darry just stared at him, confused.

"Yes, Mickey Mouse is on." Two-bit shouted after getting himself a slice of chocolate cake and a beer. After looking at the clock, I walked over to Two-bit to tell him we had to leave for school, but purposely waited until he was comfortable on the couch.

"Hey, guess what. We have to leave for school."

"Since when did the strait F student care about getting to school on time?"

"Since always, and I'm not the strait F student here." Just as I said that, Johnny put his head down I guess he thought I was talking about him. I mean, Johnny does have bad grades, but I would too if I had two abusive parents and had to sleep outside in the lot on most days.

"Johnny, I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about "Elvis" over here."

"Yeah, but I do." Johnny said so quietly, that I could barely hear him."

"Uh, for your information, I have one D." Two-bit shouted. That made Johnny's head drop even lower, and made him slouch even more than he had already been.

"Well, we gotta go. Now."

"Yes mother." Two-bit said in a sing song voice before he bounded out the door, with Johnny and I walking right behind.

"Wait! Ponyboy! You forgot your math homework!" Soda shouted, running the homework to me.

"Thanks Soda."

"Anytime kid." Soda said before he ruffled my hair and ran away before I could catch him.

"Man, I could not live without Soda." I said climbing into Two-bit's old, rusty car.

"Ain't that the truth" Two-bit said agreeing with me when we pulled out of our neighborhood.

"Yep." I heard Johnny say in the back seat. I totally forgot he was with us, which is sad knowing I just talked to him like two minutes ago, but he is way too quiet and blends in to much. I looked back and just saw him staring out the window. I noticed he had a few new bruises on his neck, and he probably had more, knowing that it was about seventy degrees out and he had his jean jacket on. I felt so bad for him, having to deal with his horrible parents, and the life of a greaser.

A few minutes later we got to school and found a parking spot. I walked with Johnny until we parted for homeroom. I still had this feeling that something really bad would happen.

The rest of the school day went by as normal. I got an A on my history test was bullied by a few socs. I also made plans to go to the library and study with a one of my in school friends.

********* Johnny's POV ********

After leaving Pony to go to homeroom, the day started spiraling down for me. While walking to my desk in homeroom, which is in the back, some soc tripped me and I fell flat on my face, dropping the few books I was carrying. The entire class burst into laughter, even the teacher. I quickly got all of my books together, and made it to my seat.

The day got worse by the hour. First I failed an English test with a score of forty two present, then I had to do a math problem in the front of the class that I had no idea how to do because I missed the day before being unconscious from being beaten by my parents, and then by the end of the day, a group of socs stole all of my books. I thought nothing could make my day worse, that is until I saw the letter in my mailbox from the government.

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