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Johnny's POV

Weeks seemed to pass slowly during this war. I don't know if that's just because of my hatred of fighting in the war, or just because of actual time.

Whichever it is, it had been getting on my nerves.

Quite a few days we had nothing to do. Literally nothing at all. All we did was hear the General go over plans and sit around basically in silence.

We all had the constant fear of being ambushed, and for some reason silence had felt like a shield from something like that ever happening.

We had been here for months by this point

Recently, I've been hearing stories about strange colored gases being used as a weapon. I don't know exactly how those gases work, but they sound pretty dangerous by the ways the other soldiers talk of them. Some of them have even been given gas masks.

It was in the middle of the night one night of an attack. There weren't many soldiers there fighting against us. We had been asleep, when the sound of gunfire had startled us out of our dreams. We were ready instantly, and went out to fight.

Things were insane all I really remembered, was a sudden flow of an orange tinted gas flowing our way. I, normally being the type to follow the crowd, followed the other soldiers away from the smoke.

All I remembered after that was a sharp pain in my shoulder, and from that tripping and falling and hitting my head on something, knocking me out.

Third Person POV

Darry had left for battle a few days after receiving the letter. By that point, Ponyboy had been working hard to find a job with working hours that would fit his normal school schedule.

He pretty much already knew he would be going to bed later because of this, losing quite a bit of sleep per night. He also knew he was going to have to quit Track because of having to get a job also.

He hadn't gotten the chance to talk to Ace since dropping her off at her house. He had wanted to. He just didn't get the chance.

He was walking around the middle class part of town, looking for any place with a help wanted sign in the window. He had only found a few this way, but it was worth a shot.

He ended up and a small old second hand book store. he smiled.

"Yes, this is perfect," Pony whispered to him, walking into the store. The books definitely were old. He could tell by the smell of the store. He liked the smell though, though most people would not enjoy a smell such as that.

He went to the front desk, smiling, trying to look friendly.

"Hello, I saw you had a help wanted sign in the window. What kind of position is open?" Pony asked, smiling at the woman behind the desk.

"Oh perfect, we've had that sign up for ages. We are looking for someone to unpack boxes and put them on the shelves. We had had another person working it, but they quit because of a better offer. How old are you?

"Uhh sixteen," Pony answered, lying a bit. He would be turning sixteen soon, but he was still fifteen at the time.

"Well…you're a little young, but I guess you will do. how are your grades in school?"

"Straight A's."

"Why exactly are you looking for a job?"

"It's a complicated story."

"Well, okay. You seem like a nice young man. When can you start?"

"Any time, really. I have school during the day, but I get out at two fifteen. Im sure I can get here by two thirty if I run."

"I guess we can try this out. Come this coming Monday at three I guess. We'll get you started then.

Ponyboy smiled happily, surprised he actually got a job.

"Really? Thank you so much!" Pony answered.

"Oh wait, I never asked. What is your name?"

"Ponyboy Curtis,"

"Is that really your name?"

"Yeah, it is. I get asked that all the time."

"Ah okay,"

"Well, I should go. I have to get home to make dinner. See you on Monday," Pony said, walking out the door. He was smiling, completely happy. This was his first job, and it was perfect for him.

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