*I am not J.K. Rowling. I do not own the characters, spells, places, etc. Hope you enjoy. It's my first story*

In a small town in New Jersey there lived a young girl named Veronica. It was summer vacation when all of a sudden she got a letter addressed to her in green ink. She opened it.

Dear Miss. Veronica Kelly,

You have been invited to attend Hogwarts, school of wizardry and magic. Included in this envelope are the martials you will need to attend Hogwarts as a first year. We hope you enjoy the rest of your summer vacation and see you this Hogwarts year.


Deputy Headmistress

Minerva McGonagall

She looked at it puzzled and looked at the other papers there were.

Potion cauldron


Black robe

She kept on reading down the list as the things kept on getting even more bizarre. Veronica then went to show her mom.

"Hey, mom this came in the mail for me." she said as she handed to letter to her mom. Her mom took it from Veronica and looked at it. Her finger moving from left to right as she read.

"This must be prank mail. Throw it in the trash dear." She said as she handed it back to Veronica. Veronica looked at it curiously, and decided to keep the letter. A few weeks letter she got another letter that was addressed to her in green ink. She opened it and read it.

Dear Miss Veronica Kelly,

Hogwarts is starting in a week. We advise you to get your things for school. You can also go to the Gringotts bank to trade in muggle money for wizard money.


Deputy Headmistress

Minerva McGonagall

Veronica was confused and handed the letter back to her mother.

"Veronica, stop fooling around with these stupid letters we have to hurry if we want to catch the plane to London." Her mother said rushing around as she collected their suitcases. Veronica and her mom boarded the plane off to London.

In Belvidere there were two other girls who had gotten the same letter. Their names were Julia and Hailey. Julia had received the letter and asked her parents about it. They sat her down on the couch and her mom took Julia's hand in hers.

"Julia honey, you are very special and different, and we want you to know that we love you." Her mother said in a tender voice.

"What your mom is trying to say is you're a witch." Her dad interrupted.

"Jim!" yelled Julia's mom.

"What? She has to know sooner or later and what you said almost sounded like you were goin to tell her she's adopted."

"Wait, what?" Julia screamed out.

"You're a witch Jules" cried her dad

"You see Jim you frightened her. I thought we agreed that we were going to break it to her nice and slow." Her mom said as she hit him in the arm.

"Wait I'm a Wizard, and adopted. Well that explains a lot."

"No, you're not adopted, but you are a witch."


"Well, I saw you're mom, and the next thing you know we're behind the bleachers during a quidditch game."


"What! It's true. No, wait that was your brother Evan. Poor boy turned out to be a squib."

"Jim, just shut up!" her mom said she threw a dirty look over at him. Evan burst into the room.

"I thought you weren't going to mention that dad! Great, this is so unfair. Why does Julia end up with magical powers and I don't?"

"Evan, go upstairs this doesn't concern you." cried his mom. Julia looked at her parents so confused. Evan stomped his way up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door.

"Julia," her mother said in a kindly voice again, "You're a witch, and we are both a witch and wizard. We both attended Hogwarts, and we are going to send you there too."

"Does that mean we're all going to London?" cried Evan from upstairs

"Evan. Stay in your room!" yelled Julia's father as he went upstairs. Julia could hear her bother talking back at her dad.

"What," Evan said back to his dad, "I was just wondering cause they have nude beaches there with chicks." Julia laughed at this.

"Julia," her mother continued, "Hogwarts is so much fun. You'll get to meet other wizards and witches and learn how to use magic." Her mother got excited and started to smile. "I will schedule a trip to London so we can go shopping, and get you on that train.

The last girl is Hailey and she got the strange letter too.

"Hey mom, there's this weird letter in the mail." Hailey yelled in the house as she went up to her mom.

"What now Hailey" her mom said as she was in the kitchen serving Hailey's little sister Meredith breakfast. She took the letter from Hailey. She gave one look at the letter, and her mom gave a loud screech. Hailey and Meredith's eyes were wide open as they were shocked by their mother's behavior towards the letter. Her mom ripped it up, and threw it in the trash. She then stormed out of the room.

"Hailey, what was in the letter?" asked Meredith curiously. Hailey didn't answer as she stood there still shocked. Meredith then got up toward the trash to reach for the envelope when Hailey raced after her and pushed her out of the way. She grabbed the envelope and ran to her room. Meredith chased after her. Hailey slammed the door right in her face, and Meredith started to cry and yell for her mom. Hailey opened the package and put the two ripped pieces together to read it quickly knowing her mom would be arriving shortly. She read it faster as she could hear her mom coming.

"Hailey has the letter!" squealed Meredith to her mom. Hailey's mom burst through the door ripping the paper right out of Hailey's hands.

"Where's the other half of the letter?" yelled her mom. Hailey frightened gave her the other half of the letter. She then stormed out of the room.

"Oh, you're in trouble." Meredith taunted.

"Shut up!" Hailey yelled back and slammed her door again.

"Mom," Meredith yelled, "Hailey told me to shut up." Hailey didn't care she was too busy thinking about the letter she read. Hogwarts school of wizardry and magic she kept on repeating to herself. What the Hell is Hogwarts she thought. She then turned on her phone and texted her best friends Julia and Veronica. Only Julia had texted back. Hailey asked her if she had received a weird letter lately. Julia then replied: got to go, I'm going to London with my family. Bye! Hailey then was puzzled even more. Later that night her dad got home. She could hear her mom and dad yelling in their bedroom. She stood behind the door with her ears cupped to the door.

"Hey, Hailey do you know what they're fighting about?" asked Meghan, Hailey's older sister.

"Shhh! I don't know that's why I'm listening." whispered Hailey

"Oh, okay. Well Corey's home." said Meghan as she turned and walked away. Hailey could hear her older brother Corey walk in. She ran over to him. He had a weird look on his face as he could hear his mom fighting with his stepdad.

"What's up with them?" he asked as he hugged Hailey.

"I don't know, but quiet I'm trying to eavesdrop."

"Ah, okay, well don't get caught. She sounds like she wants to kill someone"

"I know." said Hailey as she ran back to the door. Her mother suddenly lowered her voice. Hailey pressed her ear closer to the door.

"I am not having a witch in my family! I curse the day I told off that freak. She said cursed my third child to be magical and now looked what happened. She is not going to that freak school! She is not a witch God damn it!" Her mother yelled furiously. Hailey gasped and ran. Her parents stopped yelling as they looked at the door. They knew someone had heard them. Hailey ran right pass Meghan and Corey right and right into the bathroom. They both looked curiously at her as she ran by. Their eyes got bigger as they saw their parents run after her.

"Hailey, unlock the door." cried her dad from the other side of the door.

"Hailey, right now!" her mom yelled. Hailey didn't open the door. Her dad pounded the door.

"Don't make me knock down this door missy." he yelled at her.

"Go away!" she cried back. She started to cry.

"Hailey, open the door now!" her dad yelled even louder. "That's it!" he yelled as he backed away from the door.

"Don't…" said Hailey's mom. Hailey then heard a huge thump on the door. He then held his shoulder in pain.

"I told you not to do it." Her mother retorted as her dad winced in pain.

"Hey let me handle it." said Corey as he moved in front of his parents. He grabbed a pocket knife out of his jean pocket and jammed it at the slit of the door.

"Corey where did you learn to pick a lock?" asked Meghan in curiosity as she wondered if he could teach her.

"Yeah, where did you learn how to pick a lock, Corey?" his mom repeated the question as she looked at him with her arms folded.

"Relax mom, CSI does it all the time." he said as he smiled at his mom. "And here you go." He said as the door opened. Hailey got really scared and shut her eyes. Then nothing happened after a minute.

"Hailey?" said a familiar voice. Hailey looked up slowly to see Julia staring back at her. She looked around her. She was sitting in an airplane seat.

"How did I get here?" asked Hailey looking completely confused.

"That's a good question, how did you get here?"

"How should I know I was in my bathroom a minute ago, and now I'm here." Hailey said still looking around, wondering if someone knocked her out and now she's dreaming.

"Okay." said Julia calmly as she returned to her book she had.

"Please don't act like this is normal!" yelled Hailey.

"What, after the few days I've been having you'd understand why I'm not surprised about you showing up out of nowhere?"

"Really cause I bet my day beats all of yours combined"

"Really, what happened?" asked Julia as she lowered her book. Hailey told her everything from the opening the letter to ending up on the plane with Julia.

"Hmm that is interesting. My days are just funny and the WTF moments." Julia said as she told Hailey her story. When Julia was done with her story the plane was already in London and started to land. Julia got her stuff and headed out. She met her parents at the gate.

"Why is Hailey here?" asked Julia's mom.

"Oh, she just appeared out of now where. Oh, and she's a witch too." Julia answered.

"Hi Mrs. Bray." said Hailey as she waved at Julia's mom laughing. Julia's mom looked puzzled, but she shrugged it off.

"Well hurry up, we have a lot of shopping to do." yelled Mrs. Bray. Julia picked up her bags and followed her mom.

"You boys," said Mrs. Bray to Evan and Mr. Bray, "You guys can go to the hotel and check in. We girls will go shopping for the schools supplies." Mr. Bray led Evan into a taxi and they headed to the hotel, while Mrs. Bray led Hailey and Julia into a different taxi.

"Mrs. Bray, where are we going shopping? You can't get this stuff at the mall." Hailey said as she looked at Julia's list of things to get.

"Of course we can't get them at the mall. The people there would think we're crazy if we asked where they keep the cauldrons." Mrs. Bray said laughing. Julia laughed too as she saw the weird look on the face of the taxi driver. They got off at a place called the Leakey Cauldron.

"Well that's totally not obvious to non-magical people." said Hailey pointing to it.

"It's muggles dear and no they can't see it." said Mrs. Bray as she paid the driver and got out. She walked into the alley way that was right beside it. Julia looked confused but followed. Hailey followed behind Julia.

"Don't we have to buy cauldrons there? Hailey said as she looked at the Leakey Cauldron sign. Just then Mrs. Bray looked at the back of the building.

"Now where is it? Ah, here it is." she said she tap a brick on the wall. Suddenly an arch way appeared. They stepped through one by one. Hailey gawked at the sight. Julia laughed and was ready to go shopping. "Welcome to Diagon Alley ladies! Now, let's go shopping." Julia and Hailey looked at each other and smiled. "First we have to go to the Gringotts bank."

"You're dad, and I saved up money a while ago for our children. We have a lot of money because Evan ended up being a squib, so Hailey I'll pay for your things."

"Thanks Mrs. Bray." said Hailey as she smiled up at Mrs. Bray

"Oh, you're welcome sweetie."

"Um Mrs. Bray, what's a squib?"
"A squib Hailey is someone whose parents are both magical but the child ends up with no magic powers at all."

"Oh poor Evan." said Hailey laughing. The Gringotts's bank was ran by Goblins. Julia laughed when one walked by. A goblin led them to a cart. They all stepped inside and took a seat. The ride was filled with many twists and turns. It felt like a roller Coaster. The cart finally stopped in front of a huge round vault door. The Goblin opened the door and Julia's jaw dropped from all the gold, silver, and bronze coins that were concealed inside the vault.

"The Gold coins are called Galleons, the silver ones are Sickles, and the bronze are Knuts. Here's a bag so you can put some money in." Mrs. Bray said as she passed the girls a small coin bag each. Julia grabbed her bag and filled it and so did Hailey. They all then went back on the cart to get out of the Gringotts bank.

"Where are we going to first?" said Hailey excitedly as she held her bag filled with coins tightly.

"Oh, wands, can we go get one?" Julia asked as she jumped up and down. She didn't need an answer as she already ran towards the shop. The sore window looked dirty and old as the name of it was peeling. Julia opened the door seeing that it was very dark inside except for one single light, and she knew her journey through the magical world had just begun.

Veronica was sitting in a taxi cab with her mom as her mom held up a map looking around; trying to figure out what they should do next.

"Oh, Veronica we can go to Paris, for the day. Wouldn't that be fun?" her mom said. Veronica didn't listen she was too busy thinking about those strange letters. They even followed her to London.

"Don't worry about the letters; I'm sure they're nothing. Oh, driver, stop here please." Her mother said as she pointed to a train station. Veronica got out of the car and looked around. She read the sign. It said King's Cross. She thought it was a cheesy name for a railroad station. Her mother and her went inside and got two round trip tickets to Paris. They waited on a bench. She then heard a familiar voice.

"Now girls just get a running start and run right through the wall. Don't worry you won't crash into it. Julia you go first then Hailey." said Mrs. Bray. Veronica looked over in their direction. She saw both her best friends Julia and Hailey with separate carts. They both contained a black cauldron, a large trunk, and a pointy hat. She then saw them go through the wall. She pinched herself twice to make sure her eyes weren't fooling her. Her mom turned around to see what she was looking at. Her eyes got bigger as her jaw dropped. Veronica got up and ran after them through the wall.

"No, stay here." Her mom yelled after her. She got up to from her seat. Veronica touched the wall it wasn't solid; for some reason it felt like jello. Veronica Backed away from the wall as her mom grabbed her by the arm.

"Don't you dare try to run into the wall." she yelled at her daughter. Veronica pulled away from her grasp and ran straight through the wall. Veronica felt a slight tingling feeling throughout her body as she felt the change of temperature. Her mom stood shocked not knowing what to do. I have to go after her, her mother thought. Her mother took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she started to run. She too felt the tingling feeling. Then she felt a small hand grab her arm. She stopped and opened her eyes. A huge train was in front of her. On the side read Hogwarts express in big golden letters. Beside her was Veronica in Awe. A slim man wearing a navy blue cloak confronted them.

"Good morning, may I take your luggage." He asked kindly.

"Um, I don't have any." Veronica replied.

"Well did you receive a letter in the mail?"

"No, we…." her mom started to say, but before she could finish answering the question Veronica pulled out the first envelope she received in the mail. She never threw it out. She kept it with her at all times just too make sure it wasn't a dream. The man took the letter and looked it over.

"Well then why don't you have luggage?" he asked

"We didn't know where we could get the things on the list sir." replied Veronica.

"Well I guess it's the school's problem you may enter the train." He said as he extended his arm out toward the train. Her mom held her back.

"I don't want you to go." she said.

"Mom, I have to go. I need to know who I am. I promise to keep in touch." Veronica said as she looked up at her mom. Her mom wrapped her arms around her and held her tight. Veronica would miss her adopted mother, but for some reason Veronica knew this had to be connected to her birth parents. For years she wondered who they were as she felt like she has a missing piece waiting to be filled.

"I'm going to miss you." her mother said.

"I Love you mom," said Veronica as she slipped away from her mother's embrace, "have fun in Paris!" She smiled at her mom as she waved good bye.