Harry felt his body being violently shaken. He opened his eyes and put his glasses on. It was Ron shaking him to wake up.

"What, what's wrong." Harry started to speak as he was still tired. He looked around the room and saw Professor McGonagall standing there with a worried look on her pale face. Veronica was nowhere to be seen. It was still dark outside.

"Harry, it's Hermione." Ron said shaking as he was pale. They were then led to the hospital wing. Hermione was there lying in a bed next to other victims. Her fist was clenched as she had a mirror beside. There was another message on the wall. Saying that the girl would stay in the chambers forever. Ron was worried. Ginny and Veronica were missing. They didn't know which one was in the chamber or where either of them were. Harry found a crumpled piece of paper in her hand. The paper was on basilisk.

"So it's a basiliskthat has been causing all these problems, but Harry how can a big snake not be noticed in the school?" Ron asked looking bewildered.

"Ron Hermione mentioned pipes, pipes, what is she talking about?" Harry pondered.

"She means the snake is traveling through the pipes in the wall." replied a voice behind them. Harry and Ron both spun around. It was Hailey and Julia.

"What do you mean?" Harry looked at them astonished.

"You eaves droppers!" Ron bellowed.

"It's my specialty." Hailey replied looking pleased with herself. "We know because Veronica has told us all about you guys going into the bathroom. Think the wall in which the criminal left the writing on the wall is right next to the bathroom."

"Yes and it's always flooded. The bathroom is also Moaning Myrtle's bathroom." Julia added.

"So the chamber of secrets contains a big snake that can kill people and the entrance is in the bathroom. Well, that's just what this school needed." Ron said sarcastically.

"I know right." Julia laughed a bit.

"We have to go." Harry said as he tugged on Ron's robes. "We have to do it before they close down the school completely." Hailey and Julia followed. Harry realized they were following behind him. He turned around to stop them.

"Hey you can't come. This is too dangerous." Julia's hair turned bright red in anger as did the pupil in her eyes. Ron stepped back as he has never seen anything like it.

"My best friend is missing" Julia said as his voice was a low growl.

"I know which is why we have to go, plus I'm sure she's fine. She would never open the chamber of secrets. This also has nothing to do with you" Harry said calmly. Hailey advanced at Harry as she grabbed to robes to bring his face an inch from hers.

"Listen here you idiot. I have seen the future and my best friend is down there in the Chamber, so it has everything to do with us." She hissed at him. She finally let go of his robes and turned to Ron who put his hands up for protection. "Your sister is the one who opened the chamber, and she is down there too." Ron had put his hands down in surprise.

"How can that be?" Harry asked.

"I don't know yet. You see premonitions don't explain things, they just show the future. Now let's go we're wasting time." Hailey exclaimed.

"First we have to go to Locke Hart." Harry said as he headed to Locke Hart's office.

"What we can't. For all I know Veronica could be bleeding to death down there. We don't have time to go the Locke Hart. Plus what can he do? He knows how to do magic as much as a squib does." replied Julia. Harry acted as if he didn't hear her as he continued to move down the corridors. Ron followed, but Julia and Hailey didn't. Instead they went to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. They searched the whole place but couldn't find anything. They asked Myrtle if she knew how to open the chambers. She did not. Hailey kept on perusing her.

"Why can't you just tell me!" she yelled at Myrtle, but Myrtle had enough as she flushed herself down the toilet. "Oh I bet no one missed you when you died." Hailey spat at the toilet.

"Hailey stop yelling at the toilet I think I found something." Julia said as she stood by the sink.

"You have what is?" she asked eagerly.

"It's an imprint of a snake on the handle see. I try turning and rubbing it, but nothing happened." Julia said frustrated. She screamed in anger and hit it, and then the door opened. Harry and Ron and their wands pointed at Locke Hart.

"Open it you coward." Spat Harry.

"But I can't" implied Locke Hart. He was no longer smiling and his face was pale.

"Harry," cried Julia. "You, you can open the chamber. You speak Paresal tongue."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"Of course, an ancestor of Slytherin can speak Paresal tongue. Harry you must speak Paresal tongue to this sink which has an imprint of a snake to open the chambers." Hailey said as she grabbed Harry and led him to the sink.

"That's ridiculous!" insisted Locke Hart. Hailey raised her wand at Locke Hart as it was inches away from his mouth.

"Hold your tongue old man!" she shouted at him.

"There's no reason to be violent now." He said frightened by what Hailey might do to him. Hailey moved even closer and he was quiet. Ron looked like he admired Hailey's bravery. Harry saw that she had it under control and so he turned his attention to the sink he felt the imprint of the snake on the sink. He imagined it be a real snake as he began to speak to it.

"That's English." Ron and Hailey both said to Harry. Harry concentrated even more as he spoke it again. Suddenly the sink moved aside as it revealed a large pipe in the ground. Harry slid down and Julia went after him, but Julia had gone out a different place than Harry. Then Locke Hart was pushed down, and Hailey went after him. Ron was last as he slid down the winding pipe. Locke Hart, Harry, and Ron were together but Hailey and Julia were nowhere to be seen. They had landed in what looked like a cave. There were stalagmites hanging from the ceiling. Julia and Hailey were lying with in another pipe. They got up as they headed down the slimy pipe.

"This is disgusting." Hailey said as the bottom of her robes were collecting slim.

"Shhhh." Julia had said as she put her hand out to hold Hailey back. In front of them laid one of the largest snakes any of them have ever seen. Its body was at least ten feet wide.

"That is one big ass snake" Hailey whispered. Julia wanted to say nah, but didn't want to wake the snake, but then it started to stir. It started to uncoil.

"Oh, Shit." Hailey said as he started to raise its head. "Wait is it wearing sunglasses?" They both looked at it with mixed emotion. They didn't know whether to laugh or to be fearful.

"Hey what are you two doing here?" came a voice from behind. Veronica had appeared and Hailey and Julia just gawked at her.

"Wh-wh-what we're doing here. What are you doing here?" Julia managed to get out.

"I'm playing with my pet. He's just a baby and I forgot to visit him yesterday." Veronica implied as she patted it.

"That's a baby?" Hailey asked as she pointed at it.

"Yes his name is Spartacus," Veronica said then she looked at her snake and talked to it, but she hadn't realized that when she talked to it sounded like hissing noises.

"Veronica, you're speaking Paresal tongue." Julia stammered.

"What, what's Paresal tongue." Veronica looked at Julia like she was speaking another language.

"You just spoke in snake language Veronica." Hailey said backing away from the snake. It made a sudden movement towards her as she screamed.

"Hailey quiet, he doesn't like it when people scream in fear from him." Veronica yelled at Hailey as Spartacus slithered away. Veronica ran after it as both Julia and Hailey followed her.

Harry had been separated from Ron and Locke Hart after Locke Hart had tried to erase their memories. Harry had walked through the cave as he came to the door with the two snakes with ruby blood eyes. The door had opened and there lying in front of the small pool of water was Ginny. The color was slowly draining from her face. Harry had reached for her hand, but it was cold.

"She's not dead" came a voice from the dark. Out stepped Tom Riddle, the person from the diary.

Veronica was still running after Spartacus. Spartacus would not stop. Hailey and Julia were yelling at her to stop. Then the ground fell beneath Veronica as she fell. It wasn't a huge one, but it hurt Veronica's ankles as she landed on her feet. She looked up from where she fell, but she couldn't see it.

"Veronica what are you doing here?" yelled Harry as he was dueling an even bigger snake than Spartacus. Harry was standing on top of a statue of Salazar Slytherin.

"Harry!" she yelled as she could saw a huge gash on his arm. She looked at the snake and yelled at it to stop. The snake then stopped to look at Veronica. Tom Riddle had noticed Veronica standing in the back of the room. Then Harry lunged at it with the sword as it went straight through the head. The snake thrashed and cried in agony. It finally fell. Harry felt weak. His legs were burning as they collapse under his weight. He then fell. Veronica grabbed her wand.

"Wingardium Levosia" she shouted as Harry's body stopped falling and then it slowly went to her. She set Harry Carefully on the ground. "Harry?" she whimpered under her breath. He didn't move as she rested his head over her arm. Harry could feel the venom run through his arm. His scared seared in pain. Tears started to roll down her face. They were a pearly white was they cascaded down her face. They reached Harrys skin as the scratches started to heal. Tom Riddle laughed in triumph. A phoenix flew over them and then landed next to Harry's arm. It too cried pearly white tears and the pain stopped. He raised his hand to Veronica to wipe her hair away from her face. She stopped crying and hugged him.

"No, it cannot be. Wait of course phoenix tears. Well that won't matter because in a few minutes I shall be alive and fully restored." Tom Riddle said as wicked smile went across his face.

"Harry the book." Veronica said as she reached for it. Then the snake stirred and then used its tongue to smell Veronica and Harry. He suddenly coiled into an attacking pose. Harry then sat up as he tried to shield Veronica from the snake. It lunged to strike.

"Accio sword" Veronica shouted and the sword went straight into her hands as she raised it ready, but then Spartacus lunged at the snake as its fangs dug into the other snake's head.

"Spartacus!" yelled Veronica as she saw them fight. Spartacus's fangs dug right into the snake's head. The snake was finally dead. Harry took the sword from Veronica as he pierced the book. Ink spurted everywhere and then Tom Riddle screamed in agony as he was had wholes all over his body and he started to fade. He disappeared and Ginny started to gasped. Color slowly started to rush back into her face. Veronica and Harry rushed to Ginny's side as they saw she was fine.

"What did we miss?" asked Hailey as she was out of breath. Veronica had tears in her eyes but then laughed as she ran to Hailey and Julia. She hugged them and Hailey didn't say anything. She didn't want to ruin the moment. Spartacus then slithered over to Veronica and nudged her in the back. Veronica turned around and kissed it on the head.

"Let's say we get out of here." said Julia. As she patted the snake and Hailey then patted it too.

"Agreed." said Veronica as she hugged them again. They had rode Spartacus back up the pipe into girl's bathroom. And the phoenix led them to Dumbledore's office. Ginny's parents where there as Dumbledore had expected just like Harry that it was Ginny who opened the chamber of secrets. Ginny was possessed by Tom Riddle as part of Voldemort's soul was trapped in the book. Harry learned he could speak to snakes because of his scar, but he wasn't sure about Veronica. Why could she talk to snakes? All the people paralyzed were healed and the ends of the year terms were canceled. Veronica played her quidditch match against Slytherin. That day it was pouring out but she an impervious charm to keep dry. Within less than a minute she had caught the snitch right underneath Malfoy's nose. Veronica rode back on the Hogwarts train with Hailey and Julia. Harry, Ron, and Hermione decided to join them. Veronica was sad to leave, but she would return for the next school year. She couldn't wait. They were back at King's Cross station where they split up and said their good byes.

Author's note: thanks for anyone who has made it this far, and I shall be posting up 4th year. I skipped thrid year, becuase I didn't feel like writing it. :) Hope anyone who got this far enjoyed the story, and reviews are welcomed. Flames or compliments, I don't care :)