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"Mwa ha ha. Cower in fear at my latest world domination machine." Eggman laughs as he prepares to fire a laser.

"Really Eggman… Why do you even try?" Sonic says as he prepares to spindash the mech. Silver is holding a bomb bot and is prepared to throw it while Shadow is holding an assault rifle.

"This machine will turn you into toddlers. Then I'll dump you three off at the authors." Eggman explains as he move out of the way.

"Star Vix! You're going to be seriously hurt." Shadow yells.

Nate and Miki warp in and look at the surprised Shadow.

"Do we have a problem?" Nate asks. He then throws the Shadow Rifle to Shadow.

"Never mind." Is all Sonic manages to say before Eggman fires the laser. The laser hits all three hedgehogs dead on. Eggman sneaks away as the beam hits.

"Great I missed the fight." Amy says as she runs in dragging a Shadow Androids head. She is greeted by three rather ticked off six year olds.

Shadow looks at Sonic and starts laughing.

"What's so funny? The weapon didn't work." Sonic says in a higher pitched voice.

"You're a girl now Sonic. You're one to Silver… Wait? Ah crap!" Shadow says as he/she notices the current state of the three hedgehogs.

"Okay everything's under control. And I have a plan." Amy says as she gets three scared out of our minds looks.

"Go ahead and tell us." Silver says as he/she levitates the Shadow Androids head towards the bomb bot.

"I have a 32 year old brother who is married. Until we find a cure for this I'll pass you three off as my nieces. Sonic your now Sonia Rose, Shadow your now Darkness Rose, and Silver your now Mystery Rose." Amy says as she looks at the three girls.

"Finally a plan I like. Let's get going." Darkness says as she Chaos Controls onto Amy's head. Sonia grabs Amy's left leg while Mystery grabs her right leg.

"What are you planning?" Amy asks as she is Chaos Controlled to her home.

This is one of the short stories I wrote. This one's designation is 1/1.

Next chapter will be longer.